Gogo Rosemary Moyaba Volunteers To Run Food Bank For The Needy

Gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba volunteered to run a food bank to assist the needy in Mamelodi. The food bank started 2 years ago.

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“I started getting attention during Corona pandemic but I’ve started giving people food 2 years ago” said Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

Her journey started with a family in far east of Mamelodi of kids with no parents, she usually visited the kids until one day when she found out that they had no food.

She’s working with Pakistani shop owners and local businesses to support the needy.

She also knocks door to door asking for food and clothes for the needy.

“I’ve assisted plus or minus 300 people during the lockdown, areas including Skierlek, Phase 3, 4 and 5 and extension 10. I’m not earning any money except for tenants money that I use on petrol and other needs”, said gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

Although Gogo Mapula enjoyhelping poeple in the community, she had came across challenges such as people not interested in putting hands in to the project she has started, funds and more people to assist in running the food bank in Mamelodi as she started the project on her own.

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She also received calls from community members who are the beneficiaries of the food bank insulting her and some claiming to have not received food parcels. She also got threatened by a beneficiary who threatened to get her arrested for exposing people that she helps.

“I’m helping because I know what is like to starve, I’m from a disadvantaged background, my childhood wasn’t any easy, I faced so many challenges as a child as well as growing up”, said gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

She added that the threats and insults didn’t discourage her and she will continue with the project.

According to her, since is Level 3 of lockdown in South Africa, most people are pulling out of the project but she still continues to knock door to door to those who are willing to help. Only her neibour is assisting her with the project at the moment.

Gogo Mapule is also one of Mams Radio presenters and running a slot called Afrika wa Kgalema, wa kgalema ka dipolelo, on Monday (7pm-9pm), Thurday (6pm-9pm) and Sunday (6pm -9pm) where they are tackling issues around culture and the importance of culture.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Liquors and Taverns Re-opens After Level 3 Lockdown

Local taverns and liquor stores re-opened yesterday in Mamelodi and other communities around Tshwane after level 3 of lockdown in South Africa.

This happens after the President of concerned Tshwane Liquor Traders Association, Oupa Mthombeni pleaded with President Cyril Ramaphosa to allow the operation of local liquor and taverns.

” I have requested the government to let the people in communities to sell alcohol, most families rely on selling alcohol to look after their families. We made a promise that we will comply with the rules and regulations to ensure that people are safe”, said Oupa Mthombeni.

Adding on his statement that all registered and with valid license taverns and liquors should sell alcohol to make money and they have to make sure that they all comply with the rules as the government has requested.

The safety procedure that needs to be adhered as per the government rules are following:

  • Social distancing
  • No sit in, only buy for consumption at home
  • Always wear a mask
  • Sanitise frequently

Oupa said the screens are awaited for testing customers coming into the stores purchasing alcohol and the medical teams will also be sent to communities for testing locals with a purpose of assisting the government with testing.

Customers are urged to drink responsibly and not allowed to be seen on the streets drinking as they will be arrested. Also people should use plastic bags to carry the alcohol after purchase.

“Drunk customers must not be served alcohol, as there wont be any order and they cause troubles, they must be asked to come back the next day to purchase alcohol”, said Oupa Mthombeni.

According to Oupa Mthombeni, the re-opening of local liquor and taverns is not only serving as an income purpose to local businesses but also to create a gender base violence and woman abuse awareness.

As in communities women are abused by men with drinking problems, those who are abusing women after drinking alcohol are urged to be cancelled by the tavern owners.

It is said that women who are abused must report the issue to the tavern owners and the owners must cancel men buying alcohol as they abuse women.

This is done to change the perception of women abuse in communities and bring the community together in fighting women abuse led by alcohol consumption.

Communities are expected to be flooded with pamphlets about Covid-19 as part of raising the awareness.

According to level 3 regulations, taverns must only sell from Monday to Thursday between 9am – 5pm and not before or after times allocated. Those who are caught breaking the rules their licences will be suspended for 6 months.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Teacher Confirms Well and Alive

Chairperson of Mamelodi Local Football Association and a high School English and History teacher, Mr Mashifane confirmed he’s not dead. This happened after Mams Radio sports presenter, coordinator and field reporter, Mphaki Mashifane aka “Mafashun” died of a natural cause on Wednesday, 22 April 2020.

The deceased and the teacher shared the same surname ( Mashifane) which caused a shock to most current, former Lehlabile Secondary School Learners including other people who knew Mr Mashifane.

“I’m so sorry people got afflicted by this, student should read carefully when using social media. They must learn to verify the information they get before acting on it. The best place they should have asked for confirmation is the school. Is the school’s responsibility to confirm such and inform the learners Protocol requires that.

The teacher also confirmed that he knew the deceased very well as they were both active in sports, especially football and they used to call each other “bafo” which means brother. He last seen the deceased on the 18th of February 2020 at a sports meeting, the second occasion he invited him to the school reopening as part of the media and Mams Radio representative.

Mamelodi Happenings reporter received calls from former students on Friday 01 May 2020 asking if the teacher had died. Following social media inbox later that day on the same shock.

It was later found out that the teacher had lost his Phone during the period the incident had occurred and he was not reached for immediate comment.

The presenter’s memorial service was broadcasted live on Mams Radio on Wednesday 29 April 2020 due to lockdown.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Let’s Talk About Fake News!

This is one of the most important and interesting topic I’ve ever spoken about. Yesterday I’ve done my first Live Talk on Facebook with the American Embassy Team that I’m proud of and as much as it was my first, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It is important for people to be aware of fake news and how it affects them.

Having to emerge this topic on Facebook, it wasn’t easy at all I’d say. Most people preferred to watch and learn than to watch and engage. I suppose it wasn’t meant for all viewers.

In general, news does play a crucial role in our lives. Imagine the world without news? Pretty much dead. We can all agree that not everyone is well equipped to differentiate between genuine content and fake.

News is not only to inform about our surroundings but also entertains and educate us.

What is fake news?

Taking a closer look at the picture on the right, this was supposed to be an alleged announcement by Minister of Police Bheki Cele about when people will be allowed to purchase alcohol and times that stores are allowed to sell alcohol.

This image was edited to appeal original to the eyes of the public, the headline was attractive, they used SABC logo and attention grabbing picture to look genuine but this was reported fake.

To prove that, usually the sign language translator is on the bottom right of the screen and not next to the speaker.

Impact of fake news in the society?

People in the society are mislead due to fake news that trends on social media. If you remember the post about blue musks and that they are contaminated instead of minimizing risks of catching the covid 19, it mislead a lot of people especially those who were not aware that it wasn’t true and because they used a picture of an influential person to make it look like he was the one warning the public.

The public’s perception around the blue musk changed because they thought it was contaminated. It didn’t look like it was minimizing the chances at all because of what they thought it was said about the musk.

Which in turn causes a lot of distraction to the public. If you were one of those who owned a pair of blue musk you would panic that you have caught it from the musk which is not true, that will also confuse your emotions leading to depression about your status.

How to spot fake news?

Usually fake news is spread on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp either from Friends or even families. Anyone can share fake news on purpose or without the knowledge. Hence it is important to learn how to spot fake news.

Consequences of spreading fake news

This might look like is not a serious issue but it is a serious conviction according to the law. Most people don’t initiate to check before forwarding or posting on social media or even go extra mile and do research about the content before sharing and some people are sharing fake news on purpose.

The guy on the picture was recently in court due to sharing a video that went viral on social media, saying that the government will start testing people using contaminated tools and even illustrated what they will be using to text for Covid 19.

According to the law of South Africa, when you are caught spreading fake news you will either be in prison for six month or get a fine for it. Think about how you will be seen in the public if you spread fake news, think about your reputation and the public not being able to trust information you share after this happened.

My advice to you

If you receive a suspicious content rather double check for confirmation before sharing. Check with reliable sources, watch the news or listen to the radio to be updated on what’s happening around you to avoiding spreading misinformation. The more you are aware of your surrounding the easier it is to spot fake news or to consider the content suspicious.

To watch the full video press here>>>https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=570245173615873&ref=watch_permalink

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tributes Pour in Following Mams Radio Sports Presenter’s Shock Death

Mams Radio has announced the passing of their sports presenter, coordinator and field reporter, Mphaki Mashifane aka “Mafashun”. It was confirmed that the presenter died of a natural course on Wednesday, 22 April 2020.

“I noticed Mphaki getting sick in December 2019 and in January he started complaining about chest pains and he went to see a doctor and they found nothing. At the beginning of last week, he became worst and we went to the hospital on Monday and the doctors still could not describe his illness and he was admitted home the same day. On Wednesday he said he was not feeling well so we booked for another doctors appointment and it was confirmed that it was respiratory failure and that was the last day we saw him”, said Mpaki’s brother Sello Mabolelong.

Mams Radio has visited his family to send their words of comfort. Mphaki will be buried on Friday 1 May 2020. The service will be held at his home in Mamelodi East, Mahube Extension 1, starting at 8 am- 9 am, followed by a final service at the cemetery in Mamelodi West B3.

Due to lockdown, the family has agreed with the station to broadcast the memorial service live on the radio on Wednesday 29 April 2020 between 14:00-18:00. Only three members from each organisation will be allowed to attend the funeral.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Missing Daughter Returns Home After 11 Days

Member of the family confirms Manana Matemotja’s return home today. The 16 year-old girl was missing since the 8th of April 2020. The case was opened and residents were urged to assist with the search of Manana.

She was later seen in Lusaka, far East of Mamelodi. No one came forth with the information on where Manana was for the past 11 days.

Today Manana returned home “okay” and is it not yet know where she was all along.

At the moment it is not clear if the police are informed about her return.

The family is not reached for a comment.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Family Plead Search of Missing Daughter in Mamelodi

The family of Manana Matemotja, a 16 year-old missing girl pleads to Mamelodi residents to assist with finding their daughter.

Manana was allegedly last seen at far East of Mamelodi in an area called Lusaka.

It is not yet known whether or not Manana had friends in Lusaka.

According to source, Manana from Mamelodi West D2, went missing on the 8th of April 2020.

The family has opened a case of a missing person.

Anyone with information is asked to call the numbers provided.

By: Fortunate Machaba

COVID-9 Wipes Mamelodi Streets Clean

Mamelodi Streets in the East and the West side are left empty due to self isolation from Covid-9. Residents of Mamelodi took it to Facebook showing how empty the streets are.

This happens after the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa had addressed a 21-day national lockdown to South Africans as the government’s measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown has started on midnight Thursday, 26 March and will last till 16 April.

“The next few days are crucial. Without decisive action the number of actions will increase. This extremely dangerous for a population like ours. Our fundamental task is to contain the spread of the disease. We must therefore do everything to reduce the overall number of infections”, said the President.

On Tuesday 27 March 2020, reports said that only Tsamaya Avenue was seen as a busiest road but police officers and a soldier were inspecting vehicles and turning back those who had no valid reason for travelling.

Other reports also said that there are some people arrested in other areas mostly in Johannesburg due to not staying at their homes as instructed to.

Residents are only permitted to leave their homes for an emergency or if they have a valid reason for travelling.

By: Fortunate Machaba

About 648 Members Joined Mams Radio Shuttering Annual Sports Day

Community broadcast station, Mams Radio held its first annual Sports Day Event to residents of Mamelodi. The event took place at Mams Mall in Mamelodi East.

Picture provided

“The aim of the sports day was to promote general fitness and healthy lifestyle in the community of Mamelodi”, said

The day started with a fun walk in the early hours of the morning about 6am.

According to the team, about 648 people participated in the walk. The first 100 to arrive were given Mams radio T-shirts and a calendar.

The walk commenced at at entrance 3 of Mams Mall to the street of Mahube Valley and the surrounding areas and finished at Mams Mall where it started. All participants were given medals.

Stakeholders were invited to the walk so to interact with community members. After the walk network session took place between stakeholders of different businesses and the community members.

Other activities such as netball, football, games, aerobics joined by teams of different parties including a team from Cullinan, Moretele FM and Mams Radio. Culliana Warra’s won a trophy on a football tournament that took place after the walk.

Mams Radio Operation Manager, Sipho de Gift Motau on hos comment said he was overwhelmed to see participants already queuing up for the fun walk as early as 4am.

“This scenario made me realise that the sports day event is real and that it was really happening. Even disabled people took part in the fun walk”, said Sipho de Gift.

Adding on his statement that the turn-out by participants was impressing and made him realise that the community is in need of such health and fitness activities.

Sipho thanked all the supporters of the event including the Gauteng Sports and Recreation Department, K.S Dinaka Attorney, Aeon Skin Solution, Synexus and Local Taxi Association.

Another event is expected to kick start in September.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Missing Baby Found Outside UP Mamelodi Campus

Mamelodi police announced that three months old child, Tshegofatso Nyambiri was found outside the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus.

Picture sourced

This happened after Tshegofatso was stolen at one of the Clinics in Mamelodi on Friday, 13 March 2020.

According to the statement “It is alleged that the child was picked up by a couple next to University of Pretoria in Mamelodi East about 23:00. The child was found next to the dumping side and the robots.

The alleged couple took Tshegofatso to Mamelodi East police station, where the police took him to Mamelodi West police station to report the case of a missing child.

After the case was opened the parents were contacted to identify the child.

It was reported that the child protection unit was called for intervention to take Tshegofatso for medical check up before given back to the parents and the child was found healthy.

Picture sourced

The police said they are still looking for the suspect and anyone with the information is advice to contact the investigating officer Warrant officer Mhlanga on cell: 0798907955.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Prank: Department of Health Urge Mamelodi Residents to Stop Drama Over Covid-19

The Ministry Health Republic of South Africa has released a statement urging the residents of Pretoria especially Mamelodi to calm down over the attack of Coronavirus (Covid-19) as the matter is under control.

Image provided

This happens after a 27 year-old female tested positive. Apparently the female works for the Department of Defence in the CBD at Poyntons building.

According to the statement the women is curently quarantined at one military hospital in Thaba Tshwane.

It was reported that she’s still in a good condition with no threatening signs.

“We urge the residents of Pretoria not to panic as the situation is under control, more especially the residents of Mamelodi. We all know that they love drama and attention”.

News Updates on COVID-19 (Please note this information is not a trick)

On the other news reports, the Department also announced a newly-launched website detailing all COVID-19 related resources. The website contains important contact details, including the emergency support hotline, and up-to-date news and resources.

Picture sourced

According to source, the Department also has put a WhatsApp support group into place where concerned South Africans can join the conversation and stay informed.

“This means that our numbers have increased by 14 from Friday’s confirmed cases of 24,”said Mkhize. The minister had warned on Friday that there would be more infections as the department along with the National Institute for Communicable Diseases awaited laboratory confirmation. 

By: Fortunate Machaba

President Ramaphosa Announces National State Disaster with Strict Measures to Reduce Covid-19 in SA

President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the nation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the country.

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This happens after 61 confirmed cases of people infected with the virus in South Africa.

According to the president, this number is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks.

During his announcement, Ramaphosa listed restrictions with means to minimise the spread of the virus and with the aim to ensure all those who have contracted the virus get proper treatment.

“As of now, South Africa has 61 confirmed cases of people infected with the virus, and this number is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks”, said Ramaphosa.

He added in his statement that “This situation calls for an extraordinary response; there can be no half-measures,said Ramaphosa, adding that a national state of disaster has been implemented in the country.

Picture sourced

On the news earlier today, it was also reported that President Ramaphosa said people who has visited high-risk countries in the past 20 days will be denied a visa, schools closes on 18 March till Easter weekend, self isolation and testing on citizens returning from international countries, all international travel forms will be reframed, strengthen screening at airports will be considered, among 72 South Africa’s ports of entries 35 will be shut down effectively on Monday, visits to correctional services are suspended for 30 days, all businesses are urged to intensify hygiene control, gathering of more than 100 people is prohibited and Government will cancel all mass celebrations planned for the upcoming national public holidays, including Human Rights Day.

President Ramaphosa also thanked those who came forward to test for covid-19.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Annikie Rabohlale visited Limpopo Schools to Super-charge Confidence of Village Pupils

Annikie Rabohlale, a young women who was recently crowned Supreme Majesty Empress South Africa 2020 has visited 2 schools in Limpopo, at her home village. The purpose of her visit was to donate sanitary towels to the village pupils.

Picture provided

“I have donated sanitary towels with a great aim to destroy the mental barrier wall of hindrance that enslave rural villagers into thinking and believing that success is foreign and their purpose is to forever witness it on Television and congratulate others”, said Annikie Rabohlale.

Annikie tackled this projects with an inspiration from her campaign #undefiable which means “the limits you are ever going to experience in life are those that you set yourself”.

With a help from his brother, Alphy Rabohlale, Annikie was able to manage the project successfully.

“I felt a strong need to come back home in Limpopo with my beautiful crown to inspire and encourage students that no matter how lavish success looks, you need not to be lavish to attain it”, said Annikie.

Adding that only ambitious, enthusiastic and hardworking is needed to attain success.

“We are twice as capable, all we need to do is to tap into our uniqueness and greatness, embrace it, acknowledge who we are, our strength and weaknesses. Let go of what we can not change or in control of and focus on what we can control, is never our background, life experiernce and circumstances that defines us but our mindset”, said Annikie.

Annikie said that the learners were very happy and excited to see her as one of them and to be represented in such a pride.

During her visit, she was pleased to hear the kids thanking her for visiting them and reminding them that they matter and also fueling their confidence to keep them going.

Mr Somo, a teacher from Motlishi Secondary School welcomed them and and he was also happy and proud to see Annikie motivating the kids.

Another teacher, Mr Masebe from Mmamolope Secondary School was filled with happiness and amazed by how young Annikie Rabohlale is but yet managed to achieve so much in her life.

Annikie said she’s hoping to go back to Limpopo as the schools had asked her to pay them another visit.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s how to leave a toxic relationship while still in love

You are so in love but your relationship has just became so toxic! This simply mean leave… Of course it doesn’t sound as easy at it is written.

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It is obviously difficult to leave someone you love but that doesn’t mean fights flashbacks night after sleepless nights must continue. At some point you cant understand why your partner won’t change or feel that they ignore how you feel about certain issues in your relationship.

You have put so much effort, done all you could to save your relationship but nothing has worked. That means is time to end it. Stop getting petrified that you might end up being lonely because you will end up loosing your-self than your partner. In this case you need to choose what’s best for you.

This is how difficult it can be:

I was in almost a year relationship with my partner, it was okay to start with, easy to understand what he’s going through and I thought it will change.

We got engaged and planned life together, obviously thinking the situation will change and it never did even a year later.

For the fact that I was engaged with him, letting go was absolutely terrifying me! I’d never thought I will be alone but yet I waa worried about if I will get a partner like him despite all the issues we had in our relationship.

It didn’t matter how I cared, supported him and loved him, It didn’t matter how much he said he couldn’t live without me or how nothing he was without me, which in that case was true but I knew that I had to remove him in my life.

My family was supporting the fact that I’m leaving because I was not happy. Whether or not they supported it, I would still choose to leave. He was not worth it. What I needed it was to find strength to get out of it and move on.

If you are also stuck in a toxic relationship know that you can find strength to let yourself out, learn to let go and move on with your life. There’s nothing best to live happily, be with someone to create best momories with each other than negative flash backs in your mind.

Stop waiting for change

Change will never come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek – Barack Obama

Waiting for someone to change is a biggest mistake one could make. I would say also a waste of time, effort and love. They might promise to change and never do. Change must come from them and not them being forced to change. It doesn’t matter how best you think they can be.

Know your worth

If you know what’s your worth, you will know whether or not they deserve to be with you. Everyone deserve better. If they know they deserve you why they fail to change and make you happy?

It took me a while to realise this…

Look at what you could do better without them than with them. Analyse facts for you to leave than to stay. Sometimes we make mistakes and try hard to find reasons to stay than to leave. It will break you apart…

Before the break-up, it happened that my ex-boyfriend finds himself to be with the wrong person and I’m always the one he could speak to about his concerns. I always came through for him when he needed me. So we spoke about it and planned to both leave toxic relationships and get back with each other. He is one of the reasons I believe you could be happy, there’s someone out there waiting for you!

Accept it won’t be easy

It won’t take a night to decide whether or not you want to leave a relationship. That doesn’t mean you should stay wait to heal or let go. Learn to let go at that point and time before you accept that toxic is fine. The pain might be unbearable but let it go. It is better to let it be part of your life than letting it be your entire life. Get over it, it will hurt and it might take long to heal but eventually it will be over.

Cry it out if you can

Some people use crying as a cure and believe me it works for many of them, even for me. There will be one point where crying will just have to stop, you won’t see a need toccry and see it as a stupid thing you have ever done in your entire life but at least you cried it out.

You will smile again and everything will be over. After all it will be a fresh start for you!

Be in control of your happiness

If you can’t be in control of your life no one else will. Taking back your control it starts with you. I believe that everyone is responsible for their happiness. I know you can get through this and be happy again!

Believe in yourself and know that you deserve better!

By: Fortunate Machaba

eNCA Crew Robbed in Mamelodi East

The eNCA crew including a reporter, Xoli Mngambi were robbed at Phatudi Street, a house clinic in Mamelodi East on Wednesday afternoon during their assignment.

The journalists reported to have lost some of their equipment including camera and a tripod.

Xoli shared a picture of what has left and tweeted immediately after the incident occurred, saying: “This is what’s left of our equipment [two news cameras and a tripod gone] after being robbed at gunpoint in #MamelodiEast while filming a feature this afternoon. A short video of the car that the three gun-wielding robbers were travelling in to follow … #Crime. 

He also shared a short video on twitter of the robbers driving off in a grey VW Polo. The case was opened after the incident.

The Mamelodi East police spokesperson, Constable Lethabo Mashiloane said the case is being investigated.

By: Fortunate Machaba

What you should know about February month

We are all excited for this month of “LOVE” (Valentines Day) and probably have plans with our partners, but is February only a month of love?

Picture sourced

There is a lot that has been going on this month, a lot that we were not aware of and there is still more to happen this month.

We all have different definitions to what love is. Love is sometimes defined according to our expectations, experience, association, wish or how it is revealed to us and knowledge. There’s even a popular saying “Love is Blind”… Some love is about money.

Most people believe that love is a strong feeling of affection while others means different when the term love is said or mentioned. We can all agree that we don’t have one definition of love.

Doctor Adam Sheck, a Phsychologist, couple counsilor, sex therapist and relationship coach one said on one of his posts on social media “Life is fragile, even for those who are wealthy, successful, talented, beautiful and extraodinary. Be loving now. Be kind now. Connect with those you love now”.

According to Dr. Antonio Borrello, love is doing for another without need for recognition.

February is not only a month of love but also Health Awareness Month!

When talking about health is not only about diet or excising but also eating clean and looking after your body #SelfLove. It is very important you look after your mental, emotional and physical well-being self!

Read: 27 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

Also this month according to Health Calendar 2020 expect, Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, Reproductive Health Month, Environmental Health Awareness Month.
National Epilepsy Week (10-16 February)
Pregnancy Awareness Week (10-16 February)
10-16 STI / Condom Week (10-16 February)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination first round (11-20 March)
Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day (21 February)

By: Fortunate Machaba

This Is Why World Cancer Day Exist

Every year on the 4th of February the world is celebrating this day. What does this day mean to you?

  • Are you only supporting victims of cancer?
  • Fighting cancer?
  • Want to change people’s perception on cancer?
  • Giving them hope?
Picture sourced

Since I started my journalism journey in 2014, I’ve seen many people across the country supporting this day by wearing tops of a certain color, some visiting hospitals to see cancer patients, some donates to NGO’s, orphanages, old age or whatever the case is…

But what do we actually do to give them hope that they can beat it? they can survive it? for instance, if I as a victim of cancer have been suffering for 5 years and been through different tests or therapy with different doctors of different countries, will I still believe that I can survive it, would probably have lost hope?

Well I’m not trying to be funny or negative about it, my point is what do we actually do enough to support them, motivate them or give them hope that there is life for a cancer victim. Do we educate them enough for them to understand in what circumstances they can survive cancer? Are we also doing enough educating members of the community how to prevent it before having it?

According to Word Cancer Day organisation, hundreds of activities and events take place around the world, gathering communities, organisations and individuals in schools, businesses, hospitals, marketplaces, parks, community halls, places of worship in the streets and online acting as a powerful reminder that we all have a role to play in reducing the global impact of cancer.

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In my language we say, Thibela bolwetsi e phala kalafi meaning that prevention is better than cure.

It is important to take part in this day, give each other support and give hope that we can all fight against cancer and create a better world. Through all this activities cancer victims will have strength and will commit themselves in fighting cancer and maybe those who are not aware that they have it they will be aware by paying attention or participating in spreading the message.

“World Cancer Day is the global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Created in 2000, World Cancer Day has grown into a positive movement for everyone, everywhere to unite under one voice to face one of our greatest challenges in history” – World Cancer Org.

Also read: World Cancer Day 2020: five initiatives to stay optimistic about the future of cancer

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi East Flats Illegal Occupants Removed By Red Ants

Illegal occupants in Mamelodi East Extension 5 flats were removed yesterday by Red Ants, Tshwane Metro police and other law agencies.

Picture sourced from IOL

The occupants are believed to have occupied about 550 rentals in December.

During the evacuation period, the rightful owners of the flat were queuing outside for collection of their keys while others said those flats belongs to them.

The houses are still incomplete and have no basic services such as water and electricity.

” I saw the police evict people from the flats, it was caos, their furniture was outside. I heared that last of last week this people were given three days to leave the flats from the authorities, not the police took them out by force. We are not sure what to expect today”, said one of the residents who wish not to be named.

No violence occurred during the incident.

Last year the 15th of April 2015, it was reported that hundreds of people were removed by Red Ants using rubber bullets in Nelmapius flats and left sitting on the side of the road with their belongings.

Councillor Mmina-Tau Marishane of Ward 15 in Mamelodi declined to comment on the house saga that continues to occur in Mamelodi.

Rumors says there will be war in Mamelodi regarding the flats.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Busisiwe Mkhwebane Leave Words for 2020 To Lehlabile Learners

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane visited Lehlabile Secondary School On Wednesday in Mamelodi East, Gardens.

This happened after the school had an open day for learners and invited various speakers from different institutions including Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and Members of the ANC to motivate and inspire the kids for the year 2020.

“The purpose of the day was to motivate leaners to shoot for the stars as they were reopening schools and to also introduce new opportunities and careers they can choose if they do well at school”, said Daizy Diamond Tlailane, Founder of Queendom. Organisation.

Daisy added that she feels that the event had a great impact on the learners and have learned a lot from Mrs Mkhwebane, as she has mentioned that you can achieve anything regardless of the challenges you face or background they are coming from.

Picture Provided

“It is a great impact and sense of motivation and inspiration. Usually people of her caliber don’t attend such events they instead send their representatives and don’t stay for the whole event . Our public protector came before even the event start and stayed until the and and also an honor to be in the same room with such greatness because we also get to be inspired”, said Daizy Diamond Tlailane.

Other speakers were including Miss Mamelodi Sundowns, 2020 Princesses from Gauteng and other provinces, Miss Bachelorette Finalist 2020 who were also invited to inspire learners.

The school is not yet reached for a comment.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Residents Welcomes New black-owned Private Clinic

Residents in Mamelodi have welcomed a newly launched private Clinic called Wellness Today at Mamelodi East, Gardens.

The clinic is owned by three nurse who have passion with their profession and want to play a role in the community.

“Its a good thing for our community and shows that our community is developing because things like this were only available for white people only back in the days and now we are they coming to our community so it is a good initiative and for black women to own this clinic it shows that the stigma of racial and gender equality is changing”, said one of the community member, Teboho Marothodi.

Another young community member said “The clinic is a great idea because there will be no more long queues and it will create more jobs opportunities for people in Mamelodi and maybe their service will be the best” said Nthabiseng Mbonani.

According to source, One of the founders, Paulinah Mafatshe, said she and co-founders Mabu Sekhaolelo and Veronica Mogashoa decided to open the private clinic because they were about to retire but still have a passion to help the sickly.

Adding that they loved helping the community and they realised there was a need for such clinic in Mamelodi and they were encouraged by the doctors they worked with who realised they loved their jobs. Their service prices ranges from R30 to R150.

By: Fortunate Machaba

“ALKEBULAN”! Look Out For Don Dada’s New Album To Be Released Soon

Speaking of Don Dada a humanitarian, RuFF CuTT Studio owner and recording multi-platinum selling Reggae / Hip-Hop artist.

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada will be officially releasing his highly anticipated album, ALKEBULAN on January 17.  DON DADA is determined to raise and promote his ALKEBULAN album as an important part of black history that must become known as “OurStory”.  

The album’s release coincides with the African continent leaders’ unity conversations, will be available on all digital services worldwide distributed by Tuff Gong International.


Alkebulan is The Original name for Africa: ” The Land Of The Blacks”.

According to Don, Alkebulan is the oldest and the only name of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidian’s, Khart-Haddans (Carthaginians), and Ethiopians. Africa, the current name adopted by almost everyone today, was given to this continent by a European invader by the name of Louis Africanus. Like all methods of manipulation, the Romans sought to completely disconnect the indigenous Africans from their culture, deities, and knowledge.

“Think about your Alkebu-lan consciousness, your culture, your names, your homeland, your past, your civilizations, your heritage, your ancestors, and your Mind. Today we have a false identity of self, self-hatred, hatred for your brother, and a deep hatred for Alkebu-lan our origin” A quote from Ghana Chief, Nana Nasi.

Don Dada is bringing you a ALKEBULAN as a phenomenal physical interpretation of the power of Afrkans coming together at home and abroad, to deliver a common purpose.

This track is born to transform the narrative of the negative events that affect our beloved Afrika, addressing social issues while bringing messages of self-pride, love, hope, peace, reconciliation and celebration yet still capturing the essence and vibrancy of Africa, the eight track album “ALKEBULAN“ was birthed.

Dada has already won the hearts of many people with his multi-platinum hit “Viva Mandela,” and newer releases “Heal Mama AfriKa” and “WAR” an apocalyptic song showing that not much of the social ethos has changed across the globe.  

ALKEBULAN is expected to show the whole world that peace and love changes everything. There is still more hits to come to keep the sparkle going!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Only this facts will prove you are a journalist

Hunger for writing, curiosity and telling meaningful, honest and factual stories make one a good enough journalist? Then in that case my answer in No.

Picture sourced

Journalism is more than just telling a story or pursue truth in an absolute sense.

These facts will help you prove if you have characters of being a journalist.

Report truthfully

In my 5 years little experience as a young journalist, I’ve learned to report the truth. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about journalist making up stories or reporting stories without any good enough reason to. To build trust with your sources and the public you always need to report truthfully.

Loyalty matters

Loyalty doesn’t only apply on your personal relationships, as a journalist you nee to be loyal to the citizen, country or world who ever you are reporting to. They must have an interest in stories you are writing to them. Remember is not only about what you want to read/know but what they are interested to read or know.

You need to be disciplined

As a journalist you need to be discipline not only for professional reason but also for being able to get the right facts and verification of information. We can all agree that as journalists we are all different and we have our own different ways of getting information without being objective. It is unethical to only get one side of the story, only rely on one source or perhaps a witness.

Don’t take bribes

I’ve heard and not only heard but read a lot about journalists paying sources to get a story or get paid to write stories in favor. Remember you can’t be objective or take sides or even write in favor for someone. Report truthfully, factual and fairly. Another thing make sure you do research or interview as many people as you can. You will be surprised how many stories you can write, learn and grow from everyday.

Spell check before publish

We sometimes underestimate things but sometimes little things matters. Things like your grammar or spell checks are important to check before you get the story out. Some people are lucky to have editors to rely on but if you really your own author and editor like me then it is very crucial to check. If you can’t pick up mistakes while reading silently try reading out loud and see if it still sounds right. No one one is really perfect and we all make mistakes but it is worth checking.

When I was studying journalism 3 years ago we were taught to follow the 5 W’s and a H the Who, What, Where, When and How to start your piece and on my writing journey I have learned to follow the four C’s, Clear, Concise, Compelling and Credible.

As a writer prepare to have a room to learn, because you will surely learn everyday. Although there is more to this facts, these are my top five priorities. 😁😁😁

By: Fortunate Machaba

Disappointed about matric results? Here is what to do

It has been a long and frantic year for matric students, worked hard to achieve good marks at the end of the year 2019. Some of them sacrificed their hobbies, had sleepless nights and only focused on their studies.

Picture sourced

Although hard work pays, some students still worked hard but didn’t achieve as good results as they have expected.

If you worked hard and didn’t do well in your exams that’s not a train smash!

Fortunately, there are options you can go for to better things. Thins options are good for you to brighten your future.

  1. Take a bridging course : This is as good as re-doing your subjects but not exactly the same thing. Here you will be taking short courses to improve your marks and even achieve a degree/diploma qualification which in turn will help you to get to the varsity.
  2. Ask for a remark: If you know that you worked hard for your exams and feel that is not a fair mark you have got then ask for a remark, although your marks might not be changed so much but who knows they will be good enough to get you to varsity?
  3. Redo some subjects: Redoing your subjects doesn’t necessary mean you thick it means you want and deserve better! This will give you an opportunity to focus on few subjects and get good results, less work, less pressure and better results!
  4. Register for supplementary exams: Although there are requirement to obtain before qualifying for supplementary, this is still a good choice to go for in order to improve your marks to get to a senior level. You have until 31 January to apply. This is what you need qualify for a supplementary exam , click here>

By: Fortunate Machaba

Vlakfontein Tops Mamelodi Schools With Matric Results

Vlakfontein Secondary School is known to be the top achieving school with 2019 matric results in Mamelodi.

Picture provided

The school achieved 98,1 % pass rate followed by well known best achieving and every year top achieving school Ribane- laka with 96.9% beating all other 12 high schools in Mamelodi. Amongst this High Schools in Mamelodi, Ikamva Youth Orgaisation which works hand in hand with school around Mamelodi to build on on intensify what they have taught learners in the classroom and help student with extra lessonsThe school achieved 85% pass rate.

Picture provided

“I knew my students struggled during the year so the results are a quiet surprise”, said Neo Rakoma, the Ikamva Youth branch coordinator.

According to source, the schools in Mamelodi were not producing good results but have improved in 2019.

Reports shows many students who have achieved good results including distinctions and bachelor pass.

Results sourced

Other schools that produced good results were Vukani Mawethu Secondary School with 95.8% pass rate, Tsako Thabo Secondary School 90,3%, J Kekana Secondary School (84,1%), Jafta Mahlangu Secondary School (93,42%), Lehlabile Secondary School (90,6%), Mamelodi Secondary School (94,4%), Somafco (93,3%), Modiri Secondary School (73%), Phateng Secondary School (90%), Rephafogile Secondary School (93%), Stanza Bopape Secondary School (96,1%) and Bona Lesedi Secondary School produced (84,4%).

By: Fortunate Machaba

One Of Our Own Annikie Rabohlale Crowed The New Empress SA 2020

Annikie Rabohlale, 21 year-old young women from Mamelodi West has been crowned the 2020 winner of Empress South Africa, competing against over 45 000 other members who have applied to enter the competition.


Annikie has received many prices including a large large cash prize and she will embark on her journey as Empress South Africa,by promoting women empowerment via her campaign #Undefiable and her plans are to serve the community and be a role model to young girls and the youth.

Annikie won against 60 delegates from all around the country, progressed through the  became part of the Top 16. After mentioning her campaign #Undefiable she made it to the Top 5.

Her strong confidence of answering questions on stage lead her to be crowed the winner of the year 2020. When she was crowned her family immediately came on stage in an emotion of love and affection for her.


She was crowned by Tshepo Makup, last years winner and the first Empress South Africa 2019.

When she was asked to describe herself she said “Beautiful, extrovert, loving & kind, strategic, observant, determined and hard working young women”.

She is very sociable and friendly and can make friends easily, she had mentioned that she has a very circle of powerful forces around her and her passion is public speaking either on Radio or Television or journalism. Annikie is currently a student at University of Pretoria.

This event was a final beauty with brains and purpose pageant in the world and it was supported by hundreds of celebrities as well as the South Africa president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The event particularly in display of most beautiful young women in South Africa took place at Suncoast Casino, The Barnyard Theatre.

By: Fortunate Machaba

About 700 Families In Mamelodi Remains Homeless

Residents in Mamelodi East remains homeless after floods have hit the community in Eerste Fabriek earlier this month.

Picture sourced from EWN

It is reported that about 700 homes were destroyed by floods during heavy rain period that had occurred accross the province.

According to source, Gauteng Premier, David Makhura have promised to relocate them before Christmas.


Although the mater is not resolved as yet, the provincial government spokesperson Thabo Masebe said residents would be placed on new land in the new year.

By: Fortunate Machaba

How to make your travel easy

GPS and google maps are a good choice to go for especially travelling to unusual places or places you have never visited before.

I’ll tell you my experience with google maps and GPS. So I was going to Midrand for a business event and they gave me a location of the place and I put it on the map and it led me there. It was just as easy….

Picture sourced

It was easy to navigate to that area, it told me where I should turn and all that, it made my travelling more manageable.

The only problem started when my phone died when I just left Midrand. What the heck?…. and I had no clue where I was going. I ended up on a motor way where I didn’t want to be any close to, now had to use boards and road signs for direction. As a first time driver it was hell. I just prayed I get home still in one piece.

Luckily I followed boards and signs leading me to Pretoria, although I ended in Sunnyside which is like an hour away to my place it wasn’t as bad.

I left Midrand at 3:40pm and I didn’t get home until 8pm. It was an adventure of some sort. Luckily I’m very confident with my driving, it wasn’t too bad for going in and out of the motor way and places that i wasn’t familiar with.

The best thing to do is to put a spare cable in your car in case your phone dies and make sure you have enough data for travel. That will save you from a hustle I have experienced last night.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Motsepe Foundations Shares Xmas with the community

The Motsepe Foundation organisation visited Mamelodi yesterday to share their Christmas with the community and giving toys to kids from the age 0 to 15 years.

Picture sourced

This was done with a purpose to celebrate Christmas holidays and share their joy of holiday spirit with underprivileged families in the community.

According to source, in previous years she usually took her daughter and son to Moretele Park in Mamelodi West this time of the year to collect the toys with them, she said she enjoys seeing her kids joy in their faces after receiving the toys. Adding that she appreciate their visit in the East side as it becomes costly for transport fares to be at Moretele Park with the kids.

This event took place at Mamelodi East Extension 5 community sports grounds.

“The Foundation’s National Christmas Toy Distribution initiative is a social outreach programme launched in 2011, to share the spirit of Christmas with children between the ages of 0 to 15 from mostly disadvantaged communities. The programme is predicated on the spirit of giving and sharing, born out of the recognition that millions of underprivileged children cannot share the cheer and joy that traditionally comes during the Christmas season, due to poverty”, said Motsepe Foundation.

Although this time of the year can be one of the most stressful times for most families, the Mostepe Foundation says this time of the year “festive season” is a time of joy and a time to share in the spirit of Christmas, yet so many families are hindered by poverty and despondency.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Makhura Responds After 700 Shacks Destroyed In Mamelodi

The Gauteng Premier, David Mahura said that residents who lost their homes over the past few days after floods hit Eerste Fabriek will be relocated.


According to news24, some of the people are temporarily placed at community Methodist church until a place of relocation is found.

Residents were worn by the premier to not go back to  Eerste Fabriek as the area is not safe especially during the heavy rain period.

“We will not rest until we have resettled the people in appropriate places, but one of the key things includes urging the people not to go back to where people have built on flood plains, said David Makhura.

It is not yet known when the committee will release a report to state when people will be relocated.

According to a sources, people have been living on that area for quiet some time and that was not the first time the floods hit the area and leaving people homeless.

By: Fortunate Machaba  

Miss Signature Top 10 Finalist Visited SOS Children Home Village

Miss Mamelodi Sundowns, Faith Nonyane visited home for children (S.O.S) in Mamelodi West on Saturday to donate hygiene and cosmetic packs.

Picture provided

During her visit at children’d home she gave the kids lessons about hygiene.

“The reason I chose children’s home is because I love kids and I believe that children are the future of this country and we need to take care of them at a maximum effort. They need to be empowered for them to become better leaders tomorrow”, said Faith Nonyane.

Faith Nonyane is currently on Top 10 for Face of Misss Signature cosmentic and as part of the programme she part-take in she was required to organise a CSI project and chose to complete her project at children’s home.

Picture provided

Other than just to do a programme, Faith’s goal is to teach children at S.O.S about hygiene and personal care.

“It is very difficult to grow up without parents and some of the staff are not part of their school work. They don’t get to be taught that when you wake up you have to make your bed and bath and even when you are not going anywhere. So it takes us a community to be responsible for such issue” said Faith.

Adding that hense we say “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Her visit brought joy to the kids, they were cheerful to have received cosmetics from Miss Faith sponsored by signature cosmetics.

“It was very fulfilling and overwhelming seeing those children smiling and it made me realise that indeed its thoughts that count, it doesn’t take much to give” said Miss Nonyane.

The face of Misss Signature Cosmetics finals are taking place on Saturday 12pm, at Maponya Mall and anyone is welcome to attend and give support to the event.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Vodacom launch small business finance product

Are you owning a small/media business and looking for funds to grow your business?

Vodacom has launched its new financing business product called VodaLend Business Advance with a purpose to finance small to medium size businesses.

Picture sourced

VodaLend Businesses Advance is done to ensure that SMEs have access to the funding they need which in turn will allow business owners to grow their business and create job opportunities.

Allowing business owners to create jobs will play a crucial role in growing the country’s economy.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of South Africa’s economy and contribute significantly to employment in the country as well as the gross domestic product (GDP) which is why ensuring their growth and success is vitally important,” said  Vodacom Financial Services Chief Officer, Mariam Cassim.

In July ITNewsAfrica, reported Vodacom to have launched a range of “Internet of Things products” that allow customers to connect and monitor their compatible home and leisure IoT devices to the Vodacom dedicated global IoT network using a dedicated IoT V-Sim.

According to Vodacom, in order to qualify for this funding, business owners need to have; SME’s to be registered and operational for at least 12 months, an annual revenue of over R500 000 and a good credit standing.

This business funding varies from R10 000 to R1.5 million and is repayable over 6-12 months. The application process is fully digital, user-friendly and could takeless than 10 minutes to complete.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Companies Hiring for the festive season

With 2019 nearly at the end, most people take a break from job hunting during festive as they think is a hectic time of the year, there’s a lot of competition or no jobs at all. That’s where you are making a mistake because the festive is where most companies look for new staff. Actually the busier it gets, the more employees are needed.

Picture sourced

The festive season is just around the corner and no one wants to hungry or be broke that time of the year.

Most retail stores are hiring this time of the year due to the fact that most staff is going home for festivals, leaves are taken mostly during the festive season, most are overwhelmed with the whole year’s work and need a break or have no energy for festive.

Here are the companies hiring during this festive season:

Although you might be looking for something permanent or lasting a bit longer to survive, it still worth looking for a job during holidays, who knows you will be lucky to attain a position for the following year. Sometimes employers like seeing hard-working people and most of them are keen to employ someone who impresses them.

Besides getting a possible job, workplaces are best for networking you might not get a position but meet someone who knows someone who can give you a better job. There’s really nothing to lose you will, in the end, have money to spend over the holiday or get a long-lasting job.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi East: Family Mourns Death Of Lethabo Nkwana

Lethabo Nkwana’s family is grieving his death after he was shot dead in Hamaskraal while he was protecting his friend who was under attack during the league meeting.

Picture sourced

Lethabo was a member of ANCYL Youth League and well known as a fighter for the rights of the pupil in Tshwane.

“Nkwana was a nice boy, he was a good leader, he was everything to us, when we have a problem and we call him he will come with a smile and we know everything will be fine”, said the family representative, Pshychology Lethuba.

Lethuba added that the family is still in shock of Lethabo’s death.

According to a source, Lethabo Nkoana, 25, was hit by a bullet apparently meant for his friend on Saturday afternoon during a league meeting at Temba Stadium in Tshwane.

The meeting was reported to have turned violent after he was murdered. The memorial service will be taking place on Thursday, 2pm at Mamelodi East, Stanza Bopape Community Hall and his funeral will be on Saturday.

By: Fortunate Machaba

This is why you should have sex in the morning

Small and great moments you spend with your partner counts in a relationship.

Image result for sex in the morning

Sex can be different every time you try it with your partner but it never goes wrong in the mornings, it is always the best.

Read 10 Reasons You Should Be Having A LOT More Morning Sex

Some call those moments the morning haze when you are at your most vulnerable and still at ease to start a day and waking up next to your lover giving you some warmth full of love.

From having sex in the morning your day is completely perfect with a good mood to tackle the day.

According to Dr Debby Herbenick, an American research scientist and author of Because It Feels Good, individuals who partake in morning sex can be healthier and happier people.

Here are three benefits to morning sex:

  • Usually, sex lasts longer in the morning, especially for males.
  • You are more relaxed and willing to explore all your body parts without overthinking.
  • It will create a feel-good mood that can last you the whole day.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Shocking facts about why men stay single

Most women find it difficult to understand how men stay single, some even say it is too good to be true. While a study reveals shocking comments from single men.

Image result for lunga shabalala
Picture sourced

Men’s comments on Psychology today on why they prefer being single most of the time are shocking.

Evidence from Reddit says among the most persistent reasons that men stipulate for being single included poor flirting skills, low self-confidence, poor looks, shyness, low effort, and bad experience from previous relationships.

Some comments were based on what they don’t like seeing women wearing, especially moms. I’m sure anyone can wear anything they want regardless of being a mom or not: “Our tinder is a bad show filled with single moms wearing a camo hoodie.”

By: Fortunate Machaba

How to improve dating life

Relationships need to be kept alive and new all the time.

Some partners get bored easily or give up easily if there is no spark in the relationship. It doesn’t have to be indoors all the time or it all ends in the bedroom but it has to be even freaky if possible. Try outdoors fun activities together or go for a couple treat in special places to add some fun in your relationship.

Related image

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Have a night out together or do things that both interest you. If you both enjoy keeping fit then go hiking together, if you both fancy trying new food then have dinner or lunches out to try different foods from different restaurants. If you both love travelling go somewhere.

Making a relationship last longer sounds almost impossible but if you both keep on improving in your relationship it might possibly turn out to be a long-term relationship.

By: Fortunate Machaba

These healthy foods can make you fat

They might look healthy at first glance but they can make you gain weight in a short period of time.

It has been proven that most people who want to gain weight quickly eat these foods especially for those who want to put on muscles.

Dried fruits

Image result for dried fruits

These are just as normal as fruits but the only issue is that water has been taken out of them and they have more sugar which makes them be rich in calories which can make you fat.

Cereal bar

Image result for Cereal bar

We all think this is a great idea of snacking and getting through the day, they are a quick breakfast for a busy day but not so good for your health. most have high sugar and salt, whereas others have high calories which can affect your weight.

Fruit juice

Image result for Fruit juice

For the fact that it sounds fruity or has fruits in it doesn’t mean is healthy, it is as good as a smoothie. The number of calories you will consume from a fruit juice are drastically high, try have more water instead.


Image result for avocado

This fruit is healthy but eating too much of it can make you fat. It has got a lot of calories as well as fats, although they are good kinds of fats. If you eat less of it can add up a good health into your body. It has nutrients that the body needs but if you overeat it your body will consume more calories than it should which can make you fat. Tags: Food and drinks

Body shapes to aim for this summer

Although is not easy to eat healthily and exercise, it is important to stay away from bad eating habits for a good and healthy body.

Image result for sexy black girls

It might sound impossible at first but once you stick to your fitness routine it will become easier.

Being fit has to be your first priority if you want to look this good followed by a healthy diet and working towards your goal.

Focus on a full-body exercise for balance in your body and the exercises must also be done consistently. The more you work out, the better the results you get. During your exercise, be careful you don’t overdo it and injure your body. Take your time.

Related image

It doesn’t only feel good to have a great body, you also look good, you are stronger and your body metabolism is right on point. Having to be fit is not only about looking and feeling good about yourself but it is also about what is good for your health. Nutrition plays an important role in our lives.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Body shapes to aim for this summer

Although is not easy to eat healthily and exercise, it is important to stay away from bad eating habits for a good and healthy body.

Image result for sexy black girls

It might sound impossible at first but once you stick to your fitness routine it will become easier.

Being fit has to be your first priority if you want to look this good followed by a healthy diet and working towards your goal.

Focus on a full-body exercise for balance in your body and the exercises must also be done consistently. The more you work out, the better the results you get. During your exercise, be careful you don’t overdo it and injure your body. Take your time.

Related image

It doesn’t only feel good to have a great body, you also look good, you are stronger and your body metabolism is right on point. Having to be fit is not only about looking and feeling good about yourself but it is also about what is good for your health. Nutrition plays an important role in our lives.

By: Fortunate Machaba

This is how to keep your body in shape

It might look easy to always be in good shape, looking extra ordinary in any outfit you pick, but maintaining that body takes a lot of effort.

Picture sourced

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Of course it wont happen over night to have that body, you just need to be patient, make time for whole body exercise, avoid cheating and stick to the goal.

We sometimes tend to look out for results quickly, this can take so much of your time and if you don’t believe in yourself you will give up in the end.

Picture sourced

You don’t need to over work yourself or starve yourself for quicker results. Keep eating as healthy as you can and work out as much as you can. At the same time, you don’t only need to go to the gym to maintain that body. You can still do cardio or yoga at home and they both can transform the shape of your body.

Being fit is about making good choices from your eating habits and making that consistent. If you need motivation to keep going involve your partner, family member or friends to keep you going. Take your time and work on that fitness routine to maintain a good shape.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Top four fashion trends for 2020

The top four 2020 fashion trend is bringing you a very hot collection from shorts to polka dots summery design.

Here’s are the top four styles to look out for in 2020:

Shorts Shorts

Picture sourced

Are you are shorts lover? If so this collection will suit your desires, show off different designs of your favourite types of shots the next summer. Wear your shots in different summery styles and embrace your divine legs!

The spring-boot

Picture sourced

The trending boots for spring brings warmth and colourful look to your outfit for the day. This is a chic way of showing off your outfit, the midi-length boot is easier to style with dresses if you will be looking for a higher angle they will look better with trousers.

The fashion Safari

Picture sourced

The military-style still looks incredible in women’s bodies. Whether be short or long outfit doesn’t change the look. This collection is easy to channel with any style you can imagine.

The Power of polka dots

Picture sourced

Pack away the old prints in your wardrobe because there is a new print rockin’ it! Polka dots go with any outfit, whether with your workwear or for a night out, polka dots are taking pride as one of the hot collections for 2020.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Being a Sangoma: A course or a gift?

Being a Sangoma or a traditional healer is not a business it is a calling to heal, diagnose patients illness, prescribe remedies and performs rituals to heal people’s physically, emotionally or spiritually problems.

Image result for fake sangomas

People shouldn’t be scared to ask for help from Sangomas or traditional healers however they must be careful to ask the right Sangoma, there are a lot of people claiming to be healers even when they are not. They just con people out of their money for their own selfish reasons.

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Practice comes differently, not all healers have to go through the initiation school, some it comes naturally, they learn about different herbs in their sleep. They will then know who they are expecting at their sacred house, what they are suffering from and what herb to use to help them.

On the other hand, others need to throw bones to tell what the issue is and how to resolve it. Some get visions and some hear voices conveying messages to other people. Not all healers dance and wear traditional sangoma regalia or wear beats as a sign of being one.

In general traditional healers are normal people, they just have a unique gift. Of course, not everyone can become one, the calling is deep and personal and not everyone can express this gift clearly in a way everyone will understand what it is really about.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s what you do after finding out your man cheats

You will be lucky of you won’t come across homewreckers in your life or have to deal with your cheating man.

Men are cheating It can get really frustrating, you might not know what to do when you immediately find out. Some women cry some develop anger, while some begin to stalk their men.

Related image

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Although is not easy to deal with a cheating man, it feels like an emotional roller-coaster but don’t be that girl who always blames herself for her man’s wrongdoing. Don’t ask your self why is he cheating on you because it is more likely to happen to any women regardless of who they are and what they have. Also avoid to rebound in the same direction if you want to deal with him better.

The best thing to do according to relationship experts, don’t rush or come to conclusion without gathering information, get a friend to speak to and get you out of the situation. Some women use exercise to their advantage to relieve stress or try and forget about what just happened between them and their partner, while others seek professional help for advice or whatever that works for them.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Ladies: Can we talk about weird things men do in the bedroom

A bedroom is generally a crazy place, we do weird stuff with our partners but what men do is just beyond what some women can handle sometimes.

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According to Femail’s sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox, there’s a lot of things women do during sex that men can’t stand and vice versa.

Most women can take a bit of moarning and groaning but hitting and suffocating them with a pillow or chocking them thinking you are giving her a powerful orgasm can be a little scary.

Women favour licking or touching of certain parts of their bodies preferably where they feel comfortable, going down on her is most favoured as well as her neck or belly it gives her a little tingle and if she orgasms then is a good sign that she loves it. But biting a woman during sex can sometimes be seen as strange and violent and you should always ask for permission or have the discussion prior sex.

Sex is supposed to be a mutual pleasure, although it can sometimes be hard to feed all your partners desires at all times, if it isn’t mutual then talk about it and come to some type of middle ground.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s why you should start your day with a glass of water

The idea of drinking water first thing first before you start your day might sounds boring and seem not as important to do but actually water is a very crucial in our bodies, our bodies uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to keep them functioning throughout the day.

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As we all know survival without water sounds pretty much impossible, your body needs water to get your brains working, energy you need for a busy day and to keep going.

You will always wonder why your body get’s tired throughout the day, get headaches, experience fatigue or moods swings, or even struggle to focus that indicates you not consuming enough water.

Most importantly, your immune system needs water to function better, fight bacteria and other diseases. The more water you drink you less likely to deal with health issues. If the taste of plain water bothers you or brings boredom, try unsweetened flavored water, or add a slice of lemon, lime, or cucumber to enlighten your moods for getting water in your system. In conclusion water is healthy for you, make you drink as much as you can for general good health.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Simple ways to protect your natural hair

It might look as easy to look after black or afro hair, it actually takes a lot of work to keep it natural and always at its best. You obviously need to preserve your hair from breaking or damaging.

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Get in a habit of going the extra mile and look after your hair to maintain that natural beauty. Products are different and your hair will react differently on them, pick a product that is suitable for your hair and stick to it.

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Most natural hair breaks if you give it a hash combing, try and be lenient towards it. Some don’t like the idea of leaving it dry, some prefer no products and will still look fabulous.

Find your type of hair and choose the right products for it. That will help you avoid breakage, damage or even hair loss.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Indoor exercises that burn calories in less than 20 min

We won’t all be huge fans of marathons or jogging outdoors, some of us are not really made for those but we desire to keep fit and burn calories.

To burn calories fast and in no less than 20 minutes try the following workouts:

Mountain climber

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This is where you get to do a full-body workout, it’s like you are running but you trying to move as quickly as possible, it said to be good for your core. Depending on how fast you move, you can burn about 50 calories for 15 to 20 reps.

Tabata training

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This workout involves rounds of intervals, each round is 20 seconds of movement and you are advised to take 10 seconds of rest in between the period of exercise.

“Participants warmed up for five minutes, then did four rounds of Tabata and burned between 240 and 360 calories each. Sounds effective to us”, said the American Council on Exercise.

Jumping jacks

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Indoor workouts are as good as outdoor workouts, you just need to work towards a goal in mind. Either it being burning calories, making room for more food, keeping fit or just for the fun of it.

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This is why your skin needs pampering

Your skin has ways of communicating your health to you, you just need to read the signs carefully. Skins can even give us clues regarding emotional and psychological health.

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This is not just about improving your looks but facials are believed by many to fix skin issues, Of course, if you looking for your face to just be pampered you will always get what you looking for, no downside about it.

Cleansing of skin is also advised by doctors to be done, just know the right product for your skin and it is always best to get products prescribed by a trained skin specialist, they will know your skin better and choose what is best suited for your skin.

Start improving your skin routine to avoid ageing quick, skin issues and boost your beauty.

Don’t let your skin miss out what is good for it. It can be seen as a once-off waste of money but you will relish the rewards and your skin will always look healthy.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Are women responsible for their own orgasm?

Most women demand men to make them have an orgasm. Well there’s nothing wrong if you demand to climax as a women, I think is the right thing to do but at the same time you are also responsible for your own orgasm it doesn’t matter if its real or you faking it.

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There are women who always lie about sex, trust me if you haven’t lied then it wasn’t really sex, some even fake it because they are tired, anxious to please or not sure how to climax.

Most women are open and talk about their multiple orgasms, are you worried that you don’t get to climax as you desire?

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Orgasms are good and they all transpire only when the conditions feel right.

According to experts, sex glow is a real thing, when women orgasm, it increased blood flow to the skin causes blood vessels to open up, giving the face a flushed look. Get that multiple orgasms and glow.

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Look out for Mams Art Festival on the horizon

Mams Art Festival is soon to bring a blaze in Mamelodi West, Moretele Park on the 7th of December 2019.

This is the 13th annual Mams Arts Festival that will be held in Mamelodi.

This event is brining you a strong lineup of international acts, including Monique Bingham, Harrison Crump, Rocco Rodamaal and Ralf Gum. In addition to music, the festival will also showcase comedians, creatives and entrepreneurs.

“Fans and revelers coming to the festival can expect to be treated to local sounds from the likes of Pretoria’s leading entertainers including multiple Samawinning duo Black Motion, Mo Flava, Lerato Kganyago, Simmy, Dinho, De Josh, Bothlale, Cassper Nyovest and the most-loved lady of house and sensual sounds, Lady Zamar, who is one of the biggest names to come out of Pretoria”.

The festival grant you a multi-disciplinary music and lifestyle approach to arts and entertainment to transform your entertainment lifestyle taste and add up some relish into it.

By: Fortunate Machaba