Mams Radio Vandalised During Protest In Mamelodi East

Mams Radio has announced the radio station was looted on 12 July 2021 causing the station to be unable to broadcast. This happens after Mamelodi was looted and vandalised by residents.

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“I dont think is the looters of the community who came in to broke the station, these are the people who are targeting the station, this is organised crime, it is never been people just attacking community radio stations, is the people who have a particular agenda against the station”, said Sipho De Gift, Mams Radio Operations Manager.

Other reports said in others areas the protest started on Sunday and spread across the province.

It is believed that the violent protest is linked to the arrest and call to release former president Jacob Zuma.

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According to Mams Radio, during the looting of the station, equipment such as broadcasting transmitter, studios and other office equipment were stolen.

Concerned and disappointed listeners shared their messages on station’s Facebook platform after pictures were shared.

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The station has opened a case and the police are currently investigating the matter.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tshwane Mall Brings Heartbeat Fitness Club To Life

Tshwane Mall launched Heartbeat Fitness Club on Wednesday under a caption “glow in the dark”.

The event started in the early hours where the gym was launched and later the fitness crew took members outside the mall in the field due to Covid-regulations and the number of people turned up for the event.

“This is my first time experience that’s why I came here, you get to gym with the instructor in front and its dark in the venue, the instructor demonstrates what to do and we follow him, I wanted to see and experience what glow in the dark is about, I keep fit the event is great, all the instructors are good, the attendee is good and all is on point”, said one of the member, said Portia Mabuso from Hamanskraal.

Another member, Bongs Simoti said this event was done as part of celebrating youth day, and the celebration is going well, and people are enjoying themselves. He also mentioned that it is particularly important to keep fit especially now that we are still facing Covid-19, the more people get fit the more the body pores will open and breath better.

“ Today I came to gym in Tshwane regional mall hosted by Heartbeat, I’m not a gym person but being in the gym today is very great fitness wise, health wise, it’s fun and I personally like if the gym stays a bit longer because aerobics is different from jogging on your own so when I come to the gym and I find people in groups I enjoy more, sweat the stress out and I believe people will love it and enjoy it, health is life and we do need to keep it, said Mbuyelwa Nonkita.

Physical activities are best known for their quality of life improvement such as reducing risk of developing chronic diseases, maintain a healthy weight, improve respiratory and digestive system functions and improving quality of life. Peple should and must stay active for a better health and life!

By: Fortunate Machaba

My Sweet Angel Voice Moved Me To Sing

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Love should enrich you and not imprison you

Talking about a passionate love, Nelisiwe Mahlangu, a 20-year-old from far East of Mamelodi, Lusaka have released a diverting track called ‘I don’t wanna let you go’. Her first heart warming song was released this year 2021 by Thabo Mokgotho and the track is expected to motivate lovers to have stable relationships.

“I’m hoping them as they are in love with their partners, to stay honest with each other, love each other and create stable relationships”, said Nelisiwe Mahlangu.

‘I dont wanna let you go’ song is dedicated to passionate lovers who don’t want to let go of their loved ones.

“I started singing from childhood, my family and friends have been supportive throughout these years, and my voice motivated me to sing, the way I sing, I think I have a great takent for singing”, said Nelisiwe Mahlangu.

Nelisiwe is currently working on a second track called ‘spotlight’ and in a few years time, Nelisiwe would like to see herself releasing an ulbum.

To those whou would like to become singers and have passion for singing Nelisiwe says “Be proud of who you are, love yourself, tell yourself that you can do it, never let anyone to judge you”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s How To Avoid Flu This Winter!

Winter is almost here and flu always comes with it! It’s pretty easy to learn how to avoid catching the flu. Get Hlasi Cough Sweets to make a special tea to suppress flu symptoms.

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Boil a kettle of water
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  • Mix with boiled water
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes to soak in water
  • and you are good to go!

If you do not wish to have them as tea, you can have them as normal sweets and take two before you go to bed.

Hlasi cough sweets come in two flavours; one is infused with ginger, lemon, honey and more and the other one with ginger, lemon, honey and cough herb (lengana). Also remember to excersise often, drink enough fluid, eat healthy, practice hygiene and get enough sleep!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mams Mall gets visit from Mamelodi Sundowns

Entrance 3 of Mams Mall in Mahube, Mamelodi East was a hive of activity yesterday afternoon. The occasion was the opening of a new Hyundai merchandise store for Mamelodi Sundown’s supporters. The store will also give Ma-Sundawana a chance to experience Hyundai’s vehicle range.

Picture provided

Today’s event was coupled with a “meet and greed session,” which was a way of giving Sundown’s fans an opportunity to see their heroes in person. This as they have not seen them in a long time at stadiums due to Covid-19 lock down regulations.

Hyundai is the transport sponsor of Mamelodi Sundown’s and as a result the team’s player were there to grace the occasion. The event was also used to award a new Tucson Hyundai to the team’s best player for the month of March, Rushine De Reuck.

“I would like to thank God for having helped me achieve my long-held dream to play for Sundown’s and also for winning the car which I will drive for free for a period of one month,” enthused De Reuck. Also in attendance was Sundown’s captain Hlompho Kekana.

Picture provided

The veteran said public interactions with fans, like the one organized by Hyundai, give players confidence and motivation to perform well in the field of play. “We will win the league for our fans and prove our critics wrong,” he said emphatically. Another player who was in attendance was young midfielder Keletso Makgalwa. Makgalwa was ecstatic that he got a chance to meet his newly acquired fans.

The three Sundowns’ stars signed hundreds of the team’s new soccer jerseys for their enthusiastic followers. One of the many fans who won themselves the new Sundown’s jerseys was Winnie Khopa, who expressed joy after meeting heroes, especially the legendary Hlompho Kekana.

As a parting shot, Mams Mall centre manager Bafana Radebe said: “The new Hyundai store is a way of sending a message to the public out there that Mams Mall, its customers, Mamelodi Sundown’s and Hyundai are one.”

Article by: Nhlanhla Peete

Edited by: Fortunate Machaba

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Marry Me Community Demands Justice For Dr Setlai

The community of Marry Me in Mamelodi North marched to Mamelodi East police station yesterday to demand justice for Dr Setlai. This happened after Dr Setlai was allegedly shot on Tuesday Night.

“I was at home from work, Dr Setlai was going out to attend a meeting, I later called him as it was getting dark, and he said he is on his way home. Not long after a call i heard gun shots outside, I received a call from a lady whose husband is in prison asking if Dr Setlai is at home since her husband is also attending the same meeting. The lady told me she will send a car to collect me from home to where they are, I was shocked, I got in a car when we arrived, I saw my husband corpse, I wasn’t allowed to see him, I was told to wait for foreign sick first and we were not told anything after the tests”, said Dr Setlai wife Bella Morake.

Bella Morake described Dr Setlai as a humble being who liked helping people in the community, mostly with water and electricity. His family and relatives depended on him.

Dr Setlai wife mentioned that Dr Setlai had a lot of outstanding debts that he was supposed to pay off before he died, and she does not know how they will all be paid as she only has piece jobs.

“Dr was responsible for our home and our needs, the kids school fees and transport I don’t know how I will afford all these as my salary is not enough”, said Bella Morake.

Dr Setlai and Bella Morake have two boys 17 and 12.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s How To Jumpstart Your Sex Life

Having issues keeping an erection long enough for sexual intercourse?

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Erectile dysfunction is high personal issue but no one should be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it.

A good sex life can do wonders for your life. Every couples deserves to have healthy relationships and good sex.

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Today’s Life is All About Carrying Sanitizers and Wearing Masks

Hand washing and keeping a distance only does not have tangible benefits – So keep up wearing masks and carry a sanitizer in your pocket!

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To stay safe, avoid crowds, keep social distancing, wear a mask, carry a sanitizer and use it frequently, cover sneezes and coughs.  



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Young Gogo Ventures into Traditional Medicine Supply Business After Unfair Dismissal and Traditional Healers Exposed To Chronic Diseases

Young female journalist and traditional healer, Fortunate Machaba (Gogo Mahlasela), established her own Traditional Medicine Supply Business “Hlasi Medical Supplies” for Traditional healers across the country.

Fortunate Machaba, 25 from Mamelodi East was recently dismissed, in her opinion unfairly, from work and started her business after Times Live published an article based on research saying that most traditional healers in South Africa are exposed to diseases such as HIV, TB, Covid-19, and others as not all of them have access to protective equipment and some perhaps don’t realise that they should wear it.

She said, I want to supply and encourage all the traditional Healers in and around South Africa to start using protective gear including wearing masks in their sacred house assisting clients or patients, wearing gloves when using razor blades on clients and rubbing herbs directly on their skins, using spirit and cotton wool before cutting clients to minimize the risk of getting infections, using sanitizers before and after every client’s visits. Health is costly and important to consider regardless of our faith. Hence my slogan says if health is lost, imagine the cost.

Medicinal Soap & Sanitizers

The South African Government has spent millions of Rand getting the Covid-19 virus manageable in hospitals and in communities. South Africans including traditional healers also need to take initiative for their own safety and health.

Many reports have shown many lives that were lost during the pandemic and it is up to every individual what they do about the matter faced by the whole world. As a young traditional healer, I would like to see traditional healers safe and healthy, practicing all the safety measures, having protective equipment in their sacred houses, and being at less risk of contracting diseases.

Having to play a role into encouraging health makes me feel proud of myself because being healthy should be part of every individual’s lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Taking care of health is important for one’s self-esteem and self-image, I believe is the right thing to do for their own good.

The new business is expected to change the lives of many in the future and those who are in the traditional health space with no access to protective gear, and more risks to contracting diseases.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Angry Residents Of Mamelodi Fights For HM Pitja Stadium

Mamelodi angry residents had a March on Friday, 12 March 2021. The March took place in Mamelodi West at HM Pitje stadium after the community demands the facility to be operational.

” We were asked to get a funder for the stadium to be opened, we found three funders but unfortunately one of them passed on about a month or two ago, Patrice Motsepe wanted to fix the stadium before he became the President of the Confederation of African Football, we engaged with him as well as the Premier, David Makhura and other funders but nothing is changing”, said Tsaka Tsepedi Chairman if United Mamelodi.

According to the organiser of the pressure Group and Movement #Bring Back HM Pitje, Boxie Shogole, HM Pitje was closed 16 years ago as part of the 2010 legacy programmes, the community had no benefits of using the stadium due to construction standard.

“We are here as a disgruntled community of Mamelodi, our stadium was closed 16 years ago as part of the 2010 legacy programmes but subsequently it hasn’t been used by the community all that time, the construction was not up to the required safety standard, it has since been a work elephant and regressing at a rapid rate, we met with the government, engaged with them in terms of getting a way forward, and doing something about the stadium, we have been given the run around for years up to now the community is very disgruntled, we demand answers and solutions from the government”, said Boxie Shogole.

According to other reports, the facility was not used since 2005, although about R20 million was provided for its refurbishment and non was done.

Community members confirmed that they had enough of excuses and the wait for the stadium to operate.

HM Pitje HM Pitje Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Mamelodi West.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tramezzini Trends At Mohlareng Chilllas Home Of Grill

Stephen Mashego, 39 and Jaqueline Ditshewana Pitso, 40 launched a kitchen called Mohlareng Chillas Home of Grill in Mamelodi West D1 in January 2021 with a purpose to bring good food and good music with a beautiful view of the mountain to the community.

“Our kitchen is known for its best Tramezzini which not many kitchens in Mamelodi make, most people don’t even know what Tramezzini is, we offer healthy food as we want to promote health in our community, each meal we are selling at Mohlareng has salad on the side, our prices are also reasonable”, said Stephen Mashego, Owner and founder of Mohlareng Chillas Home of Grill.

Stephen added that they saw an opportunity of running a grill kitchen in Mamelodi West as people travel a long distance to get grilled food.

“The experience is challenging, but fun as well. I’ve got to learn a lot dealing with people and always making our customers happy”, said Shareholder and Owner of Mohlareng, Jaqueline Ditshewana.

Their kitchen is mostly visited by people from C4, C5, D3 and some from the east side of Mamelodi.

Chicken and Spinach Feta Tramezzini with Chips and Salad

“Tramezzini brings a lot of joy when eating it, we have 5 different flavours in our menu including chicken feta, mushroom and spinach, creamy Mayo, bacon and egg with cheese, barbeque beef with spinach”, said Stephen Mashego.

Tramezzini is known for its first and best dish in the kitchen, people are keen to try it as well as other dishes.

“We are doing different kinds of food and we will expanding as well; the kitchen is too small but is doing wonders, we have a professional chef, I’m exited about running a food business, I once owed a pub and it wasn’t successful this is something I enjoy doing, I’m happy is exiting, it’s a new journey”, said Stephen Mashego.

Grilled Chicken with Sweet corn, Salad and Chips

Stephen had a full-time job, worked for 8 hours and found it difficult to run his business at the same time, hence he resigned recently to run his business full time.

Stephen says funding is the main challenge that he’s currently facing, he would appreciate to be funded with a fridge, more stock, and packaging as he works a lone and he has employees that he has to keep happy.

One of his employees, knows as Fresh, who was once on Netflix series called Ultimate Braai Mater season 4, said he likes the idea of the kitchen and joined to showcase all his experience in grilling food, he has been trained to train people about personal hygiene, holding a knife in the kitchen, serving customers, how to develop a menu, and how to standardise a recipe.

Steak Wings, Chips and Salad

“I’ve been in the food industry for quiet a while, I used to make food at Corner Couch about 15 years ago, I thought I should start over again and grow with the business. This is home, Stephen and I grew up together and we are working together, given the limited resources we have and a small kitchen we are getting there. I wish in 5 years’ time to have three of these kitchens around Mamelodi, we share the same sentiments of the ideas for this business to grow”, said Kgathatso Phahlane.

Adding on his statement that Tramezzini is their favourite meal in the kitchen and the Chef is trying to introduce different flavours as people get bored of one flavour at the time, so they want to always give them something new and exciting, to keep them coming to Mohlareng Kitchen.

Mohlareng is not only a place for people to eat and chill but other people use the venue to hold their business meetings.

“We started holding meetings from the first day this place was open, usually on Sundays, I like the view and we mostly support local businesses than established ones. We used to go to other places for our meetings but since he opened this one, we always come here, said one of his customers, Mandla Mahlangu.

BBQ beef Stir Fry Wrap with Chips and Salad

“I like lamb chops and wigs, how they make them, they are nice and soft and juicy barbqeue flavour. We love it”, said another regular customer, Given Chauke.

Stephen wishes is to open another branch and employ more people since people have no jobs and it difficult to find jobs in this era. Currently, he has employed 4 people and when the business is successful, he will fund others and he understand how difficult it is to start a business. While Jaqueline would like to see Mohlareng being a franchise all over Pretoria, a company on its own where people can buy shares and their food being on popular food competitions on TV.

To young people who would like to venture their new journey in food business, Stephen says you must work hard, it is not an easy journey but never give up, if the other door closes try to open another one, you will open a lucky one someday.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Herman Mashaba: I Call This Murder Or Culpable Homicide Atleast

The former Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba with MEC Mpho Mehlape-Zimu visited Mamelodi on Tuesday, 02 March 2021. This happens after Siyabonga Mabila (7) and Lawrence Tshwenu (5) drowed in a dam at Mountain View, Tshwane on Saturday.

Picture provided

“I came here to have a look and visit the families as part of the society, I’ll get the mandate from the family, I wanted to first come at the crime scene and see the family and find out what they really want”, said Herman Mashaba.

The bodies of the two boys were retrived by divers on Saturday after the incident happened and the police were called to the scene.

“We are here today because it was brought to my attention yesterday that two young kids 5 and 7 drowned in this dam, same thing that also happened in Hammaskraal, I’m actually quite shocked that we can have a facility like this right at the surrounding residential area, in this summer and the heat you can’t really expect the kids to not come and play here and I’m actually shocked that is not surrounded or fenced and this is not something that happen overnight, they have been working on this project for many years, whoever who’s building here whether is government or private service provider cannot have no knowledge about this danger, anything like this they have to make sure that safety measures are taken care of”, said Herman Mashaba.

He added on his statement that he doesn’t know how many women and children should die in the country until the government realise the negligence and risks that they are putting people into.

“Things like this to me as far as I’m concered they are not accidents, this is murder, and this is culpable homicide, when you operate like this as a human being what do you think will happen? children will come and play here, this is not accident, people failed to exersise the right to ensure that the community is protected, I will not call this an accident”, said Herman Mashaba.

Picture provided

“This is a Gauteng project, they are trying to build a road and somewhere somehow they have excavated and it became a dam, so when there’s rain, water sits there but as a city we were not informed about this particular dam, it was on Sunday when we were here with the contractors and we had seen the negligence”, said MEC Mpho Mehlape-Zimu.

She added that they will engage with the contactor and also engage with the proviance to ensure that a permanent solution is sort, the dam needs to be barricated and rehabilitate, although she thinks it is going to take a very long time.

Picture sourced from Twitter

Mashaba confirmed that the families have agreed that they can assist them and part of the assistant will be all the documents that needs to be signed, the funeral preparations and lawyers to come and deal with the matter as they want to hold people accountable for this crime.

By: Fortunate Machaba

McDonald’s New Rivals DeBenjees Comes to Mamelodi

Norman Benjamin, 38 has established DeeBenjees in Mamelodi West D1, with a wish and hope to bring “The next Mc Donalds” to the community.

His burger and chips business started in 2012 with his wife, it all started with making fast food at home and he decided to bring it to the people in the community.

“We bought a small box of burgers one day with my wife at home and 6 rolls and potatoes and we were cooking from a small pot but I asked myself, I was once a taxi driver, why can’t I sell this burger to the same people I worked with? I asked my wife to make 3 burgers and I went to Solomon Mahlangu square, I approached poeple and told them that I’m selling burgers, they are neat, and tasty, people bought them and asked as they were eating why I sell them too cheap because they were only R9.00 at the time, they complimented the burger and never stopped buying them”, said Norman Benjamin.

He was challenged by the fact that he was scared to challenge the market, he asked his wife to do three more burgers to sell with the same profit, he then took them to the taxi rank and they bought them again, he then realised that it works, the next day he took 12 and it was the same, people still bought his burgers.

Norman said at first, he used to take a “Matshangaan bag” with his stock to sell on the streets until he got an opportunity to find a space in Mamelodi West to sell his burgers. He always had an early start as he was trying to run his business while working for another company.

“I used to wake up at 3am to start preparing for selling my burgers, I’d take a taxi and go to sell for 45 minutes and when I run out of stock, I’ll catch a taxi then go work”, said Norman.

Benjamin said the challenges he had before was lack of mentorship in starting his own business, all he had was a vision to become the first guy to bring Mc Donalds to Mamelodi as he believes that starting small will direct to a greater destination.

“I believe in starting small because you will know how to get your 10 cents, to rands then to thousands of rands, I believe in humble beginnings and thats how then I got the drive of starting from the bottom”, said Norman Benjamin.

DeBenjees runs with a slogan “If it doesn’t take you to AA then is not the DeBenjees”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

IkamvaYouth Mamelodi Branch Celebrates Matric Results

IkamvaYouth Mamelodi Community Center celebrated Matric results on Friday, 26 February 2021 at Mamelodi West D6. This was done with the purpose to encourage other kids in the community to work hard academically with help from IkamvaYouth Organisation.

During the event, top two students were announced and received Gold Awards and certificates for thier achievements.

“I passed with a Batchelor and two distinctions in Accounting and Business and I want to thank Ikamva for all the support we received here, going forward I want to study Batchelor of accounting science at Wits University and I have been accepted, I’m very excited because I have been waiting for this for a long time, I started with Ikamva since grade 9 until I matriculated”, said Reabetswe Malemone, one of the students.

According to the District Manager of Tshwane and North West IkamvaYouth, Maria Sikaundi, the 2020 Matric students achieved an 88% passing rate which has improved from last year which was 85% with more learners attending the program in 2021 but they managed to exceed expectations. In March when they went into lockdown things changed at IkamvaYouth due to Covid-19 restrictions, they had to buy students cellphones and data for zoom meetings and whatsapp for tutoring.

“We ran a 5 days winter program live sessions online, I think that helped the learners not to be behind with school work, they still managed to come to Ikamva online, I feel that is amazing the learners and the staff are amazing, the tutors helping the kids are volunteers, some of them come from the University of Pretoria, some were part of Ikamva before and came back to help other learners, they are doing that to give back to the community”, said the District Manager of Tshwane and North West IkamvaYouth, Maria Sikaundi.

She added that the school is in need of printers as learners get a lot of assignments from school, even other learners from the community and who are not part of IkamvaYouth come to ask for making copies of their school work and they were not turned away because they are also part of the community. Infrastructure was also mentioned to be part of the challenges they are currently facing, the school needs desks for the learners to sit and work, laptops for them to be able to study at home, textbooks to avoid 5 learners sharing 1 book, and the science lab for science learners for experiments.

“I’m very much excited to be part of this initiative that is done by Ikamva, this programme are the ones that really help us the city because we know the challenges we faced with the drugs, gangsterism but with Ikamva we believe that the youth can be part of the initiative future will be safe, we are here to support the youth and the NGO, I wish we can have more of this NGO that is working in the city to ensure that our youth are the future of this country and our leaders of tomorrow and if we can really take care of them it will be taking care of our country”m, said Chairwoman of Multi-party Women Caucus in Tshwane, Roose Maake.

The City of Tshwane has donated 2 laptops, musks, and sanitizers for the school, also food for the event. Leaner’s parents were there to support them.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Somizi Takes First Tour In Mamelodi and Serves At Bathu Store

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung visited Bathu Store in Mamelodi East, Mams Mall on Thursday, 25 February 2021. This happens after Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has collaborated with Bathu last month for sneakers range.

“The story started when Bathu began, I met Theo Baloyi 5 years ago and he brought me a shoe when I started at Metro FM and I tried the shoe and I was happy and posted it to assist with the sales of his shoes, I thought of collaborating then it did not work because we didn’t have designs until last year January when Theo had mineral range”, Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung

At the beginning of February, Somizi and Bathu have launched a sparkling sneaker collection which were available in the marketing from 12th of February.

“We have been talking about the collaboration with Somizi for the past 4 years, we are very aspirational brand, we are not a brand that just launch its products and leave it there. We are here in Mamelodi today so that we can engage with people and give them the experience from people who have been supporting Bathu, people who have been following Somizi and engage to know more about this collaboration but most importantly, offer them opportunity to serve by Somizi in Bathu Store”, said the owner and Founder of Bathu, Theo Baloyi.

Somizi described Bathu shoes as comfortable and mentioned that the nice thing about Bathu is that they are locally made, they are growing the economy and Somizi thinks with this collaboration it will encourage other people that they don’t need to collaborate with international brands for them to make it, it’s nice to have something that is proudly south African, so is good for them. Adding on his statement that they have so much wealth amongst everyone and they don’t need to look for it anywhere else.

“For me if you can wear a sneaker that you can wear it on any occasion, whether is a meeting, wedding, sports event and why not because you can’t a shoe everywhere but with a sneaker you can wear it anywhere and with anything that’s why I love sneakers and they are comfortable”, Said Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.

According to Somizi, Bathu has given him an opportunity to launch himself at the fashion industry and moving forward I’m definitely going to venture in fashion.

“People must not underestimate their value, just know on doors and ask people because I think we are better together than as individual so I’m encouraging anyone work hard and make their brand collaboratable”, said Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.

Somizi said his tour to Mamelodi was worth it, he has never received so much love in the tour and this has been crazy, and it was worth the effort and he was grateful, he described seeing people of Mamelodi as heart-warming and it made every blood and sweat worth it, he said that he was glad that he made it and made people of Mamelodi’s wait worth it.

“When I started in 2015 and our vision was very clear that we want to build a shoe brand that Africans can proudly affiliate with and we are telling a South African story so when I started, influencer marketing was a thing and I wanted someone who can advocate for my brand and Somizi resonate with a lot of South Africans, from kids to women’s and men, a lot of people he’s an idol so I wanted someone who can advocate what I stand for and Somizi came on top so I hustled him in the offices of SABC in 2015 and waited for him in the parting lot, told him who I am, my vision and showed him even my product to a point where when he wore it he tagged us on his all social media posts and people started calling it Somizi’s shoe and for the longest time this is known to be Somizi’s shoe so we thought why not just build and call it Somizi’s shoe”, said Theo Baloyi.

Theo Baloyi described his collaboration with somizi as humbling because its iconic in many ways that often times we see a lot of collaboration happening either with international brand within a local company and so forth but now we are really going back into the ecosystem and changing the game and building new ways of doing business, meaningful ways that has an impact, collaborations that are for us and we can resonate with is not farfetched, Bathu we all know what it means and we know Somizi’s story and journey so is not a story and a collab that comes from Italy or we don’t know where is coming from is a collab that is meaningful to our people so is really humbling that we are actually going that road as a brand.

“Is has been a very blessed journey, humbling journey in a sense that this brand has done so much for the people, I started in my little room in Alex and all I wanted is to build a shoe that all Africans can proudly affiliate with, with hope to create enough jobs, we have about 16 retail stores employed about 182 people in our brand and counting so is really humbling and we always say that I sacrificed one job in Dubai that could provide for my family and started a business that provide 182 people”, said Theo Baloyi.

Theo is originally from Hamaskraal in the are called Phake, with an accounting background and qualifications, studied in Unisa went to graduate with an honour, he grew up as a sneaker fan, used to buy a lot of sneakers from overseas including Dubai until a point where he had such a valuable collection, so I has so much of sneakers so why not own a brand, so doing my research I’ve realised we do not have a sneaker brand hence I started a sneaker busines.

“Is about time that Africans we start building businesses, products that the rest of Africans can receive because Africa it has been in a lot of receiving end because of the latest app or technology so they need to really to make products that are meaningful and resonates with people from home and not just do it for the fun of it “, said Theo Baloyi.

During the store visit, Bathu fans were invited to be served by Somizi.

“I drove all the way from Mooiklloof, it felt good for Somizi to put my sneaker on my feet”, said Mimi Mahlangu.

Another Fan said “I’m so excited and I’m looking forward to wear it for Durban, the shoes are a good quality, I’m happy and this is not my first pair, I have Mash limited edition, is my first time meeting Somizi and I’m exited to meet him in person, he’s my inspiration”, said Katlego Makaba from Mamelodi East, Extension 7.

One of the community members of Mamelodi East, Siya Hlophe, said that he only saw Somizi on TV and seeing him in Mamelodi is giving him hope that he will one day be big and famous, support local, push local brand and he believes that there will be groth in collaboration with people like Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Zambian Fashion Designer Open Doors For Mamelodi Up-Coming Entreprenuers

Given Sinkala, 50-year-old fashion designer and Founder of Given Best Creation from Zambia has started a new venture in recycling clothes and building African Burning Bush pots with a purpose to encourage other people who have raw talent and skills.

The new business has started in December 2020 after many functions and weddings were banished due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“I am a fashion designer, due to the issue of Covid-19 that we are currently facing, I’ve learned to venture in a new business, I started experimenting to see what works and brings a solution to financial problems and I found out that I can do these pots”, said Given Sinkala.

Mr Sinkala said he makes his pots using recycled clothes, cement, wires, recycles newspapers, old towels or blankets and he would like to share his talent with others of the same interest and passion.

“If people are willing to work with me, I can teach them and they can pursue their own businesses, especially those who are interested in sculpture, and hand-work”, said Given Sinkala.

He added on his statement, he feels that the government should consider entrepreneurs and give them opportunities of growth because of the talent they have and what they are willing to share with others.

According to Given, artwork has been his way to survive and showcase his talent.

When Given started his business, he only started with 2 pots and now he managed to sell 11 pieces of his amazing work. The pieces range from R 100 to R 350 of different sizes and shapes. Recently he just completed 35 pieces of is artwork.

The business is in Mamelodi Gardens behind Sikhanyisele Primary School.

“I feel overwhelmed with this business, people come to look for specific designs and I do for them, it is a challenge but once you stabilise you will achieve more”, said Given Sinkala.

Mr Sonkala said he will appreciate getting sponsors for the equipment that he uses including material such as cement, wires, wheelbarrow, spades, bakkie for deliveries and getting stock.

His words of encouragement were, “In this days and age we should encourage each other, embrace each other’s talents, for growth and independency”.

Given said anyone including disable kids is welcome to join and gain the skills, lessons and experience that he is willing to offer as part of growing local kids and building them to become better sculpture designers.

Contact Given on: 078 513 4241

By: Fortunate Machaba

6n9production On The Move With #GBV National Campaign

Nelmapius based production, 6n9production to host a national campaign to fight against Gender Base Violence.

Picture Provided

“Our main goal is to minimize the killing of women and children and actually spreading the message to men that they shouLd stop “abusing ” women, said the Director of 6n9musicproduction, Mpho Mokibi.

He added that the purpose of the campaign is to show men that being abusive doesn’t mean you are powerful and it really dooes’nt pay off but always comes with regrets and cosequences in the end.

Picture provided

The 6n9production group was working on the campaign video yesterday in Mamelodi East, Phase 4 and the campaign is expected to run accross all social media platforms and other media.

Mpho Mokibi said it felt really great to be part of the people who are taking action and trying to stop Gender Base Violence.

Picture provided

According to Mpho Mokibi, women should be awaken by GBV signs such as parners being extremely jelous, having a bad temper, verbal abuse, extrmely contolling behaviour, antiquated beliefs about the roles of a woman in a relationship.

Picture Provided

“Women should stop being scared, stand up and take action, report the matter before is too late”, said Mpho Mokibi.

One of the older ladies in Mamelodi East Extention 4, Maria Mamogobo said back in the days women were physically abused by men, and raped but this days it has escalated, women, especially young women are killed by their partners.

Mpho is encouraging woman who are experiencing GBV to voice out, go to the police or call a help line 0800 428 428.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi 65 Seater Buses Established To Replace Areng Buses

Mamelodi new buses were established and started to operate on Monday, 01 February 2021.

Picture provided

According to the source, Areyeng buses were not supposed to be used by residents of Mamelodi, due to the BRT system and the capacity that was too small for commuters.

Picture provided

“This is the empowerment for the taxi industry in Mamelodi, buses are 65 seaters, this has never happened in this country, unity is power, divided we fall”, said Bonny the Secretary of Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association, Bonny Ndjishe.

Picture provided

“I’m grateful about this progress so far, the community will be able to use these buses for private hire, funerals and churches, one of our goals is to see people getting jobs, assisting Mamelodi students who are doing well at school and in sports”, said the Secretary of MATA, Bonny Ndjishe.

Adding on his statement that the establishment of the bus involves the MATRANS, a company formed by two associations which is Malldta and Mata.

Most commuters in the previous years complained that Areyeng buses were not big enough to accommodate all the commuters. Finally, the issue was resolved and hopefully, the buses will be user-friendly and meet commuters’ expectations.

By: Fortunate Machaba

“Okae Molao” Operation To Take Charge In Tshwane, Mamelodi

Gauteng Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General, Ellias Mawela is expected to lead “O kae Molao Operation in Tshwane, Mamelodi from Saturday, 30 January 2021.

Picture provided

This happens after the Provincial Commissioner of the police in Gauteng, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela and a senior officer from South African Police Service and other law enforcement agencies lead O Kae Molao Operations in Mamelodi where forty-eight people were arrested for contravention of adjusted level three lockdown regulations that include transporting liquor, drinking in a public place, failure to confine into a place of residence into a place of the resident during curfew time and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Picture provided

According to the media statement provided by the office of the Provincial Commissioner in Gauteng, in balancing crime combating and enforcement of lockdown regulations, the team led by Lieutenant General Mawelo also arrested ninety-two (92) suspects from the crime that includes possession of vehicles, possession of drugs, dealing in drugs, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and rape.

By: Fortunate Machaba

From Call Centre Agent To Potential Hubby

Mthobisi Metene from Springs in Ekhuruleni found love after he owed a bank and a debt collector, Norman from Mamelodi who is now a husband called him every day to ask concerning the payment.

Picture Sourced

According to the source, Mthobisi lost his job and was unable to pay back the bank where the debt collector started to call him asking when he will pay back the money. At first, he was lying about his address for the debt collector to personally come and give him the forms to signs. In the end, they met in person and fell in love with each other.

The couple is now married and said they are happy now that their relationship is working as they used to fight a lot as lovers but they managed to eventually tie a knot.

Picture Sourced

Relationships are never perfect, as lovers you will always meet challenges, and is up to you as a couple how you manage and beat those challenge. Some people give-up in such relationships as they think is not healthy to always fight while some find a way to live with the fight and move on.

Source: Daily Sun

By: Fortunate Machaba

Do you Still remember the guy who donates clothes to kids at Matimba Community Centre? He’s now established his own brand called Dream On Design

Thabang Ngobeni co-founder of Student Motives together with his partners, Sabelo Mabena and Sipho Masuku have established a brand called “Dream On Design”.

Picture provided

“We believe in awesomeness and free dreaming. We just want to show kids that are younger than us that you can fight poverty in a positive way, also can look smart, dress well and be clean”, said Thabang Ngobeni.

Picture provided

The brand was established in September 2020 with a hope to change how young people fight poverty in communities and encourage them to fight in a positive way and at the same time still achieving their dreams.

Picture provided

The Dream on design “as a brand” came about after the partners wanted to inspire young people to dream through clothing brand and still earn a good physical appearance.

Picture provided

Thabang last words of advice to those who wants to start their own clothing brand were, “Put passion on it n invest everything on it. Treat it like your livelihood depends on it”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Ves Latched Mams Ladies Lunch Stage With Hot Song Called Ngikhathele!

David Ndishe 39, AKA Ves brought some warmth to Mams Mall ladies lunch stage with a very lavishing song called Ngikhathele. This track keeps on bringing magic and life to events.

Ves went to Ribane laka Secondary school and studied music at Emendy sound and music technology and studied music production, mixing and mastering.

He started his career in music back in 1999 with a group called Real Edition and released a song titled “Said I wanna be with you”, the song was released in 2003 and the group was in collaboration with mo mzansi Donald, Jaziel brothers and Rj Benjamin.

In 2010 he released a well-received single called my love with Boypeza which still taking YouTube by a storm.

He’s not only an artist/singer but he’s also a music producer.

Ves went to Ribane laka high school and later studied music at Emedy Sound and Music Technology where he studies music production, mixing and mastering.

“We would like to have a collaborate with RJ Benjamin and yes only singles and we recorded them with fusion tone and Dj kapa kapa both from Pretoria”, Said his PR manager Nhlanhla Peete.

Ves says one of his future plans is to own a record label for other artists. Work with Quincy jones and Babyface then my career will be complete Working wit this guys will put my career on the map.

The team so far achieved working with The company called YSG fusion tone and fearless elements on Ngikhathele single. So far, its 3 singles titled Ngikhathele, Malume and Nomathemba and the album is due to be released February.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mams Mall To Host A Free Sizzling Lunch For VIP Ladies!

Mams Mall will be hosting a very hot free lunch with ladies from Mamelodi on Friday 30 October 2020. The lunch will commence in the afternoon at 4pm and end at 7pm at night in the mall.

Picture provided

According to source, this is done with a purpose of giving back to women in business around the areas of Mamelodi.

There will be some lunch served as well as entertainment for the ladies of the day!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Residents Blocked Tsamaya Road For Electricity; Union Buildings Is The Next Target

In the early hours pf today, Monday 21 September 2020 residents of Mamelodi East blocked Tsamaya Road due to the issue of power in their area.

This happens after level 1 of lock down commenced today and people getting back to work. Some residents replied on the Facebook posts about protesters blocking the roads. Others suggests soldiers to intervene to prevent the protest.

Some residents have concerns that protests in Mamelodi are endless. According to their comments, it is believed that residents do not protest near their homes but taking it in the streets. Others on their comments raised a fact that the protesters should protest near the municipality offices instead.

There were strikes before in Mamelodi regarding the issue of electricity. Most people think they are residents who relocate to places with no access to service delivery and expects the government to solve the issue immediately after they have moved in those areas.

Some residents complained on the comment section that some of the protesters don’t even pay for the services causing the protests. Another suggests that the protest should be taken to Union Buildings to complain that they are being sabotaged in the community.

The protest started last night and it is not yet known when it will stop.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Thandanani Drop Inn Centre Cleaning Campaign Runs Successfully In Mams

Thandanani Drop Inn Centre ran a successful cleaning campaign on Saturday, 12 September 2020 in Mamelodi East. This happens after the Tshwane municipal worker’s strike took place and leaving the community with rubbish thrown on the road.

Picture provided

“As Thandanani Drop Inn Centre a youth driven organization based in Mamelodi we saw it fit for us to collaborate with Mamelodi Community Policing Forum (CPF) and initiate a clean up campaign that will clean Tsamya Road the Main and Provincial Road in the Middle of Mamelodi, the face of Mamelodi”, said the co Founder and Director of Thandanani, Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

According to the founder of Thandanani, the community strive and recently the waste collectors contract with the municipal expired on the 31st of August 2020 this are the three factors that contributed to the community to dump of the main road but for us this course the environmental health hazard, we took an initiative to invite others stakeholders and the community at large to come as the unity and clean Mamelodi. Love and care for environment.

Picture provided

Thabo send his regards and thanked all the stakeholders who took part in the initiative, including Coca-cola Beverages South Africa, City of Tshwane Region 6 Waste management team, Mamelodi Online Community, Water Sisulu, Centre CPF and SANCO for your immense contributions in the making the day a reality and greatness.

Picture provided

He added to his statement that he was happy about the turnout and the support by the community as it was overwhelming.

“The environment looking beautiful and smelling good for the health of our community and we pray that we can all sustain the beauty that we see”, said Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

The founder urges young people in the community to take part in the initiative of looking after the environment to protect their health.

“To the youth of my community, let us love Mamelodi, let us care about environment also as youth love to live on a clean and healthy environment”, said Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

This campaign is set to be an ongoing program as the members are trying their best to keep the environment clean even after the workers resume their duties they are prepared to work hand in hand with them.

By: Fortunate Machaba

K9 Police Finds Abandoned Child In Moretele View

Mamelodi West police K9 reacted to a complaint of abandoned child that was found at the park in Moretele View, Mamelodi West on Saturday morning.

Picture sourced

According to the police, on their arrival, they found a baby boy wrapped in a jacket and abandoned.

They took the child to the Mamelodi Hospital where he was admitted and given medical attention. The child is alive and still been given medical attention.

“A person who has committed this crime will be charged with child abandonment”, said the police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo.

The Police are investigating a case of Child abandonment which the FCS will give attention and are looking at finding the suspects.

The police are pleading with anyone with the information regarding this incident to kindly contact the police on: 012-8129024 or 10111 or 0860010111

By: Fortunate Machaba

Koko wa DIMPHO Foundation Throws Party For 6-year-old

Koko wa DIMPHO Foundation threw a party for a 6-year-old Refilwe Matlala in Mamelodi East Extension 11.

picture provided

“The party was sponsored by Simelane and Son’s funeral Parlor, as well as a few community members, two ladies from Mamelodi East police station Mrs K Mphahlele and Mrs M Sibanda, Mams Radio and myself”, said Koko wa Dimpho.

Koko wa Dimpho said that Refilwe’s health is worrying as she was diagnosed to have a kidney failure and heart issues, the party was to show her that she is important and she deserves to be happy as a child. Refilwe asked for Koko wa Dimpho Foundation to throw her a party as well.

Adding on her statement that during the party, they also organised party packs and clothes for Refilwe.

“The party was okay and we really have enjoyed it”, said Refilwe’s mother, Christina Matlala.

Picture provided

According to Refilwe’s mother, the Foundation has helped them a lot and she said that she is really happy and appreciates it.

The kids were almost 27 according to her estimation and later that day she donated food for the elderly from that area.

Bamoshate, from the royal family of the late Mr Lekhuleni, Mr phahlane, Mr khumalo, Mrs makola and Mrs joy were there to support the party and donated clothes to Refilwe.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Sandy MRD Releases New Sizzling Single; Bum Bum Ft Galaybanton

Sandile Maredi, AKA Sandy MRD originally from Mamelodi has released a new single called Bum Bum featuring Galaybanton. The female artists is known for her fierce talent in music and dancing.

Picture provided

“My new single is called featuring a Nigerian artist called Galaybanton, the experience was very very exciting cause as Amapiano vocalist I also want t venture in Afro-beats collaboration with Burna Boy and Wizkid, so is basically a start of me venturing in Afro genres”, said Sandy Maredi.

Sandy MRD started her music journey in 2017 as Team Mosha and now she’s SOLO, her first song was called Buti with Team Mosha a dope song that made her first experience very comfortable.

“Just be authentic as a person, from the first song you can hear that I’m original and try not to copy anyone else”, said Sandy MRD.

Picture provided

According to Sandy, you should look out for her blistering EP that is about to drop this month, lattes first week of September where she’s featuring Vine Music and Richard K, known for their talents in producing, also ft Optimist who’s an upcoming Amapinao vocalist very talented as well.

‘I want to own a fair record label one day, also want to encourage a lot of young women to believe in themselves and be independent to avoid men abuse, encourage young women that is possible, what you are passionate about and put your mind to is important, they have to pray about it, there will be challenges is up to you how you react, some you have to learn from them, some ignore and some put your foot down”, said Sandy MRD.

Sandy MRD is remarked as the first female to give the stages of “AMAPIANO” some heat through her blazing performance, and she’s famously known for winning the Best female performance at Mamelodi in 2018.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Footballer Jappie Motale Turns-up At Evah Mokwape Foundation’s Celebration For Women’s Day

Evah Mokwape Foundation has celebrated Woman’s Day at Mamelodi West central grounds yesterday, 9 August 2020. The professional footballer, Jappie Motale was part of it.

Footballer Jappie Motale

This year as it is pandemic, she decided not to host football tournament like the other years instead, she donated masks, sanitizers and T-shirts to all the local teams that would have participated in the 2020 football tournament.

Dep President of Mamelodi Local Football Association, Mrs Rachel Taukobong – Founder of Foundation Miss Evah Mokwape

“This was the way of celebrating Women’s Day and to also convey a message and motivate the ladies not to be demoralized during this pandemic”, said the founder of the Foundation, Evah Mokwape.

Evah Mokwape and Ntsoka from Vista University Alumni Foundation

The teams were including Golden girls Netball Team, Shining Stars Netball Team, Nelmapius Tigers Netball Team, Emarites Netball Team, Mams Ladies Football Club, Mpendulo Football Club, Entokozweni Football Club and Cullinan Football Club.

“The donation has helped my team, my players are very happy with the donation. I think it really meant a lot to them because they have been home and unable to participate in sporting activities”, said Kabelo Boshielo from Mpendulo Football Club.

President of Mamelodi Local Football Association; Mr Mashifane

“It was a blessed and happy day for me and everyone present, I got more support than I’ve expected”, said Evah Mokwape.

The sponsors were, Silverhorns Consulting pty Ltd, SKM, Dinaka Attorney, Serame Printers and Morare Thobejane Attorney. Vista University Alumni Foundation was also there to give their support.

To practice social distancing as per the President rules and regulation, only the team mangers were invited to collect the donations.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Hospital Confirms Few Covid-19 Cases

Dr Naing Soe has reported Mamelodi Hospital to have only 18 patients who were affected by Covid-19 in the past 5 months.

Picture sourced: EWN

According reports, in 1000 employees that the hospital has, about 100 had tested positive.

“Almost every day we do tests and most of them come back negative, luckily no staff member has died, and most of them don’t have severe symptoms or are asymptomatic”, said Dr Soe.

Mamelodi Hospital patients has previously raised bad complains about the hospital’s service and treatment. Most Hospital across the country also reported to have a poor hygiene practice.

However, Dr Soe reported to have repaired the hospital from in and outside including walls.

Picture sourced: Daily Maverick

“The walls are painted, tar roads resurfaced, boom gates are new, and CCTV cameras have been installed from parking to entrance. Every staff member has an air con and genuine leather chair. The CT scan has already been purchased and we will soon install it,” said Soe.

The doctor reported to have received support from MEC, Dr Bandile Masuku and other seniors, who has encouraged him to continue with all his projects even after the pandemic.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Evah Mokwape Foundation Celebrates Mandela Day With Thandanani Drop Inn Centre Children

Evah Mokwape, co-founder of Evah Mokwape Foundation has visited Thandanani Drop Inn Center on Mandela Day, 18 July 2020 in Mamelodi East. The event took place in the early hours of Saturday.

Picture provided

The foundation with a help from CEO of SilverHorns Consulting Pty Ltd, Thabo Monyai has donated musk, hand sanitizers and hand soap to the center.

“We started at 10am and we donated PPE’S ( musks, hand sanitizer and hand soap)”, said Evah Mokwape.

Evah expressed her feeling of joy and excitement of being around kids and see them around a safe area.

Picture provided

According to Evah, the reason she chose to go to the Drop Inn Centre on Mandela Day is because she loves kids and believes kids are the leaders of tomorrow.

“It was my first time however, I have been with the founder of the centre at my soccer events”, said Evah Mokwape.

The co-founder of Thandanani, Thabo Kgosi expressed gratitude towards effort put by the foundation as well as donation to the centre.

Picture provided

“We as Thandanani we are happy to receive this essentials donation after Evah Mokwepe Foundation hear our cry as the Centre we serve as an essential service were we serve daily with feeding Scheme for less fortunate children, homeless people and drug addicts and some times we close our doors and send our clients most children home without giving out the Food for the day due to shortage of PPE’s”, Said Thabo Kgosi.

Adding on his statement that they are happy to receive the PPE’s from the foundation to bridge the gap and be able to serve their beneficiaries.

More projects are planned in place moving forward with the centre.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mams Mall Donates Winter Blankets To Mamelodi Old Age Home

The Mamelodi Old Age Home in Ikageng, Mamelodi East was a hive of activity on Friday 17 July 2020. This happens after Mams Mall Center Manager Bafana Radebe and his entourage donated various useful items to the elderly citizens living at the center.

Picture provided

A total of 135 blankets, 20 packets of washing powder, cakes and biscuits were given to the senior citizens.

“This gesture is inspired by the spirit of Nelson Mandela Day, which entails helping and thinking about those who are vulnerable among us, especially the elderly. It is also in line with our corporate social responsibility policy,” said Mams Mall Center Manager Bafana Radebe.

“Another reason for handing out blankets is to help the elderly to keep warm during the cold winter season which comes at a time Covid-19 has reached alarming proportions in the country”, said Bafana.

Furthermore, Mams Mall management will also be giving blankets to elderly and disabled people who will be coming to SASSA in Mamelodi East to seek help concerning their grants,” he added on his statement.

The centre management also gave out face masks branded in the name of Mams Mall to the elderlies. Radebe says all these efforts are a way of interacting with the community and lending a hand in the fight against Covid 19.

From letf to right: Bafana Radebe, Olgar Radingwana & Nthabiseng Moremela

Radebe announced that this was not the first time the mall’s management was helping members of the community in their time of need. He said in December last year, Mams Mall management helped destitute flood victims of places like Eersterust, Riverside and Nellmapius with clothing items, blankets and food parcels.

Radebe made it known that their tenants (the businesses renting space at the mall), were also involved in various campaigns to relieve social distress in the community. 

“The gifts were off great need for our center and we want to say thank you to everyone who made this happen and on behalf of the center we want to say hope this is not the first and last time Mams Mall gives help to the community of Mamelodi” said, Old age home Centre Manager, Dorothy Dikhali.

Dorothy thanked Mams Mall for the donations and said that the blankets will keep the elderly warm during these winter season.

By: Nhlanhla Peete

Edited by: Fortunate Machaba

MATA Announces Taxi Fare Increase

Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association has announced the increase of taxi fares from 31 July 2020.

Picture sourced: March 19 2019 Mamelodi taxi drivers stop working taxi and off loud passenger Pic Veli Nhlapo/Sowetan

According to source, fare increase will be as follow:

From Mamelodi to Pretoria CBD/Town Willows and Kolonade will be R 20, scholars R 18 and local Mandela R 12, from Mamelodi to Tembisa will be R 25 rand.

“The president has granted taxi drivers to load 100% for local trip which means they re back in business so its very unfair to increase the taxi fare, the “law” taxis should go up every 3 years and also we are in a financial crisis and it not right to pull us down”, said Neo Rakoma.

Picture provided

Another resident said “I honestly don’t understand why would they want to increase because now the taxis are at full capacity of the commuters. Are they aware that people don’t have money? People are losing their jobs? Why is it that when the fuel price decrease, they don’t decrease their prices? I’ll just take a bus”, said Augustine Moagi.

As taxi fare increases some of the residents see a bus an alternative transport as it is cheaper.

MATA said that they apologise for such inconvenience.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Gauteng MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure Appointed Hettie Groenewald To Rebuild MATA

Gauteng’s MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Jacob Mamabolo has recently appointed Heetie Groenewald to rebuild Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association (Mata) also following the order of the court. This happens after a violence has taken place in the area.

Picture provided

MATA says they another achieventment to communite to its memebers. That includes allowing equal opportunities for alll drivers to a fair trade and earn a living.

“This transpired when some vehicles were not following the association rules of queuing and instead always taking better advantage of loading passengers as and when they can”, said the Association.

However, since May the association had reported to have restored order amongst taxi drivers at the taxi rank.

Reports says, Groenewald, has been an attorney for 40 years, and specialises in taxi-related matters, has been tasked with rebuilding Mata – and restoring orderly operations over the next three months.

According to source, Jacob Mamabolo, launched an urgent application with the court after the violence had claimed the lives of at least 19 people.
The MEC on his statement added that the re-creative road of Mamelodi is the end game to all the fights.

However, he decided to not close the roads instead he is going to ensure that the lives of commuters are not disrupted.

Mamabolo took an oath that the lives of the taxi associations will be saved as well as the commuters.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Patient Turned Into “Prisoner” After Reporting Unfair Treatment In Mamelodi Hospital

Nthabiseng Masenya, 31 years-old mother of a newborn of 19 days old who had a infected wound on the ankle that was nearly amputated has reported to have not discharged in hospital after she reported unfair treatment at Mamelodi Hospital.

Picture sourced

Nthabiseng said the baby started getting a better treatment after she reported the doctors to the media, the hospital sergeant said they where ready to go home as the baby’s wound is responding positively to the medication and more medication will be given to them to use at home.

According to Nthabiseng, the head doctor said they can’t go home because they have laid a complaint at the head office.

“I feel like I’m a prisoner now, they are keeping us here because we laid a complaint about the hospital”, said Nthabiseng.

The mother was admitted on the 4th of June 2020 for check-up and she delivered the baby on the 24th of July 2020. The father of the child, Nicolas Sebati said the baby had a shortness of breath and was taken to the ICU.

Picture provided

Doctors said the baby also have a shortage of blood and need a donor, the mother donated blood. After the baby had couple of injections for blood the baby’s foot got infected.

“I think they neglected my baby, they didn’t clean the wound properly after few injections, when we complained they undermined us and we laid a complain to the head office and they promised to give us answers after 5 working days”, said Nicolas Sebati.

According to the father the doctors saw the paper and they took further steps and cleaned the baby’s wound.

CEO of Mamelodi Hospital Dr Naing Soe has no comment on the statement.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Accused Murderer On Bail

The accused murderer was granted a bail of R 2000 on Wednesday, 08 July 2020 at A5 court, Mamelodi West.
The accused appeared in court for the second time for allegedly killing a 39 year-old women, Kedibone Skhosana.

Picture sourced

His first appearance was last month on Tuesday 30 June 2020.”Im shuttered, I can’t stop crying, I’m in tears even now I was happy that finally we going to get closure but what happened opened all the wounds our law is failing us”, said Hellen Skhosana.

Hellen Skhosana said she doesn’t understand how much of proof the courts want against the accused.

“It was the division of the magistrate, no one can go against the magistrate decision, the case will still continue, investigations will proceed it doesn’t mean that when he’s granted bail he’s not going to be found guilty”, said the policespokeperson, Constable Lethabo Mashiloane.

Helen Skhosana, Kedibone was killed by her boyfriend on 14 February 2016. This happened after Kedibone told her boyfriend she was breaking up with him.

The deceased sister said the couple started fighting after Kedibone found out someone opened a case of rape against her boyfriend.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Former Learners Mourn Passing Of Business Teacher

Learners of Lehlabile Secondary School took their sadness to social media about one of the teacher who passed on, saying that the school has lost a legend.

Picture sourced

Most former learners shared their disbelieve about the teacher’s passing. Mr Sibidi was known to be a business teacher at the school.

“He was a wonderful teacher and a comedian with a good sense of humor”, said one of the former business learner, Prisca Lehong.

Picture sourced

According to source, the teacher has a mild stroke before his passing.

His funeral took place today in Mamelodi East.

Only few teachers attended the funeral due to the government rule regarding the level 3 of lockdown.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Accused Murderer Appears In A5 Court

The police arrested a 40 years-old man who allegedly murdered a women at far East of Mamelodi, Phase 5 on Sunday, 28 June 2020.

Kedibone Martha Skhosana 39 year-old women was allegedly strangled to death at her home by her boyfriend on Valentines day, 14 February 2016.

The man appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday, 30 June 2020.

“On 14 February, he killed my sister and ran away. He used to live with us at our home”, said Hellen Skhosana, the deceased younger sister.

According to Helen, her Sister Kedibone was killed by her boyfriend after she told him they were breaking up. The couple started fighting after Kedibone found out about rape case opened against her boyfriend.

“They started fighting after the rape case opened by some lady, she then broke up with him but he didn’t want to leave her, he started stalking her to work”, said Hellen Skhosana.

Young people were outside chanting and pleading no bail for the accused after the court was dismissed.

The case was postponed until next Tuesday for further investigations.

The extension 4 police spokesperson Constable Lethabo Mashiloane is not yet reached for comment.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Tshwane Bus Service To Resume Operation

Tshwane bus Service (TBS) are ready to resume on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 after a temporary suspension. This happened after the the bus driver was tested positive of COVID-19.

Picture Sourced

Some areas including c de Wet, East Lynn and Pretoria North are still closed to allow for the disinfection and deep cleaning of the buildings and the bus fleet.

The process is expected to be complete later today and customers will be confirmed after the occupation certificate is issued.

According to Metro Spokesperson, Selby Bokaba, a total of 19 drivers who were in contact of the driver who tested positive are self-isolating while the driver is in self-quarantine.

“The closure of the buildings and suspension of the bus operation helped to enable the tracing of the personnel that came into contact with the bus drivers who tested positive for the corona virus”, said Selby Bokaba.

Bokaba said the staff is expected to return to work after the certificate is issued.

City of Tshwane Head Administrator, Mpho Nawa has apologised to commuters for the inconvenienced caused by the suspension and said this was done to protect the health and safety of staff members and the public.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Residents close Roads Due To Power Cut

The power cut issue continues to be a disruption in other parts of Mamelodi. Residents took it to the streets this morning at Tsamaya road where they blocked the road with burned tires and bricks.

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Residents in Mamelodi Mahube, Phase 1, phase 2, Tsamaya road near the hospital, Marikana, Nelmapius extension 2, 4 and 8 are currently facing a black-out issue.

“We didn’t have electricity last night and it only came back this morning, it is cold and having to not have electricity makes it worst”, said Nthabiseng Marema from Extension 4, Mamelodi East.

Residents in Nelmapius extension 2 also experienced power cuts from Tuesday 16 June 2020 until Saturday 20 June 2020.

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City of Tshwane on their page shared contact details that residents can use when experiencing power issues. Residents are urged to send either SMS or contacted the number provided if experiencing power disruption.

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On their post they also mentioned that other communities such as Soshanguve block V will be experiencing the same issue due to overloading.

It is not yet know what are the cause of power cuts in Mamelodi and when the issue will be resolved.

By: Fortunate Machaba

SANTACO Confirms R 3500 Embarked National Taxi Shutdown

Taxi organisation Santaco has confirmed that the R 3500 taxi relief fund has caused the national shutdown of taxi that took place yesterday, 22 June 2020.

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According to the secretary of Santaco Gauteng Region, Mr KP. Chabalala, the Provincial executive committee gave directions informing national associations to shutdown on 22 June 2020 and 23 June 2020 due to the R 3500 relief fund that the Minister of transport, Fikile Mbalula is giving the taxi industry while the industry is expecting at least R 20 000 per vehicle.

On the letter provided, Mr Chabalala said that they will appreciate an immediate implementation of this resolution.

No further taxi strike is expected today, 23 June 2020.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mata Apologises After Taxi Strike Left Commuters Stranded

Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association (Mata) apologised after taxi strike left commuters stranded. This happens after the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) embarked a strike today 22 June 2020.

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“To our commuters we really apologise for the inconvenience, this is the only way to talk to the government after 26 years of freedom”, said the secretary of Mamelodi Amalgated Taxi Association (Mata), Bonny Ndjishe.

According to source, the government has offered the taxi industry a relief package of R 1.135 billion and each is expected to get R 5000 but the taxi owners said they were expecting to get R 20 000.

Picture provided

“I’m in support of the strikes the government doesn’t have any plan for the taxi industry and they are not prepared to help, fare increase of R 7 is something we are busy with now as two associations in Mamelodi”, said Bonny Ndjishe.

In his statement he added that the amount and date of the taxi fare will be announced on Wednesday.

Taxis are expected to operate as usual tomorrow, 23 June 2020.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Has June 16 Lost Meaning To Today’s Youth?

Every year we commemorate the Soweto youth uprising of 1976, where about thousands of students mobilized by the South African Students Movement Action Committee supported by the BCM marched peacefully to demonstrate and protest against the Afrikaans language which was expected to be compulsory as English in schools.

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Does that have a meaning to the youth of today or it lost it?

I have asked few young people about what Youth Day means to them, it doesn’t look like the meaning has lost after all.

According to the government website, in 1975 protests started in African schools after a directive from the Bantu Education Department that Afrikaans had to be used on an equal basis with English as a language of instruction in secondary schools.

The June 16 1976 Uprising started in Soweto and spread across the country which resulted in the introduction of the Bantu Education Act in 1953. government’s directive.

Today we still have young people celebrating Youth Day because they believe it was done for them and it is important to commemorate young lives that were lost in 1976 in Soweto.

Here are few of thoughts from young people:

Nthabiseng Maleka: “June 16 is a day where we as young adults have to embrace the struggle of the youth of 1976 had to go through in order for them to get same basic education we have today”.

Khara Baloyi: “June 16 is about honoring the youth, respect to the youth about what they have accomplished in their lives. Youth Day is a day where we celebrate the autonomy of the youth and its influence on society as a whole in terms of the policies and ideologies which we are surrounded by”.

Annikie Rabohlale (from The Majesty, Empress South Africa 2020): “In early mornings of the day 16th of June, in 1976, in Soweto, a peaceful protest of a loud cry for equality was led by black South African youth. They firm, bold and hunger for a life they could only dream of, a life they knew they deserved. A life they knew they might not live to witness but still fought for. Now, they did that for us. The youth of South Africa. Although the war is not yet over, victory isn’t worn yet but it is up to us to apologetically confirm and live the wildness dream of those who died fighting for us in 1976. And if we can’t do it for ourselves, let’s at least do it for our children. Youth Day means Stand Up! Do Not Settle!

Howard Zondo: “June to 16 to me always bring this burning question to me: “has my generation found its struggle and if so are we unified to concur it? As said before: with youth comes courage and with age comes wisdom. Therefore, we need to use the courage and energy we posses today to fight the social ills at hand and even more so relying on our God given talents. As a young person today what are you doing to help the next generation, keeping in mind that we don’t have to do anything, it only takes one thing for us to inspire other young people and i believe is is through our God given talents, those who can sing let them sing to inspire us to be great, those in the space of art, let their art and creativity portray the reality that we are faced in, let the poets, speakers, writers tell us about our struggle and how we can conquer it. I believe when we speak in one voice we are more louder, is only different voices fighting a different struggle. Young person always keep in mind that what we do today will be written in the history books. The question is how do we want our history to be told? We are privileged to have platforms to write our own history because for once as a black young person you can finally tell your story and let it be true. So now the question is how much more do we need to do as young people in order to fight the injustices, social illness, the mental illness simply using our God given talents”.

Jostina Rakoma: “For a young South African women who has reeped the rewards of those who fought to liberate us from the struggle, especially educational inequalities which was and is still deemed as passport to a “good life” and a tool that holds power. I for one am grateful. Although after almost 300 years of apartheid and 26 years of democracy, there is still micro-racial segregation, unspoken hierarchy, millions of uneducated kids, students drowning in loans and hatred towards one another but there has been more black doctors, lawyers, psychiatrist you name it… 1976 uprising has still achieved a milestone. Therefore, for me, 16 June represents ongoing struggle, courage to propel South African security, achievement, quality education (Malcom X just because you have colleges and universities doesn’t mean you have education), increase in space to use that education (employment) . Therefore salute to all the heroes who bled for that change”.

Young people should start showing respect of this day by doing the right things, making the right choices in their lives and not only for them but also for others.

Looking at issues such as drug abuse, gender base violence, teenage pregnancy, killings of young women and men to name few that they are facing today which is completely opposite to what was fought before.

It is fair enough that some do fight for equal and free education, but if we constantly loose young people through murder or drug abuse, free education will be meaningless after all.

Start thinking about positive things you could do in the community, it doesn’t have to be a lot and think about who you will be remembered for.

The 1976 youth is remembered for fighting for education that has benefited many after their passing. What mark are you going to leave in other people’s lives?

Young people must take the lead and change the world for the upcoming generations, give directions and change has to start with them.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Schools Closed After Teacher Tested Positive

Mamelodi schools were closed on Monday 15 June 2020 after the teacher was allegedly tested positive of Covid-19 at Zaminthutuko Primary School in Mamelodi West.

This led to students who are believed to be part of the COSAS (Congress of South African Students) to dismiss schools in Mamelodi.

“We have been saying that schools must not be opened due to infrastructure, Covid-19 has exposed inequalities in schools”, said COSAS Secretary General, Teboho Magafane.

He added that most learners will be affected from their homes and suggests the learners should be tested before coming to school.

As a student organisation, he said they can’t predict how long the students will miss school and they are expecting to meet with the Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga today, Wednesday 17 June 2010 to discuss a way forward in keeping the learners and teachers safe.

In his statement he said that their concern is the learners camp for this year, considering the fact that learners walk 2 km to school everyday and some cross rivers to make it to school, a camp will save them from those.

“We need to have a solution to problems affecting the country and see how we can deal with the virus”, said Teboho.

As the virus continues to spread even more, Tebogo said that both learners and teachers must be tested before going to the camp and the government should assist kids to be able to go to the camp.

One of the high school teachers in Mamelodi East who would like to remain anonymously has confirmed learners to have dismissed at school by COSAS on Monday.

Teboho Magafane pleads with people to stop disrupting schools using COSAS name. Those who are not part of this student organisation are urged to stop using the name as he mentions that COSAS is a disciplined organisation.

Zaminthutuko Primary School principal is not yet reached for confirmation of the teacher’s results.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Miss Teen Mamelodi Princess 2020 Launch First Project

Asanda Dibakoane, 16 year-old Miss Teen Mamelodi Princess 2020 has launch her first project ( Soup Kitchen) with a purpose to help the needy families in time difficult time of pandemic.

Picture provided

The launch of Leaders Victory took place in Mamelodi East Extension 18 at her home.

“It was the exposure of the social issues that made me realise that there is poverty stricken households that are depending on the government, that children depend on school nutrition and given these circumstances they are struggling. So I started the project initiative to help provide to the needy families at time time of need”, said Asanda Dibakoane.

Her parents sponsored her first project and she mentioned that she would like to expand the project to other parts of Mamelodi and not just the area she lives in.

Picture provided

” I want to inspire young people and normalise educating the society that unity and humanity is what brings the community together, I want to be able to help every young person in their social and personal spaces so that they know it’s not about age to do what you want to attain”, said Asanda Dibakoane.

Asanda Dibakoane was crowned Miss Teen Mamelodi Princess 2020 on the 14th of March 2020.

Picture provided

“I feel so proud and excited that I have started this initiative to help those from a disadvantaged home and that I’m able to put a smile on someone’s face with just a little I can do. I want to establish it all around the country, as far as I can, especially at informal settlements where there are a lot of people in need’, said Asanda Dibakoane.

One of the parent who’s child was one of the beneficiary of the project said that as parent she is willing to support more of Sannda’s projects in the community.

“It is a great idea because some of the kids don’t have food at home and it’s the best thing to give them food so that they don’t feel disappointed at home”, said Elizabeth Mashishi.

At the moment Asanda is working on her second project of donating sanitary pads.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Queendom launched Online Tutoring For Matriculants

Queendom has launched an online tutor for matric students, the tutor took place on the 11th of April just after President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the extension of lockdown and ended yesterday.

Picture provided

The campaign occurred in all 9 provinces on subjects including Maths Literacy, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Life Orientations, Sepedi, English, History, Accounting and Economics.

“The purpose of this online tutoring campaign was to keep learners busy and focused in their studies and also to meet their school teachers half way. I’ve never been so excited and dedicated in doing something like this with the campaign”, said Daisy Diamond.

Adding that after the announcement of the lockdown extension she knew what the students were going through, the panic and pain of missing school, and saw an opportunity for her campaign to helping with fighting the pandemic, which in turn made her realise the thirst and hunger the young generation of South Africa have for education.

This picture below shows students sending their message of appreciation to the campaign for .

Picture provided

According to Daisy, Queendom wouldn’t have done this prestigious initiative if it wasn’t because of the help of selfless individuals who volunteered and make this campaign a success.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to out hero Tatana Tinyiko who sponsored us with data for the first month, our tutors who were accessible day and night for the learners”, said Daisy Diamond.

The tutors are the following, Shantel Chinerera and Tumelo Tshabangu for Life Sciences, Bhekumuzi Phala for Mathematcs Literacy, Xoli Grace Mokoena for Physical Sciences, Accounting, Vanessa Mutisa for Business Studies and Economics and Selokela Molamodi for History, and Daisy Diamond for English and Life Orientations.

“I’m so grateful like no words can fully explain how grateful I am because I am up to date now with English and and Life Orientation and thanks to Queendom. I really gained a lot through this difficult time of lockdown. I believe I’ll pass with good grades because of their utmost dedication and efforts of helping us”, said Zikhona Mbekwa, one of the learners from Sosebenza S.S.S in Eastern Cape.

Queendom was launched in 2019 April 27, their purpose is to positively impact lives of young women by helping them find their niche on earth and fullness in Christ, harness their inner power unleash their leadership potential.

They have been to schools to motivate young women, hosted few events for young people and also distributed sanitary towels to schools in the community.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Gogo Rosemary Moyaba Volunteers To Run Food Bank For The Needy

Gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba volunteered to run a food bank to assist the needy in Mamelodi. The food bank started 2 years ago.

Picture provided

“I started getting attention during Corona pandemic but I’ve started giving people food 2 years ago” said Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

Her journey started with a family in far east of Mamelodi of kids with no parents, she usually visited the kids until one day when she found out that they had no food.

She’s working with Pakistani shop owners and local businesses to support the needy.

She also knocks door to door asking for food and clothes for the needy.

“I’ve assisted plus or minus 300 people during the lockdown, areas including Skierlek, Phase 3, 4 and 5 and extension 10. I’m not earning any money except for tenants money that I use on petrol and other needs”, said gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

Although Gogo Mapula enjoy helping people in the community, she had came across challenges such as people not interested in putting hands in to the project she has started, funds and more people to assist in running the food bank in Mamelodi as she started the project on her own.

Picture provided

She also received calls from community members who are the beneficiaries of the food bank insulting her and some claiming to have not received food parcels. She also got threatened by a beneficiary who threatened to get her arrested for exposing people that she helps.

“I’m helping because I know what is like to starve, I’m from a disadvantaged background, my childhood wasn’t any easy, I faced so many challenges as a child as well as growing up”, said gogo Rosemary Mapula Moyaba.

She added that the threats and insults didn’t discourage her and she will continue with the project.

According to her, since is Level 3 of lockdown in South Africa, most people are pulling out of the project but she still continues to knock door to door to those who are willing to help. Only her neibour is assisting her with the project at the moment.

Gogo Mapule is also one of Mams Radio presenters and running a slot called Afrika wa Kgalema, wa kgalema ka dipolelo, on Monday (7pm-9pm), Thurday (6pm-9pm) and Sunday (6pm -9pm) where they are tackling issues around culture and the importance of culture.

By: Fortunate Machaba