The Story Behind Menelik Gibbons









“Sound is a wave, music is sound, there’s a place for everyone……”I AM THAT GAME CHANGER”, said Menelik Dada.

The storyline behind Don Dada is impressive, I think it encourages:

Entrepreneurial thinking and growth to change the African unemployment rate, a change in organisations where brand ambassadors and endorsement are afforded to those who are already successful to a blended approach of supporting entrance with winning attitudes – “we must give hope to our young generation”. Passion, perseverance, dedication and commitment combined with a plan that is executed is really a true story line that ends with success. As Dada correctly puts it, he said that ‘You are what you do”. 

Knowing the difficulties of entering the industry, in a bid to support other up-and-coming artists Dada has taken on a young artist that he is mentoring, Seed_Under a female rapper from PE. Dada debut Seed Under in her hometown on the 16th of December 2016 and went on to have her perform alongside him on an international stage. Dada marvels at the significance of his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert and his debuting Under Seed on the MadibazRadio on Reconciliation day the becoming the 2017 Mandela song artist adding ‘Yeah, my grind is validated by The Most High’. 

He’s currently fighting for breakthrough! knowing that his journey will inspire others as an independent artist that has had to continuously reinvent how things are done and push himself to get to this stage. Don Dada feels that he is standing on his own as a people’s champ. “I care about the soul of the next person and I want to make everyone comfortable with my talent,” said Dada. He added that he has been studying the game for a while and now he’s ready to make his move, “this is my year’ declares Dada. His statement rings true as he made his debut on the MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert stirring the crowd with songs that they, and he was hearing for the first time – Good Way to go Don!

By: Fortunate Machaba


Don Dada Shares His Journey With Mamelodi Happenings

Don Dada To Bring A Unique Voice To Local Hip-Hop

As we all know that most rappers tend to be high pitched as they spit rhymes, not the laidback Dada – you can call him the Barry White of rappers.

PTM_8627Menelik Nesta Gibbons, 30 has an eclectic if not eccentric life which translates beautifully in his music. He was brought up by a Rastafarian father and Christian mother and was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, migrated to South Africa at the age of 5 and grew up in Turffontein south of Johannesburg. He’s found his musical home in rap and not reggae. However, inevitably, reggae seeps into his musical arsenal as he makes hip hop.

In 2016 after well over a decade of making unofficial tracks and working in the background, Dada decided it was his turn to shine! Together with his dad RasMoe the registered a company RuFF CuTT Studio and with the basic of equipment working from his bedroom, he set the wheels in motion.

 Don Dada released his first registered single WANT THAT on April 2016 and while busy with his promo tours he applied to perform on the MTN Mandala Day Tribute Concert. He was approved and allocated a six minutes but the problem was that he only had a  three minutes song. That did not faze him! He accepted then got into action to complete the second song to fill that time slot. In two weeks the second song was registered with RICA / SAMRO and available for download on MTN Network.

Don Dada made his debut on the 2016 MTN Mandela Day Tribute Concert, dropping the new song PHESHE PHAYA on stage and received a positive response from the crowd.  From the MTN Mandela Concert stage Dada worked with SuperProducerRapz they completed the full AVANT GARDE Album is less than 3 days! This album is available on all digital platforms worldwide.

In 2017, Don Dada decided to pushing the boundaries further heading to Zimbabwe to promote his album. Within 7 days his album was playing on the 3 mainstream national stations and Don Dada was featuring on the front page of the top selling paper on a Sunday and the middle spread of another paper!

PTM_8899Dada was still basking in the success of the Zimbabwe tour when he received an offer from Content Connect Africa to do the 2017 Mandela song! Dada accepted as he felt that the man who gave his life to freedom for others needed to be celebrated – this fuelled the birth of his VIVA Mandela song supported by CCA, MTN and has relevant Nelson Mandela Foundation permissions. Unlike his usual speed to produce Dada took a few days starting by reading Mandela’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ and using extracts of that journey to create a song that can be used to tell that story.

The VIVA Mandela song quickly gained momentum and Dada was invited by the ANC Johannesburg Region 1912Radio to spend Mandela Day and join their team 60min Mandala initiative. His AVANT Garde album also gained momentum in Zimbabwe, leading to an invite to perform on the Shooting Stars Concert stage opening for a Jamaican artist Darmaco aka Kon Kong on 26th August 2017.

The concert in Zimbabwe industry communicated ‘An Historic Event’ of two major Jamaican Artists performing on different stages on the same night. Post performing to an estimated 6300, Dada’s popularity increased as he captured the Zimbabwe audience and while still in Zimbabwe, he received the offer to start his own weekly Hip – Hop segment on the 1912Radio. Dada as usual full of confidence agreed to the opportunity even though the mandate was a launch date of the 1st of September 2017 leaving him with four days to put a program together that included having guests to interview.

Dada managed to pull off a very successful launch of this segment which he named HipHop4Life #DadaFriday. To differentiate form traditional radio programs Dada added a facebook live footage and a youtube video of the full 2hr audio/visual show.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tateni Looking Forward To Celebrate Heritage

Tateni Community Centre is looking forward to celebrate Heritage Day. They chose to celebrate it on the 29th of September with children at the Drop-In centres. They are expecting less than nine children out of  10 Drop – In centres that they have in Mamelodi. both in East and the West side. Teachers are expected to wear clothes of their culture that day. The event is going to take place at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School in Mamelodi East. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

First Day At Entrepreneur And Life Skills Class

Today has been an amazing day!

I woke up lazy and didn’t want to do anything for the entire day. Have you ever felt that way?

Well that was me today. Having in mind that I have goals to achieve for the day kept me going. If I haven’t had goals planned I would have spent my day at home of which doesn’t help. Zine Nkukwana once said “you can do this, you got this!” and I can see that no matter how hard it is I can do this and I’ve got this. I take these words everywhere I go. I have joined the entrepreneur and life skills class at Impendulo Foundation in Nelmapius.

During my lessons today, my tutor spoke about maturity…that age doesn’t make you young or old but it depends on whether you’re matured or not. Self talk is very important. I totally agree with her. I never liked seeing adults behaving like 12 year olds! Imagine you’re walking on the street or in a taxi heading to your important meeting, someone approach you pretending to be looking for time and only to find out that he’s trying to chat you up? What a f***. It’s a different story when I’m bored and want to laugh. haha

Are we not getting better of doing things? Think about this, we have 20 days excluding weekends a month, if we learn one thing everyday, imagine how much knowledge we can gain everyday. It’s a lot right?

Time is precious and no one has ever learnt to replace it. Make sure you make use of time you get. Like myself, I am a very busy lady and when ever I get time I read my novels, spend time with family and have fun because I know that if I won’t make use of this time I have, I will never get another time soon to do all this. By the way…my life skills class made me aware of this. Not that I wasn’t aware but because sometimes is not that you don’t know something but you just never take it into consideration and that is important to consider important things in your life.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Does It Worth Missing Work For Nothing?


I woke up this morning, as clueless as I was. Prepared for work. I had no idea what was going on. I put the radio on just so I catch up with news before work. As I was listening, I heard them talking about taxi strike that was also going to affect Mamelodi. In my mind, I’m like.. dude I’m ready for work and you telling me about taxi’s strike, really?

I continued anyway. When I got ready I heard the same news about taxi drivers going to match at the Union Buildings to hand in their memorandum. I just ignored it and packed my lunch and waited outside for the taxi. It took me 20 minutes but I told myself that I’m going to work no matter what happens.

When I got in the taxi I just laughed and asked myself, what strike is it on?. I got to work ok and I asked one of my journalist friend if the strike is still on. I was surprised to hear that it was cancelled!

Imagine if I missed a good time at work. It’s so much fun here. I love voluntary work, getting to help other people with growth, ideas and all that, it’s amazing. Looking forward to grow myself as well. I just like being busy..if I live a busy life then I will have no time to worry much about other things. And not forgetting that hard work pays!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Interview with Tshepo Mamashela.

He’s one of the organisers of Acedsports Fun Run that took place in Mamelodi West, Central on Saturday. 



What was the purpose of the Fun Run

AcedSports together with Ditlogolo Tsa Methi wanted to fill the gap, the gap that unprivileged communities are faced with, and the gap of seeing such events take place outside their vicinity. The Hood hardly gets the opportunities like these, as they are always faced with events to promote drugs and alcohol, therefore this was our opportunity to bring change to the hood and make an event that accommodates everyone from young to old.

What were you expecting before and after the event?

We did our market research and the results gave us direction as to whether we are going forward with the initiative or are we going back to the drawing board. The need for this fresh idea was there and we were not expecting to see the turnout we saw on the day, the turnout was amazing. IMG_1203

When the next event and what is it about?

The next Colour My Mamelodi will happen next year around the same time. We are planning to make it an annual event. Otherwise, AcedSports hosts Boot Camp Saturdays, this happens every Saturday at Rethabile Sports Grounds at 07:00 – 09:30 for only R10.00 per session.

How do you feel about the fun run?

Colour My Mamelodi was a success and the turnout was amazing as I have said, but this was our first event and I believe that there be more participants with the coming event.

How many people participated?


Approximately 500- 600 people participated

What would you like to say about the number

The turnout was great, we were not expecting such a great number.

Who Sponsored the Event

DTM ran and planned the event and along the way, we got a few sponsors

  • Vodacom
  • DataOpt
  • Nkhukhu Box
  • Curro
  • City of Tshwane
  • Sanlam

Why did you choose Central as the Venue for your event?

It is in the name itself, “Central” it is the central place for Mamelodi and transport is accessible as well. This is one of the facilities that is not utilized, so we also tried to bring life to this historic venue.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Impendulo Trained About 17 Entrepreneurs


Impendulo Foundation trained about 17 students who became entrepreneurs. Yesterday was their graduation ceremony and it took place at Nelmapius community hall.

Students attended a month course (Basic Entrepreneur and Life Skills Level 1), on the day of their graduation they had to present their business ideas to the funders and sponsors. They are including NYDA, Nemapius customer care office, SNS Group SA, Kholokoane Farming and Department of Labour.  “They will be placed in relevant sectors where they are going to get opportunities, they already have investors to help with their businesses”, said Wendy Mpendulo, Founder and Chairperson of Impendulo Foundation.



Judges of the day

The ward councillor sent a representative to be one of the judges. There were five groups presenting their ideas and the judges chose only number one and two who won, having their business registered and got business cards from the funders and sponsors.





Students presenting their business idea

Group one being a recycling team and number two being Fashion Modelling Agency in Nelmapius.  “The criteria we used to choose is about the group who were the best on the day, not that others didn’t do well”, said  Sammy Maringa, NYDA facilitator. He invited the youth to come to his office to pitch their business ideas.




Zine Nkukwane

During the graduation ceremony, they had Zine Nkhukwana who was the guest speaker of the day. She was motivating the young entrepreneurs and sharing her personal experience as a businesswoman. She gave the youth an invitation to study online for free and recommended that it would take anyone who studies far.

“I came here as an entrepreneur but Impendulo has helped me grow, bring ideas, I have learned a lot, what they did for me it was much more than what I would have done at home”, said Carlton Mhlanga, one of the students.

Impendulo Foundation (IF) is a non-profit organisation that creates and implement diverse strategies to advance positive change in the lives of other people. Wendy said that anyone who wants to be part of the course can join the next lessons. The sponsors were Loreal SA, Mokalapa helped with decorations, Lefifi family with catering.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni


Tateni Community Centre hosted two days programme at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The workshop started yesterday and the purpose of it was to find issues hindering the youth and get to see where they can help the youth to achieve their dreams.

Most of the youth who have attended the programme was looking forward to get jobs opportunities, further their studies and become entrepreneurs. “We are here because we want to do work to break the circle of poverty and see how we can help the youth, we created groups so it is convenient for them as leaders to travel and attend the meetings”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Tateni Youth Development manager.


Erik Buiten, on Tateni’s Board, invited people from other organisations to help the youth understand what it requires of them to get opportunities.

They had Dr Rossouw from KFC who was a motivational speaker, Department of Labor Asnathi Mayayise who explained about how the organisation operates and what the employees are looking for when they employ people, Kagiso Monyatsi from Harambee who was at the workshop to present what they are looking for at the workplace when they recruit employees, Ian Sherry from RMI to share about working together (who, why and how), he said that these idea have been developed through working with communities in Africa.

Most of the issues that Tateni picked up is funding issues for local businesses, access to information, knowledge about their specialties or careers, mentors or support through out their journey.


During the program the groups were divided into three, first one being Unemployment or job seekers, furthering studies and the last one being entrepreneurs. The groups were given opportunities to gather according to their interests, goals and dreams. They had to present their ideas on what they want to do, how they are going to do it and why they want to do it.

Tateni Youth Development Team confirmed that they are looking forward to have a meeting and engage more with the youth in time they are waiting for solutions to assist the youth. “It has been fantastic seeing you all and seeing the talents and looking forward to help you grow yourselves”, said Ian Sherry, chairman of RMI.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Saw Many Talents In Mamelodi Youth


Today was the best day ever.. I have attended a 2 days workshop organized by Tateni. The program’s purpose was to gather with the youth of Mamelodi and have a discussion with them to find out where they can help.

The youth were given a chance during the program to group themselves according to their goals, dreams and interest. It happened that three groups formed (job seekers, education seekers/ furthering studies and entrepreneurs). The interesting part was when they had to present their ideas to everyone.

That’s where I have realized that Mamelodi’s got talent. A lot of people had amazing business ideas, good way of marketing themselves, good strategies they have to help themselves perceive their dreams, good way o working together although they just met. I have realized that working together can help achieve a common goal. As they always say that two minds are better than one. IMG_1273

I’ve seen a lot of them supporting and help each other brainstorming ideas. To me it was like they have been running this businesses, been at the university and working already because their presentation showed a lot of potential, commitment, dedication and hard work. That was amazing and I’m definitely sure that that’s what Tateni is looking for.

These are the kind of people the organization want to work with. I’m looking forward in attending more programs with them and to see if they are going to implement those ideas. This is so exciting!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Panyaza Lesufi Promise To Develop Mamelodi Schools

img_1189.jpgGauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi says 2018 is the final year that residents can start taking children to any school they wish for. He said that on Friday when he was presenting his report to the community in Mamelodi West, A5. ” I have realized that the problem is not that children go to school hungry but the quality of food they get in schools”, said Panyaza Lesufi. He added that students need to get a quality of food in schools. The MEC mentioned that Ribane Laka, one of the secondary schools in Mamelodi East, get’s 100 % almost every year and such schools need to be developed. He said that every school that improves, they are going to develop it into a good quality of school, he promised that he’s going spend about 75 million to improve the quality of education in those schools and make sure that top three student of any school in Mamelodi will get a bursary from the government for four years at the university of their choice. More students are expected to pass this year.

By: Fortunate Machaba

David Makhura Says Illegal Occupation Is Out Of Order



IMG_1169Gauteng Premier, David Makhura said illegal occupation in Mamelodi is out of control. The premier, as well as other leaders, visited Mamelodi West last Friday at A5 community Hall.

David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, Solly Msimanga, Tshwane Mayor, Paul Mashatile, MEC for Gauteng Department of Education, Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa , MEC for Health, Gwen Ramokgopa, MEC for Social Development, Nandi Khoza, MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi, MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile and Community Safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi.

They were all in the house to present their reports to residents of Mamelodi. Solutions were presented to issues raised by people in the previous meeting. During the meeting, the Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga announced some residents had received their title deeds. It is not known when they applied for the RDP houses.


Residents who had more issues were asked to fill in forms and were promised to get feedback. An opportunity for people to raise their concerns or questions based on the leaders’ reports were given.

Most of the people were not happy about the conditions at Moretele Park, they were complaining that the shelter needed renovation since it is Spring going to Summer and rain is expected. They gave a positive response to the stadium that is going to be rebuilt (Pitje) in Mamelodi West. More renovation is expected to happen in Mamelodi both East and West. The event started at 4pm and residents didn’t leave until 9pm.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Man Caught Stealing In Mahube Complex

Man, 25 was caught today at Mahube complex in Ackermans allegedly stealing a pair of trousers. According to the securities and CPF, the man was trying to escape from the shop after one of the staff members at the shop hit a panic button.  “He stole the trousers and wore it underneath, the staff member said he was trying to escape from the security in the shops. One staff member saw him going to the fitting room and when he came out he wanted to walk out of the shop”, said France Pipsheg, the security from Nights Protection. The security said they won’t call the police for help but they will give him punishment “he will never forget”. He will be responsible for cleaning the towers, Mams FM, Feed the security dogs before he they will release him.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Provincial Government Submitted Reports To Mamelodi Community; Mamelodi West

IMG_1169The provincial government together with Tshwane leaders visited Mamelodi West, A5 on Thursday to give the residents a report about solutions to previous meeting (November 2015) on issues raised by community members. “Today was a day they are giving report about municipality solutions, where we listen to the problems faced by the community. To let know the public on what the government is doing to improve the communities”, said David Makhura, Gauteng Premier.

Issues including pensioners who can’t afford and forced to pay rent , illegal invaders, development in the communities of Mamelodi, residents who haven’t received RDP houses, opportunities for the youth, water and electricity shortages in some areas in far east of Mamelodi.

The leaders were including David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, Solly Msimanga, Tshwane Mayor, Paul Mashatile, MEC for Gauteng Department of Education, Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa , MEC for health, Gwen Ramokgopa, MEC for social development, Nandi Khoza, MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi, MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile and the community safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi were there to attend the meeting with the community memebers.


During the meeting, other residents who were not able to join the meeting due to unavailability of space, were outside complaining about the community hall. They demanded a bigger venue when the leaders call for the community meetings. More details to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Boys High Visited St Francis Drop In Centre


Boys High visited St Francis drop in centre yesterday afternoon in Mamelodi West.


They came to play with the kids and also to gave them gifts. The gifts were including soccer balls, toys and snacks.


During their visits, the kids performed to entertain them with dancing and singing songs on stage.IMG_1165


Drop in centre kids have gumboots dance team and girls choir. “It’s been valuable for the boys, bringing them out of their comfort zone. They will give back feedback to the school about their experiences. We also raise money for the needy”, said the school MIC and RCL for Pretoria Boys High.



The boys confirmed that they came to the drop in centre to play a role of bringing back to the community and enjoying to see the children happy for the gifts they have received and the boys playing with them.


“It is great to see the joy of the children”, said J.H Dreyer, grade 11 student from Boys High. One of the boys also added that he was amazed by the dance.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Late Night Protest By Youngsters In Mamelodi East

Residents in Mamelodi East Phase 1 are currently protesting (Tuessday; 10:00) blocking the road with rocks and burned tires in Tsamaya. According to the observers, the protest have just started and it is not yet know how long it will last. At the moment, taxis and vehicles are not allowed to use the road. Most of the people in the protest are the youth. Reasons for the protest are not yet known.

By: Fortunate Machaba


SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

275 Stakeholder Planning Workshop ParticipantsDifferent stakeholders gathered together at the City of Tshwane on Friday to discuss the safety, promotion and development of Mamelodi East.

Safety Programm through the Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme aims to improve the resilience of communities against violence and to strengthen social cohesion, unhealthy environment, unsafe public spaces, unemployment, lack of opportunities to participate in community life, family disintegration and substance abuse.

SPUU programme focuses on the potential and opportunities to increase safety through preventative strategies by investing in people and improving the quality of public space in Mamelodi East. They are aiming at improving infrastructure, safer schools and youth empowerment.

IMG_1131The program is part of the German-South Africa cooperation in the focal area of Local Government Development. Their target is neglect of children, domestic violence, unemployment and drugs and alcohol abuse.

During the programme audiences were given a platform to raise questions and discuss possible solutions to the problems. Some of the questions will be addressed later. The stakeholders were asked to put down on paper matters raised in the programme that relate to them and write down their contributions to assist with resolving the matters. More information will be update as soon as the next programme occurs and when solutions will be discussed.

By: Fortunate Machaba



Professor van Onselen Awarded with 2nd Annual HSRC Medal in Pretoria

Professor van Onselen, HSRC CEO Professor Soudien, HSRC Board Chair Nasima Badsha

Professor Charles van Onselen, Research Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria was on Friday honoured with the Human Science Research Council’s Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities at its second awards ceremony.

These Awards recognise the role of the social sciences and humanities in transforming society. Professor van Onselen is an internationally renowned historian and is one of only a few A-rated scholars in South Africa. His work straddles a number of disciplinary domains and has a bearing on the fields of historical studies, sociology, criminology and cultural studies.

“It has become more important than ever that we in the social sciences understand what drives human behaviour so that we are able to implement meaningful and sustainable solutions to increasingly severe challenges. Despite all our knowledge the human condition is severely affected by deepening conditions of poverty and inequality. The answers we need to resolve these conditions lie in the social sciences and humanities”, said the CEO of the Human Sciences Research Council Professor Crain Soudien.

Professor van Onselen delivering acceptance speechProfessor van Onselen said that in accepting the Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities and in contextualising the value of the social sciences to South Africa, “Unlike the natural sciences there simply are no ‘iron laws’ in our disciplines that determine the myriad ways in which class and colour, culture and gender, ethnic and racial identity, modernity and tradition, honour and shame, the law and social justice, or poverty and wealth can either help bind or divide us as we yearn to reduce the appalling levels of conflicts and violence that wrack society, the key to understanding most of these formidable and elusive interactions lies not so much in the natural or biological sciences, in engineering, medicine or technological innovation but in the core disciplines of the humanities and the social sciences”, added the professor.

During the award ceremony, Professor Charles van O also gave speech to the audiences. Professor Njabulo Ndebele was also awarded the 2016 Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Takuana Ne Shome Hope To Get Sponsor



A group of nine team is running Takuana Ne Shome and hoping to get a sponsor for their services that they offer to the community. The organization has been running for four years and been registered since June 2016. They are in partnership with Holani and Stanza Bopape clinic. They are dealing patients who are living with HIV and Aids and making sure that the community understand HIV risks, know their status and have access to appropriate and quality service. At the moment they visiting their patients who can’t come to the centre at their homes and those who can visit them at their work place. They have been borrowed a place to work in temporarily and they are not sure when their term will come to the end. During their visit they bath them, clean and cook for them. The group need a stable place to work in, equipment such us gloves, hand washer, towels, adults nappies, refuse bags, disinfection for patients, linen safer, computers of admin and data capturing for reports, furniture, food to give their patients when they visit them and parcels if possible and transport allowance for home visits. “Some of us are not working and we take food from our homes to cook for our patients, said Reginah Mahlangu, one of the team members. Mrs Johanna Mashapa, the project manager said anyone with help and anything will help the organization grow and render their services to the community can contact her on 072-505-8161. Your help will be appreciated.

My experience at Tateni Community Centre So Far

I started volunteering at the centre past three weeks ago, it has been amazing so far. I got to learn a lot about caring, sharing with other people and not undermining those who are not educated. At the youth Development Programs from Tateni, I’ve seen so many young people who are enthusiastic and career driven but unfortunately haven’t got the opportunities to prove themselves. I’ve met a lot of people at the centre who are nice and willing to work with me. Although I’m still new. I can’t wait to go for Home visits and write a report about it. I’ve always enjoyed helping many people, I’ve helped a lot already and still will help more of them. It is interesting to work with people who are willing to help others. I mean there are not a lot of people who are passionate with helping others, especially this day and age. I’m looking forward in working with them. They awesome!!!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Absence Of Magistrate Leads To Case Postponed

The case of Phineas Mampane was postponed this morning at Mamelodi West, A5 Magistrate court after the magistrate was absent. Reasons for his absence are not yet known. The case is postponed to 6 September 2017. Phineas was accused of murder and he’s still on trial. He’s currently in custody until the postponed date.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tateni Throws Farewell For German Friends


Tateni Community Centre had a farewell function this morning for their German friends. The two young men  Ole Ostermann and Benedikt Eichner from Germany came to South Africa for a year to do their voluntary work at Tateni. They decided to take a gap year after their matric before they start their Engineering course at the university. They have now finished their term at Tateni and going back home.


On behalf of the directors and the staff, RED. Mokgokong, the executive director of Tateni gave a speech during the function to thank for their commitment and help to the centre.

“We thank you for having selected Tateni for your volunteer gap year, we thank you for your service and good working spirit. We wish everything of the best in your university studies and invite to South Africa to render your engineering skills on completion of your studies. Be blessed in all your future”, said Mrs Mokgokong.


She added that she thank them for always willing to be of help to all and for making themselves available and spend time with the vulnerable children at the drop in centres especially the English reading program.




One of the staff members, Sello Motabeng said that it was really nice having them at the organization, and he would like to wish them all the best and to have a lovely journey home, him and the children at the drop in centre going to miss them.


More people like Benedikt and Ole are wished to come to the cetre.  “It fells weird, I have been staying  here for too long and it came down that I have to go home after I have adapted to the environment  and a way of living here, is more difficult to leave SA now than it was to leave Germany, at least when I left Germany I knew that I was coming back home after a year where as now  I know that I’m not coming back to SA anytime soon”, said Ole Osternmann.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Medal Parade Ceremony Honours Police; Mamelodi East

About 49 Police Received Medal Parade Yesterday

IMG_1071Mamelodi East Police held a ceremony yesterday morning at Mamelodi East police station to commemorate service and loyalty by the members of the police in Tshwane cluster.

The police who have been serving the community and country for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years received their medals. Senior commanders, CPF chair person and recipients were there to attend the ceremony. “We gathered here today because we are handing out medals

“We gathered here today because we are handing out medals for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years of loyal service and to commemorate unselfish of service to fight crime in the community and country”, said General Andre’ Wiese. He added that the members were given the awards as an achievement and accomplishment in the SAPS.


General Andre’ Wiese

He gave a speech during the ceremony and also thanked for those who came to support the members and those on parade who dedicated their whole life in the SAPS.


He also encouraged the members to wear their ribbons and medals they were given to wear them with pride. Mamelodi West station commander, Brigadier Tshayana was there to witness the awarding giving of the recipients.

“I would like to thank people for coming and spending an amount of time, the award is given to people who have been loyal for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years of service displayed continuously, wear them with pride knowing that it came with a price, go and shine and no amount of money can pay the service you have rendered”, said Brigadier Tshayana, station commander.


Station commander, Brigadier Tshayana


“I’m very happy for all the hard work, it was not easy there are a lot of police who wished to be here but couldn’t, I’m very honoured to be at the ceremony and I’m hoping to receive 20 years and 30 years”, said Sargent Mando Kau.

Captain Duduzile  Mkhonza who has worked for the SAPS for 20 years and received a medal said that at times it was not easy, sometimes you will get emotional and firm but through God, they managed to do their job. She was very happy to get a silver medal and hoping to get 30 years medal.

Captain Lydia Mokgotho said that the journey is very hard and need dedication and she felt that she was there to serve the community. She was honoured to receive the medal and she said that the medal gave her confidence to continue because she believes that loyalty doesn’t start by looking at the person but dedication.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mams Grannies Use Tateni For Their Projects

20170822_092456Mamelodi Grannies are using Tateni Community Centre for their hand work projects and for doing their exercises. The ladies visit the centre twice a month. Most of them say that they don’t want to stay home and do nothing. On Tuesday, as part of their knitting lessons, they were taught to knit a yoyo that can be put on jerseys and hair bands. The ladies once sold their blankets that they knitted to Canada and it said that many people bought it as they loved it. The challenge that the centre is facing is that they have no enough sponsors or funds to keep the ladies at the centre every day. 20170822_103537The grannies haven’t got a sponsor for the projects that they are running. “They only come twice a week because the centre does not have enough food for every day and can only afford to have them twice a month, we give them breakfast and lunch every time they come at the centre and they use the centre for exercising and doing their hand work”, said Johanna Ramasehla, one of the Gogo’s assistant. The centre is also going to get a sponsorship from one of the agriculture companies, who will be assisting them with vegetables for them to grow and sell to get income. 20170822_093236 (1)“Most of the grannies are looking after orphans and vulnerable children that Tateni is currently taking care of”, added Johanna. She mentioned that Pick’n Pay comes to the centre every Tuesday and they share food with the ladies as well as kids at the drop-in centres. Johanna encourages the grannies and children who are not aware of Tateni that they are there to help with family matters or any issue they have and they are more than welcome to come forth and join Tateni.


By: Fortunate Machaba


Give Them Hope Hosts Fun Run In Mamelodi; Nelmapius

IMG-20170821-WA0006Pinky Mothiba, Founder of Give Them Hope had organized a fun run on Saturday at Nelmapius Multipurpose centre in Lesedi Road. The event’s purpose was to rise awareness of the challenges were faced by people in the community especially those who live with orphans and neglected children. “The purpose of the event is to make aware of the challenges were faced on daily basis bringing up the orphans and neglected children of our community. It is the responsibility of the community to make difference in these children’s lives”, said the founder.


The founder added that most of the people just think orphans are put in the orphanage because they have lost their parents and not considering the fact that these children go through a lot of challenges, some of them were raped and some abused in so many ways and they need to be loved.


The event received support from Big Save, Master Copy, Distri Liquor, Spar Willow Way, House of Grace Worship Centre, Debonairs, Coke and the community were also part of the event.

The founder also mentioned that Mphaki Mashifane from Mams FM and Raymond also contributed to the event, IBA (coke) send them a truck with the system so it was easy for them to speak to the people at their event. The organisation also managed to make soccer tournament for the small clubs for the community.


By: Fortunate Machaba

Alleged Wife Killer Denied Bail

Phineus Mampane appeared in court this afternoon after a case of murder was opened against him. He was accused of murdering his girlfriend on June 24 2017. His case was taken to the high court for partial bail application before it was brought to Mamelodi West Magistrate court today. He pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend. ” I did not kill her deliberately I was trying to defend myself”, said Phenius Mampane. The prosecutor Miss Mbelengwe asked the accused to describe the fight between them and he replied that they were never in a physical fight but in a verbal fight. A protection order was opened against him a day before he murdered his girlfriend by the deceased and he confirmed to the court that he knew what the protection order was about but he did not understand and no one explained it to him until he went to where the protection order was made. He told the court that he wanted bail because he claimed to be taking care of the kids. Whilst on the protection order, the deceased said he did not help her or the kids with anything. The accused said they had fought in their relationship but he said that he never threatened her. The prosecutor read the statement where the deceased said she was no longer feeling safe as well her children because he threatened to kill her including the children. He denied all the facts raised by the deceased on the protection order saying that he doesn’t know anything about it. The court denied him bail and the case was postponed to 29 August 2017.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Spending My Weekend Babysitting Lara



This is amazing and it always is. She’s seven months old and believes me is just like looking after a baby. In the morning when we wake up (7 am) we make sure we take her out so she pees outside. It’s amazing that she doesn’t pee or poo in the house unless she’s doing it deliberately, haha I know that’s silly but that’s what she does.

IMG_7575From there we go for a walk except for this morning, Gosh! it was so cold that I didn’t wish to stay out of bed. But guess what? Lara wanted to play outside as cold as it was. Don’t think when you let her play and get her tired she will easily get tired and sleep, no that’s not her she will play all day, we will try to take her out for a walk just to get her tired…well it doesn’t work until she decides to sleep herself.

That’s when I get my breath back. Looking at her during her sleep it the most beautiful thing ever! She’s adorable…



She reminds me of when she was a baby, her first day at home. She was struggling.

We all thought that she must have been missing her mum and brothers. We all felt bad about it but she eventually got over it. After that, it was always fun. You won’t believe how much I miss her all the time when I’m in Mamelodi. Funny enough my parents think Lara get’s all the attention than everyone else “we know our place”, they always say.

Freaky part of babysitting 

When we have to go to bed, we have to put the alarm on and if we don’t get the instructions right the alarm will go off. Monitor net (security) guys get at the house as quickly as possible and Lara doesn’t like seeing those guys in the garden with their touch on. I’m not sure if it freaks her out or she just becomes over protective. She won’t go to bed immediately. We freak out too when the alarm is off. Because they will come after we reset if they will set the alarm off and we would think is somebody else and not them.

The interesting part 


The interesting part is that she has her own bed in my parent’s bedroom but she never uses it haha! she always sleeps right at our feet and she enjoys it. She does the same thing with my parents. I always miss these moments. When she’s about to eat and when we play fetch, the excitement and energy…I love seeing that. I can watch that all day.

The sad part

When I have to leave home to come back to Mamelodi. Leaving my family and Lara it is always sad. For some reason, I feel like I’m not coming back even although I am. Every time I come back even after a week or so it feels like a year and I always tell them how long it feels and it turns out to be a joke. I always look forward to the next time when I come back home. It is true that “there’s no place like home”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Sitting At Court This Morning Made Me Wonder…

I woke up this morning, got ready, had a cup of tea and went to Mamelodi West Magistrate court. I got there an hour early. As I was looking at the list at the hall way I saw the name I was looking for and waited in court. Well, first I had to make sure I was at the right court. It was just a few of us to start with, then more people started coming in.

30 minutes before the court started prisoners started coming in and out of the cells with the police and I wondered what was going on. I went out and asked the security where they were going and he said “oh them? they going to court, they are different courts around here and not just one you are from”, and I went oh gosh! isn’t that obvious? and laughed. That’s curiosity!

We were supposed to start at 9 am they called people I was not there for but it was interesting, sitting there listing to what they were arrested for and the charges against them by the magistrate. Others were on bail and most were postponed for further investigations. When they got to the name I was waiting for and not just I, they said he’s delaying we have to wait till 11:00. We waited…

There were many court cases attended and I began to wonder how many cases are reported every day, how many they are currently dealing with at court and what mostly these people are arrested for? It got me worried when I saw a lot of young faces arrested for theft, robbery attempted murder…

When they got to the name I was waiting for and not just I, they said he’s delaying we have to wait till 11:00. We waited… As there were many court cases attended that day I began to wonder how many cases are reported every day, how many they are currently dealing with at court and what mostly these people are arrested for?

11:00 when the magistrate came back for other cases he was never called and they said we have to come back at 11:30, it happened again and again until 2 pm, the last case of the day. He appeared by then I left the court for family matters.

According to the source, he appeared to court and started denying the allegations. He claimed that he did not kill his wife and later admitted it and said he did not kill her deliberately. This matter was postponed to Monday. From last time when I was following this case, they said that he was applying for bail. I don’t know what I’m expecting from the court. I’m still wondering…

I can’t wait to write more about this.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Taxi Drivers And Owners Demand Answers From MMC



Mamelodi this morning

The city of Tshwane MMC for Trasport, Sheila Lynn Senkubuge has received a memorandum today at Pretoria’s Tshwane House from taxi drivers and owners of different areas. This happened after local taxi drivers and owners from Mamelodi, Soshanguvhe, Mabopane and Marabastard protested today in Pretoria to Tshwane House.

Mamelodi police monitored the situation to prevent the protest in Mamelodi, taxi’s were operating in the morning. The deputy chairperson of Mamelodi Local Taxi Association (MALTA), Monageng Stuurnan said that they do not support the protest by the taxi drivers and owners of Mamelodi.



Pretoria near Tshwane House

Reports say Soshanguvhe, Mabopane and Marabastad areas were affected by the protest and taxis were not operating in those areas including the railway station causing the train to stop operating as well.


Taxi drivers and owners from those areas came together to hand their memorandums to the Tshwane MMC and asked for the MMC to sign the Memorandum to acknowledge that she has received it.

“I have received the memorandum from the taxi drivers and taking the matter to the province to negotiate, I told them that I will give them feedback within 14 days”, said the MMC.


Tshwane MMC for Transport, Sheila Lynn Senkubuge

She described the matter as long term process because the taxi drivers and owners haven’t paid the money that they owe Tshwane which causes them not to be able to get their licence renewed, permits and allowance to use the roads. This issue, in turn, causes the Metro police to give them tickets for not having the right documents with them while driving passengers.

During the protest, the drivers had boxes written “Tickets must fall”, in their hands. The complaint was also mentioned in the memorandum.

According to the taxi drivers from Mamelodi, not many from the area have joined the protest to Pretoria CBD.

The taxi drivers and owners are currently waiting for 2 weeks to pass in order for them to get their answers from the MMC. The matter remains the subject to Sheila Lynn Senkubuge.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Just Faith Concert At UP Campus; Mamelodi

Just Faith had a concert on Sunday at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus.IMG_0998

Different organisations were invited to the exhibition to share their services with the community.

During the event, the campus Manager, Edwin Smith was called on stage to present his speech about the faculty of Theology to the audiences.

“The event ushered in a new pathway to the University of Pretoria for local residents interested in studying at our University, It also strengthens the University’s offering for the community and our local partners dealing with a number of pressing challenges in our community”, said Mr Smith. He added that he was very excited themselves broadening their involvement in the community through their campus.

IMG_0994Music bands were there to perform on stage as well as poets.

According to their website, the organisation “Feast of the Clowns” was established in 2000 and started as a small street festival and has now grown to the large annual festival in the city.

Their campaign this week will be focusing on substance use and harm reduction, homelessness, mental health and gender justice. Their main focus will be on substance abuse with a sub-focus on homelessness and mental health.


IMG_1002All of their workshops will be hosted in Pretoria including Mamelodi.

The exhibition has also given the organisations a platform to make contacts as well as to know about each other’s services that they offer the community.




Their event in Mamelodi took place for two days in a row (Sunday 13 Aug and Monday 14 Aug). Sunday being used for the exhibition and Monday for the address of the matters including, gender justice and substance use.



Other events will take place in different venues this week until the 19th of August.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Tateni Want To Transform Lives Of Young People; Mamelodi

IMG_0991Tateni Community Care Service want to change lives of young people in the community. The centre has introduced their new program “break the circle of poverty” where they assist young people in the community with getting job opportunity and those who have matric and want to further their studies to get opportunities to go to university.

IMG_0988They are currently running a three days program (Monday 14 August- Wed the 16 August) at Vista University for the youth. On Friday they had a workshop at Rephafugile Secondary School for young people and also invited Kedibone Kekana from German Government which is in partnership with the City Of Tshwane to have a discussion with the youth.

The purpose of the workshop was to give the youth the opportunity to bring their ideas forth that they want to resolve because it matters to them.

IMG_0980During the workshop, they discussed things needed to be done to make the community safe which resulted to young people mentioning that there has to be patrolling in the areas of Mamelodi, young people have to get involved in various activities or form any part of a group in the community to educate each other and illegal dumping issues causing health issues.

IMG_0983Forms were given to the students to assist completing the survey.

“I’m here today talking to the youth because their ideas are important to us”, said Kedibone Kekana from German Government. She added that their program is focusing on the youth as well as the infrastructure that is going to be changed in the next four years.

Students from Rephafogile said in the next 10 years, they want to see themselves studying teaching, educating men about fatherhood, building a community centre for activities, helping vulnerable children with basic needs, creating jobs opportunities for the youth and creating youth forums to address challenges faced by young people.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Prof. Phaswana-Mafuya Visits Mamelodi To Motivate Students



Prof. Phaswana-Mafuya


Prof.Nancy (Refilwe) Phaswana-Mafuya, Research Director in the HIV/AIDS/STI/TB (HAST) Research Programme of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Honorary Professor at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University visited Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre (WSEC) today to motivate students to take Maths and sciences as a career.

IMG_0963“We invited girls from schools who do maths and sciences and encouraged them to take them as a career. We had a speaker, women of science award from Port Elizabeth. She won a national award for science by NSTF. She addressed the students and we did this for Women’s Day, we also invited mothers to be part of the event”, said Christa Van Schalkwyk, the Centre’s Manager.

The main purpose of the event was to encourage the kids to take the scientific field as their career.IMG_0971 “I have learned a lot from the programme, it taught me so many things including that even if you are from a poor background you can still make it. If you don’t have money to further your studies, we were encouraged to study hard to get bursaries to further our studies”, said Lerato Thlako from Bonang Lesedi Secondary School.

Students were from Lehlabile, Bonang Lesedi, Solomon Mahlangu, Stanza Bopape, Mamelodi High School and Phateng Secondary Schools.


Most of them are maths higher grade students and the idea behind this event was to encourage and motivate them. The subject adviser for maths, Mosima Bokhosi was also invited to take part as a speaker at the programme.


By: Fortunate Machaba

Evah Celebrated Women’s Day Supporting Women’s Soccer In Mamelodi

IMG_0959Evah Mokwape, the former vice captain for South African National team Banyana-Banyana and an organiser for the event, celebrated Women’s Day yesterday at the University Of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The event was involving netball and soccer for both female and male. “The event went well, I did what I did because I wanted to see the girls enjoying sports, as a supervisor captain, I played to the professional level, I wanted to plot that to the community and motivate girls that they can do it well”, said Evah Mokwape. She added that the event was women’s day celebration and she also invited legends to support at the event.



Evah Mokwape motivating the crowd


According to her, the event was beyond her expectation as it was her first and she’s expecting more events to come and also getting more sponsors. The legends were including Go Mabusela, Magents Motale, Trott Moloto and Thomas Kwenaite.

Teams played were, from Netball, Lovers Girls, Church New Apostolic and Mamelodi West. And from soccer (female), Tukkies Mamelodi Ladies, Mamelodi Ladies and Aqualle, (male), Golden Legends and Liverpool.  Mams Ladies played VS Mams Tuks and scored 3-0, Liverpool VS Golden Legends 7-5.7D1_7298 (2)

Best player No 4 Tuks and Mamelodi ladies goal keeper received a trophy for their excellent performance during the match. The games were featured Magents Motale from Bafana-Bafana, Orlando Pirates, Jappie Motale from Supersports, Darkie Morudi from Sundowns, the youngest of our players were 35 years old and older, they played against under 19’s coached by the ex-Sundowns legend, Alpheus “Go” Mabusela.

7D1_7380“They have the energy, we have the experience though it was not good enough today. At least we showed them how the game is played. Not giving up even when is tough. Adjusting our game plan as per the requirements of the game.

“In the end to us is about having fun enjoying what we love and sharing with them. Inspiring and motivating the youth”, said Sam Mphaki Mashifane from Golden Legends.   IMG-20170812-WA0006                                                                                                                                        The sponsors for the event were, Curro Mamelodi School, Thibo Cafe, Spaza Sam, City Of Tshwane MMC, Gauteng Province MEC, Buti Molefyane, Aquelle for water and UP for the venue.



By: Fortunate Machaba

Couple Runs Children Centre In Mamelodi

A couple runs children centre in Mamelodi East, Extension 5. The centre called House Of Faith and it opens six days a week including Saturdays. The children’s age ranges from three to 14 years old. The organisation is depending on the parent’s contributions and does not have anyone relying upon. They have about 50 kids that they currently assist with homework, food and clothing that another organisation donates to the centre. “The challenge that we are having is that not all the parents contribute and we sometimes don’t have enough to give the kids”, said Lucky Mbatha. They used to cook for them before and their stove broke. They now give the kids biscuits and juice until they get a new cooker. The organisation was registered this year February. They help all the kids who can benefit from the organisation. “We are not only helping children from disadvantaged families any who can benefit from this programs, we believe that all the children need someone to help them with something”, said Khosi Mchunu. The couple sometimes visits schools to motivate children. They are not only helping with school work but they also do parent to children talk, play games, sometimes have a movie day and fun days at the centre. Khosi Mchunu says she plays a mother role to the kids as well where as Lucky plays a father role. They would love to get a sponsor for table and chairs for the kids, reading books, indigenous toys, a day to day food and furniture (shelves for the books). They plan to bring more people or volunteers to assist with teaching differently. Anyone with any help for the kids can directly phone Aus Khosi on 079 740 8403. Sharing is caring.

By: Fortunate Machaba 

Docket Opened After Train Struck Man Near Phase 2

Mamelodi East police were called to the scene in Phase 2 yesterday afternoon after a 32-year-old man was hit by a goods train. “It is unclear what exactly happened at this stage but deceased known in that area was found lying near the rail line in what appears to be hit by a train”, said the police spokesperson captain Michael Mbewe. Inquest docket is opened for investigation.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Police Believe Man Hit By Train

Mamelodi East Police believe that a man who was found dead this morning at Phase 2, Mamelodi East was killed by a goods train. It is alleged that the man was drunk before he died. It is not yet known whether the man committed suicide. The identity of the man is yet to be confirmed. More details will come later after the investigation is done.

By: Fortunate Machaba

EdTech Summit Africa Workshop In Mamelodi

IMG_0937EdTech Summit Africa had a workshop at the University of Pretoria in Mamelodi East on Saturday. EdTech Summit is an innovative technology conference shared with educators across Africa free of charge. They are focusing on teachers training and program development addressing education equity and social justice issues by working to implement creative and cutting edge technologies in schools and communities. The team also visited Mamelodi to share their skills, support teachers and learners with technology tools. During the workshop, they introduced the tools that teachers can use to improve their classrooms and education that they can not provide without the use of technology, looking at the history of this country that it has been disadvantaged and have not had opportunities to learn and teach things the way private schools do.  IMG_0931This program is to help the teachers to help students to learn better online or by making use of technology. One of the team members, Gugulethu Radebe, believes that the education system in South Africa does not reflect where South Africa is in terms of the economy and staff that they, as teachers are doing globally, does not reflect the education system. They came to offer teachers a tool to create a bridge for the local school students to get the same opportunities as the private schools. They wanted the teachers to acquire the skill and pass it to their students and make education more exciting and engaging. It is believed that if the teachers learn that technique it will help improve the education system in their schools and helps the students to learn better. IMG_0938“Is our part to work with teachers and devices and free strategies that people will share all over the world but what needs to happen from the government and infrastructure like Telkom who can affect education far greater by making connectivity everywhere”, said Karen Kirsh Page, the founder. They started in 2013 and they are having workshops continental and not just in South Africa. Siobhan Thatcher said that education is a life long part of her life, she has been to school, went to University and went to the classroom and for her, education and technology is one and the thing. The teachers described technology as something logical to have in the classroom because it helps the learners to know what is currently happening (current affairs), expose them to things that they will not have exposed to and make them conscious of what is happening around the world. The teachers who have attended the workshop were from different schools across South Africa. Student teachers or interns were also part of the workshop. The conference was for free including transport and food. The workshop was mainly for teachers from under source schools or schools that can’t afford to pay for teachers to attend the conference and it was one of their reasons to be in Mamelodi. The workshop was not about how many people attended but the changes it would be made by those who have attended the workshop. The challenge that they came across in the education journey is that they reach a lot of teachers but is not all of them who understands what the program is about, although they have a vision of how things should look like not everyone sees it the same way. IMG_0943They believe is not teachers being negative towards the vision but they think that teachers might feel uncomfortable. Kevin Baloyi said that teachers should understand that they are dealing with different generations and therefore, they should not rely on the method they use to teach children 20 years ago. They should think for students as much as they think for themselves. At the end of the workshop, lucky teachers were announced and won prizes. This happened after they called their ticket numbers. The workshop started at 10 am and finished at 4 pm. More workshops are expected to be hosted in different areas around South Africa and globally.

By: Fortunate Machaba

“Searching Soul”

I Crawl In Bed And Lay My Head Upon My Pillow, With Thought?s Of The Day Falling Away Behind My Eye?s Your Face Comes To Me With Love, I Can See Your Trust For Me In Your Eye?s Your Window,

I reach Out My Hand To You As You Turn to Leave Me. I Touch Your Hand You Stop I Move To Face You To See Your Soul As I Come To Your Face Only For You To Turn Away Again What Are You Hiding From, Let Me See, You Tell Me That You’re Not Free In Your Heart, You Don’t Know How To Give Your Heart Away Pain Keep?s You Scared…Afraid To Be Open, Fear Has You Frozen, I Place My Hand?s Along Your Face Bring You Down To My Eye?s Look Deep Within Your Windows?s To Your Soul,

I See Your Fear There Holding Tight To You, I Place My Lip?s To Yours And Breathe Your Air Mine Into You, With One Deep Breath Your Walls?s Fall And A New Feeling Is Replaced, Love Is Now Within You I Close My Eye?s And Kiss You Goodbye, You Ask Me To Stay Why You Must You Go Say, I Say I Have Gifted You, My Love Is Now Yours Keep It Safe, Share It, Love It Like Never Before, Share The Gift We All Giving,

I Turn From You And Walk Away With Joy In My Heart, My Love For You Now Is Never Ending, You Will Always Carry Me Within Your Soul, Even ThoughI Have Never Been With You.

By: Tshepo Lekalakala

Gogo Ramushu Turning 100 Years Today

Living 100 years old is rare and deserve to be celebrated.




Mmakabe Ramushu is turning 100 years old today in Mamelodi East. Her granddaughter, Kedibone Ramushu shared this message with us yesterday.


The family was celebrating her birthday today, having lunch with relatives and friends. Kedi Granys grandchild 20170805_135405“The amazing queen

The family is currently having lunch with relatives and friends. “The amazing queen Mmakabe Ramushu turning 100 years today, we say to you happy birthday and God shall bless you with many years to come,” said , Kedibone Ramushu, the granddaughter. Gogo Mmakabe has one daughter (Johanna Madikofi Ramushu), and two granddaughters (Kedibone Ramushu and Reitumetse Ramushu). Gogo upgave a speech on her birthday and shared a history of where she grew up with family, friends and relatives.

By: Fortunate Machaba

My Journalism Journey: Story Behind Pen And Paper

My journalism journey has been fantastic despite the challenges that I bump into sometimes and the sponsorship I’m currently struggling to get…


I’m the first person in my family to graduate and hopefully not the last, the only one to make it to Boston Media House. I have spent my childhood with my grandparents and uncles, life wasn’t easy back then. I’m first to move out of home age 21 and first to own my own company/publication and believe in my dreams. I had an amazing time at college, I’m not going to talk about high school because is a different story. Let me put it this way, back in high school I was the nerdy kid.

I remember the first day at college when my dad and I walked into campus to pay for my fees, seeing the students from rich families, all fashionable, classic back packs and all that and to my mind, I asked, am I going to make it here? by the way, I was convicted it was a bad omen. I later realised that if you really believe in him (God), yourself and work hard and live around positive people you definitely will make it in life.

My journalism journey so far…

People who have not yet been at Boston think everyone from Boston is rich, posh and privileged. I certainly don’t they think so because I’m not. After three years down the line, here I am, have a Diploma in Media, have my own Mamelodi Happenings and want to pursue a Degree in Criminology.

My journey started in 2014 when my dad and I thought I could blog to learn. Now I want to blog to earn. Journalism for me is not about money but passion. I have been blogging for more than three years and haven’t yet started making money out of it. I have helped many people in the community before and still will, I believe my purpose is to help others. Most people think all the journalist are interested in just chasing out stories. That is not true.

For example, someone can lose a house, maybe it burned, I as a journalist will write about it, you would probably think I’m writing because is a story. When someone out there read about it, they get interested in helping that person with food, clothes etc. There are many ways that journalist helps the public and not just chasing stories…

I met a lot of famous people that I always loose count and got opportunities to interview them. I have been in situations where I felt uncomfortable, unsafe and there are some, where I’m still proud of. I remember one of the days I still can’t forget. When I was attending a protest somewhere in Mamelodi. Some strangers approached me and asked me to delete all the photos I took during the protest, of which I did.

I have once interviewed a child molester which was my first time being in such a difficult interview, was a bit nervous but no one could tell (spilling the bean I guess). I had to look at him in the eye and all that in mind I went, I’m possibly interviewing a rapist here, I don’t know. I spoke to one guy I haven’t seen even today who told me that he was robbing banks for a living and I was stupid enough to tell him that I was a journalist. Gosh, I’m such a journalist!

When I was attending a protest somewhere in Mamelodi. Some strangers approached me and asked me to delete all the photos I took during the protest, of which I did. I have once interviewed a child molester which was my first time being in such a difficult interview, was a bit nervous but no one could tell (spilling the bean I guess).

I have met a lot of men and women whom I wanted to do business with and those I’ve approached for sponsorships for Mamelodi Happenings. Some men were never interested and some wanted to take advantage and I didn’t let them. I believe it has to be out of a pure heart to help someone pursue their dreams.

I’m currently starting an advertising magazine for the community, most of my advertisers pulled back and I can’t find anyone to fund my business. It’s a challenge. Unfortunately, I haven’t met the right people yet, maybe some day, although it takes time. Patience…

I  have attended many events which were educational, environmental, political, violence/consists of crime, sport, fashion shows, business and entertainment, of which I’m still proud of. There are a lot more coming and I can’t wait since I’m not intending to stop. I love a career path I choose and I choose it for a reason.

By: Fortunate Machaba




Interview With Child Molester

This interview was conducted after a 40 years old man sexually harassed a 10 years old girl. Note that it was conducted in Sepedi and translated into English. The incident took place in Mahube mall, Mamelodi East. I was at the bank and saw about four security guards including SPF dragging a man into Mams FM studio. I followed them, asked what happened, I got the story and interviewed the man…

Some answers he gave didn’t make sense at will be surprised. 

Have you sexually assaulted anyone before?

No, I’ve never done it before is my first time to do it here

When you say “first time to do it here” does that mean you have done it somewhere else before?

No is my time…

Do you have any reason why you did what you did to the girl?

It was just an accident, I didn’t mean to do it.

You didn’t mean to touch her, you were passing by then what happened?

I was going to pay for my account in rail way.

The parents of the daughter and her uncle were outside Pep at the time, so how did you manage to pass near them?

I paid my account and wanted to go to Pick’n Pay to buy food, that’s when it happened. Is not something … I got shocked when people took this seriously because I was playing with the girl and passing by, got to the shop and buying food. They were with her when it happened and I really want to apologise it won’t happen again. I will just come to the mall, pay the bills and you see what I mean.

I have been told that you denied the fact that you touched the girl’s bottom is that true?

No I was just greeting and I get it that they didn’t like how I did it, so that’s how it is, at the moment there is nothing I can do, as we standing, you understand…

So you couldn’t talk to the parents or apologise to them?

I’m one person who likes playing you see…

Why didn’t you tell them before the police were called or get’s this far?

No let me tell you what happened, after that, the guy (father) came and followed me to the shop, I was shocked when people approached me and I was supposed to pay my food and leave the shop and told me what I did, what was terrible and scared me is that the uncle beat me up and fought me and it happened when there were there. I apologise.

Do the parents know how guilty or sorry you are?

No the parents were there and I have asked for forgiveness and that it will never happen again, I made a mistake I’m a human being, I’m so sorry… I came here for what I came for and anyone can play we kids, people differ.

Do you have any children or a wife?

No I don’t have children nor a wife I only have a girlfriend, I ‘m not yet married.

Tell me how you would feel if the other men did the same thing to your child, would you be ok with it?

Yes, Becuase I and the wife will be present and is not a bad thing. I won’t feel terrible. I was just passing by greeting the girl, maybe I offended them you understand.

You just passed by and greeted her? Do you know the girl?

Yes I just greeted her, no Idon’t know her I was just being friendly and they accused me of touching her bottom. I’m really sorry it won’t happen again. Please forgive me it won’t happen again.

by: Fortunate Machaba


Angry Residents Demand The Mayor Removes Shacks



Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga

The angry residents in Mahube Valley extension 1 demanded the Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga today to remove shacks in extension 17, Mamelodi East. This comes after the protest that took place on June 22, 2017. Residents in Mahube had a clash due to the illegal connection of electricity by the residents in the informal settlement.


The Mayor addressed the community about feedback for the issues they have raised. During his address, he mentioned that shacks can not be removed in that area according to the court of law. Residents complain that the mayor has promised to remove the shacks but yet he hasn’t fulfilled his promise. “We had many demands before and we came down to one demand which is eviction”, said the community leader Jack Lekgau. He added that the mayor promised them that he was going to remove people who live in the informal settlement to Pinaspoort and other parts of Mamelodi.


According to occupants, they later heard that the mayor made a commitment to the people who live in the informal settlement that he will not remove them and promised them to get mobile toilets which they have recently received. “The court said that I can not remove these people, the only way that I can is by building them houses which I can not afford”, said the mayor. He further said that by law, people in the informal settlement have to receive services and they are going to get help because most of them are not registered to get houses.



Resident asking questions during the address

Mahube Valley residents believe that the court interdict has nothing to do with what they have asked for. “We have asked you to relocate the people, move them to the place you said you will move them to and the problem will be solved”, said one of the residents. Some said in public that they want to take the mayor to court and let the court decide the action against him.



The memorandum was read during the address, the mayor was asked to sign the memorandum and occupants were given the opportunity to raise their complaints. One of their complaints was the bill which they believe has risen due to the illegal connection of electricity by residents in the informal settlement.



Msimangs signing the memo



The mayor said anyone who has a complaint about their bills they should come to the office and their matter will be attended individually. Occupants claimed to take law in their hands if Tshwane fails to take action.



By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Students Released Early Due To COSAS March

IMG-20170731-WA0018Mamelodi students were released early from schools due to COSAS march yesterday into Pretoria. The march was concerning free education that the students are demanding. Students who are under COSAS from different schools have organised and participated in the march which caused Mamelodi high schools student to leave school early. There was two separate march by students, some went to Absa while others went to South African Reserve bank. During the march, the memorandum was submitted to the bank. Absa was forced to close down during that period. The march started in Pretoria, Bosman station. Students said they were marching concerning “Radical Education Transformation” which includes the struggle of free education that is believed to forever remain a priority within the student’s revolution which lead to students calling on private sectors  that are “owned by white” monopoly capital or private companies to start building schools, colleges, libraries to enhance the education system. IMG-20170731-WA0024 “We are calling on private sectors that are owned by white monopoly capital to start with, we want these privately owned companies or businesses to start building schools, libraries, college and start contributing 40% of their means of productions towards developing and enhancing the education system”, said one of the march organisers Thabo Nkoana. Students are expecting Absa not to pay back the money but have the money as a budget to transform the country’s education and economy.  He added that the South African Reserve Bank must contribute 70% of their profits towards free education including all companies listed on the JSE, they have to contribute 10% of their means of production quarterly towards the implementation of free education, the white monopoly must be dealt with harshly. The march lasted for a day and businesses who are expected to contribute are given 7 days to reply. It is not yet know what was the reaction to private companies owners when they received the memorandum. The matter remains the subject to the owners.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Fascinating Mahube Valley Popup Market


Atang General Training and Conviction, specialising in cooking,  baking and selling cocktails and shooters.



Local business owners had a fascinating event yesterday at Mahube Valley, Mamelodi East.





Business owners including tavern owners, fashion designers, product sellers and agencies. They were all invited to the event to showcase their work and sell their products.


Lekaiba’s Design, specialising in beats and accessories



Spit Fire, specialising with sun glasses from London






The event started in the afternoon and its purpose was to invite the community to support local businesses titled: Hashtag SupportLocalBusiness, Bring Own Chair.





Atang General Training and Conviction, specialising in cooking,  baking and selling cocktails and shooters. The owner of this company organised the event.



Inuka, specialising in perfumes and hand lotions. 










By: Fortunate Machaba




Black Whole Lounge Hosted Winter Fashion Show

Black Whole hosted a winter fashion show last night in Mamelodi West, A5. Local, talented fashion designers showcase their fashion trends and artist from in and outside Mamelodi were there to perform their best music for the audience. Mamelodi Fashion designers including Moleboheng Sease, Victor Galeboye, Thato Kwinana, Thandeka Nkosi, Alcanest, Longile Buthelezi, Dk Ignitious, Sonia and Konko Representative. People to show how to dress for your body, fashion with function. Artists including Paris June from Soshanghuve who has opened the stage, Pretty Simple, AK from Nigeria and Panga has performed their few songs. The original Shumba, a  comedian was also at the event to entertain the crowd and played a role as MC. He turned the stage into flames cracking most of his best jokes and kept the crowd entertained throughout the event. During the event, there were stand-up comedies that you never imagine of by Shumba. The team, Levita Entertainment (Thato, Victor, Leno and Thandeka) organised the show. The show started at 8 pm until 12 am. “It was great even though we could’ve done better”, said Thato Kwinana, one of the organisers. The next fashion show is in summer.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Don Dada Visited About 19 Radio Station Including Mams FM

“Viva Mandela” by Don Dada, The official  2017 Mandela day song to pay homage to the late world icon.

1The 30-year-old singer, Don Dada from Johannesburg recently released his first album Avant Garde with the 2nd single ‘Phese Phaya’ coincidentally released on 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage. Since from the release of the song on the 7th July, Don Dada has completed interviews on 19 Stations including Mamelodi FM (Mams FM), done several print media interviews and attracted the attention of neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe ZiFM Stereo and the Daily News. The song is currently receiving airplay in those countries.

This brought inspiration and added to the task of writing a Mandela tribute song. While the song is Madiba-themed and inspired by the book “MANDELA LONG WALK TO FREEDOM,” it has a distinct Dada flavour incorporating hip-hop and reggae, featuring a versatile female artist Seed_Under and Phiwe Romeo Phekana his close friends from PE. The footage below includes MadibazRadio PE Crew and locals.

“Viva Mandela” was recorded at Don Dada’s studio and record label, RuFF CuTT Studio, produced by Super Producer Rapz and coordinated by his dad RasMoe.

The recording of the Viva Mandela track, however, was a four-day process and unlike most songs about Tata Madiba, Dada decided to make his special song upbeat.  When asked about the type of the song made Dada retorted. “Most of the Mandela songs are sad and I wanted to make mine more upbeat. I wanted to change the way we think about the man who brought freedom to South Africans and inspired the world”, said Don. On hearing the song, Impressed and inspired,  Don Dada and his family were invited by the ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio to spend Mandela Day together.  image 4

The day started off with a one-hour LIVE tribute interview, followed by the distribution of sandwiches ( made by Don Dada), keeping the streets tidy and finally enjoying a Tata Madiba Birthday cake. footage for some of which we extracted from the ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio Instagram page  


image 5

It is very inspiring to see youths band together exceeding 67minutes by putting in a full day of servicing others together:


The team decided that a VIVA Mandela Music video was a must! The ANC Joburg Region 1912OnlineRadio media man was quick to volunteer his services, unphased by limited funds and zero sponsors the crew worked on a 3day project [including travel], elated by how successful MANDELA DAY was. It took a 13hour overnight trip to the Eastern Cape where Don Dada did 3 radio and 1 TV interviews and completed the first phase of the music video.


At the time of this release, the actual filming in two regions is complete the music video is in editing and should be available in a few days from now.

image 6

The final filming in Soweto


Don added that VIVA Mandela has been well received by most stations and locals in the community. “This has been the most enlightening experience that one can only attain by serving, TOGETHER we CAN achieve so much more even without money,” said Dada.

Every year on 18 July the world celebrates a birthday of the late former South African president and world renown icon Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. This year is no different and Hip hop artist Don Dada is celebrating with the release of his official 2017 Mandela Day song titled Viva Mandela. The song is available for streaming and download on all major digital music platforms.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Howard Zondo Finally Launched His Book; Mamelodi West

IMG_0770Howard Zondo, the author of Young Black and Powerful launched his first book (Young Black and Powerful) today at Mamelodi West community hall in A5.

Students from his school, J Kekana, teachers, guests from the community and others from Rustenburg and Middleburg came to attend the event and gave their full support to him. All his first 30 books published were sold today. The department of sports and recreation and Tshwane were also part of the people who purchased his book. His family, The Zondo’s including his mother Evelyn Ndlovu and brother Justice Zondo, uncle and his two sisters were at the event to support him. Other people who had an impact in his life were also there.

His family, The Zondo’s including his mother Evelyn Ndlovu and brother Justice Zondo, uncle and his two sisters were at the event to support him. Other people who had an impact in his life were also there to support and celebrate his achievements.

During the event, guests presented their speech


People who had an impact in his life were also at the event giving their speeches and motivating the public. People such as his mentor, Thulani, Sam Mphahlele. He believes that every person in the world has a purpose of contributing to humanity. During his speech, he spoke about how people can find their contributions.

Young inspirations, motivational speakers, brand ambassadors, business owners, leaders and authors such as Gomolemo Mara Bogopane, co founder of Perls Africa, leader, motivational speaker from Rustenburg shared his speech to the youth that what defines the youth is not their age or colour of their skin but the role they play in the society. IMG_0723

“First Lady” Miss inspiration teen 2017 2nd Princess, Co-founder of Fresh and brand ambassador, Letlotlo Matabane was also there to inspire young people and to tell about her brand. She is regarded as the first lady to have her own brand in Pretoria.

Social entrepreneur, Phumulani Mngomezulu from Middleburg specialising in corporate branding, owns his own business. He also described Howard as a young powerful young man and spoke about the business that matters to the community. one of his quotes “Invest time in helping other people, put yourself in someone else’s story and help”.



JK students and deputy principal

J Kekana deputy principal described Howard as a young person and powerful pupil. “It has been tough throughout the journey so, in the end, we are not saying is it’s over, we say raise up the flag, know that you have been raised at JK. All this happened because there has been a teacher in your life, keep up the good work, represent the school”, said Betty Lebelo the school’s deputy principal.




young entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, brand ambassadors, business owners and leaders.



Editor of Young Black and Powerful, motivational speaker and an entrepreneur, Mmatepeng Temane, said that the book is her life, describing herself as passionate about young people. “We all have the power to change things that we don’t like, I’d like to thank the family for supporting and understanding their son’s journey and Howard to believe in himself”, said Mmatepeng Temane.

At the end of the event 



Howard Zondo and his family


His youngest brother, Justice Zondo came to pass gratitude to the organisers. He described his brother as a strong character and always a challenge. “As a family, we are honoured, Mamelodi is blessed with young people with talents, I’d like to thank everyone for their support, we fully support people in the community and I urge that they shouldn’t choose the wrong people”, said Justice Zondo. Howard spoke about his book and also thanked everyone who has supported him through out and who came today, he also handed out gifts to show them how grateful he was.

Howard is expecting to write more books and more launch is to come.

By: Fortunate Machaba


SAPS Visited Stanza Bopape Clinic; Mamelodi East


South African Police Service (SAPS) and other stakeholders visited Stanza Bopape Clinic, Mamelodi East today to deliver the message to the community. It was an open day for the clinic and they invited different organisations to convey the message on behalf of their organisations to the community of Mamelodi.

SAPS was there to talk about services that they offer and careers for young people that are available within the SAPS. IMG_0712Other stakeholders such as SYNEXUS from the centre introducing their new vaccine that will help preventing HIV AND AIDS, Old Mutual, Avbob, Law For All, Department Of Home Affairs, Love Life, SASA, National Prosecuting Authority of SA, AIDS FUND, USAID and Department of Social Development attended the event and made people aware of the services they offer.



“We wanted to convey the message about safety, we had to give people information about careers in the SAPS, give them hints on rape and under age drinking”, said Captain Michael Mbewe, Mamelodi East Police spokesperson.



He added that the awareness program was a continuous programme and that they normally host their own in the community but today they were invited to the clinic. Both adults and youth from the community attended the event.



By: Fortunate Machaba

Sediba Sa Thuto Drop In Centre Support Families Including Children In Mamelodi


Sediba Sa Thuto dropping centre is created for underprivileged children in the community of Mamelodi. The centre is currently supporting about 170 families including 331 children from those families. These families are from 10 dropping centres in both Mamelodi East and West. One of the centres is situated at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School (named after the school), Mamelodi East Extension 18. It was established three years ago (youngest centre) and its purpose is to provide social, emotional, physical and spiritual support to the families and children. Children visit the centre every day after school and they help them with their homework, food and clothes including school uniforms. They sometimes have social issues discussion with the kids to help them deal with issues better. Children get food every time when they visit the centre. The workers at the centre sometimes visit the families to ensure they cover all their needs and help where they can. They assist children from both primary and high school. “We want to see Mamelodi as a successful community and alleviate poverty. We don’t want to see poor families and kids into drugs”, said Sello Motabeng, one of the centre’s manager. He confirmed that most of the kids are orphans living with their grandparents and some live with single parents who are unemployed. The challenges that they face in most cases is financial problems when they have to assist the families, they sometimes find families living without food for a week, children missing school because they have no school shoes and also looking for councillors after children got raped or involved in traumatic situations. The centre is funded by the Department of Social Development which is in partnership with Pact SA.

By: Fortunate Machaba

WSEC And Sage Foundation created Vegetable Garden For MV Primary; Mamelodi East


Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre and Sage Foundation Visited Mahube Valley Primary School today to create a food gardening for the children. The project was voluntarily and was to replace their 67 minutes for Mandela Day. The garden is done to benefit children who depend on feeding scheme at the school as well as agriculture lessons. IMG_0693France Mamogobo, Walter Sisulu Environmental Center chairperson gave thanks to his team for doing a “wonderful” project for the school. Sage Foundation volunteers were taken to the centre after completing the project to have a tour around the centre. They have never been to Walter Sisulu’s Centre before.”We have a good relationship with them since last year after they helped us with the indigenous plant garden. Today they helped with the food garden and we want to teach the kids agriculture”, said Karel Gulton, the school principal.

IMG_0699He added that the garden will help with bringing more vegetables to the school for feeding scheme use and children will be able to take the vegetables home during school holidays.


The school have a youth club that will take care of the garden. IMG_0700The project was supposed to be done on Mandela Day but it was not successful because both teachers and students were on school holidays.

“We are very happy to have them here”, said the principal.



By: Fortunate Machaba

Man, 40 Arrested For Sexual Assault; Mamelodi East

Man, 40 was arrested yesterday at Mahube complex in Mamelodi East after allegedly caught by the girl’s parents for sexually assaulting their 10 years old daughter in public.  According to the family, they were in the mall for buying a school bag for the child, while waiting outside Pep shop after paying, the guy grabbed their daughter’s bottom and walked away. “We were standing out side Pep after paying for the bag, he grabbed my daughters bottom and passed to go to Pick’n pay for his shopping, My husband asked my daughter if she knew him and what he did to her because we didn’t see that he grabbed her bottom we just saw a hand and thought that he just poked her and my daughter said he grabbed her bottom”, said Sarah Sithole, the mother. The father added that he thought it was a teacher from school who just poked her and he followed him to the shop to check if the man was mentally disturbed or not and found out that he was paying for his food at the till. He then approached the Securities and CPF’s for help.  The securities were including, France Pitseng, Judy Chauke and James Khoza with two female CPF’S Francina Mashitisho and Dikeledi Sibaya. “we were called by the father to address the matter of sexual assault, we caught the guy at Pick’npay paying for his food, when we asked him at first he denied he had done it and wanted to escape in our hands. He also didn’t want us to hand cuff him but we managed and took him to the station for Mams FM to know and broadcast about it”, said Judy Chauke , one of the securities. The securities called Mamelodi East police for arrest. The man said he was in shock when he was caught, he never thought it will go as far as he claims to be playing with the unknown child. He asked for forgiveness to the parent before the police took him away. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba