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I'm a young journalist, blogger from Mamelodi happenings. Journalism is my calling and I'm very passionate with taking photos, writing and covering stories.


Phase 1 near Putco

Mamelodi East residents protested today in phase 2 blocking Tsamaya road. The protest was caused by Phase 2, New Town residents. Residents say people who live in New Town have been given the land 2-3 weeks ago and some of them extended the piece that they had been given. The owner of the area called the police and some of the shacks were removed.


Phase 2

The community is still protesting against the shacks being removed from the area. The protest started at Tsamaya road in Phase 1. During the protest residents burned tyres, blocked Tsamaya and New Town road and 2 brewery waggon were attacked during the protest. The police came during the protest and dispersed  the crowd.  The protest continued until this evening. The police were still shooting at residents who were trying to block the road from the top of the bridge. It is allegedly that 6 people were arrested during the protest. No injuries were reported during the protest. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Sabelo Mnina-tau Marishane, the ward councilor is involved in a project of installing a row of electric pylons to improve the electricity system in Mamelodi. The pylons are situated in Mamelodi East Phomolong, University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus and extension 22 Nelmapius. New RDP’s and rental houses in Nelmapus extension 22 are also going to benefit from the new pylons since they are also going to have electricity in their new homes. The project is still on going and it is not yet know when is going to be complete. “We are working on a substation development to improve the electricity system in Mamelodi”, said the ward councilor. He also said that he’s looking forward to complete the project considering the fact that now is winter and it is vital to have electricity and the want to solve the issue of power cut in the community.

By: Fortunate Machaba

I have been through a lot of pain in life but what I have experienced wasn’t a usual pain it was prodigious!


I know I’m writing from pain but this doesn’t mean I will forget about it once the pain heals. I walked in one of the areas of Mamelodi on the 22nd of June, a Thursday evening. This area had an enormous protest where many people were injured and some lost their homes. As I walked in the area, I saw sad faces like people were troubled…I continued walking until I reached the area where the protest took place. The first thing I saw was burned tyres, rocks blocking the road and burned shacks. What caused me pain was when I saw people taking their belongings from their homes (burned shacks), some where leaving from the area with vans. My heart bled. At the time the police were there looking after the area preventing more violence. I think I saw about 10 or more police in the area all sitting at the top of a hill and trust me that didn’t even make me feel better about the situation. I asked myself one question that I still haven’t got an answer to it. Where is the humanity? I’ve realised that some of us still fail to practice the concept of “Ubuntu”. I could’t find reason enough for the cause of the violence. When I asked what caused the protest they told me that they are fighting over an electric cable. IMG_0528Would an electric cable cause someone’s home to be burned? It was unbelievable…Not to forget to mention that people were still in their homes with fear..fear that the attackers would come back and burn their homes. Some were still outside cold, with children on their backs scared to go home just walking in the streets. Elders not knowing where they should go. Is this a life that any people should be living in this day and age? I suggest we look after each other but that looks like it is going take a while to sink in. Care about each other and help each other out. One of my good friends said “I’ve realised that we people live like birds, once one gets attacked we fly away”, I totally agree with him. How many of us are helping other people who struggle? I bet very few. As for I, I wish I had power to make changes. I’m actually looking for a way to change this although there won’t be nothing but tell their story. I spoke to a few people in the community trying to get as much information as I could to understand what happened and why it happened. One of the few people  who was able to talk to me, expressed how he felt about what happened to them, it was heart breaking to hear the whole story. I listened to his cries, gave advice where I could but it wasn’t good enough. I even felt like I’m not good enough to give advice. If you could give your self time and listen to people stories you will be shocked. I know in your mind you think I’m just a journalist looking for stories, but this isn’t about journalism anymore it is reality. Listening from where these people are coming from, some are here for work. I wish we would all feel the same way and try and help other people and if we were, one of you will understand the pain I’m going through…

By: Fortunate Machaba

Yesterday was an amazing day at Boston City Campus in Acadia. Do you know why? I was graduating!!!


my self

I have been waiting for that day and it was the best day of my life. I’m still shocked though I knew it was going to come with no doubt. My first walk at college when I saw everyone who was there before me dressed up and looked amazing with their regalia on, I then thought OMG this is really happening. I walked in the room where they were all getting dressed and I saw this queue, students were looking for their names on the list…I went hang on a minute what is the first impression I’m gonna give if I’m not on the list? and I went Ah…that is impossible. I eventually found my name on the list like I expected it to be. I got my regalia, put it on and went for my first photo.

Kb 20170623_171114

My friend Keabetswe and her parents

I got outside where everyone was with their families taking photo’s. I looked around me and I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I saw happiness, proud parents faces seeing their daughters and sons graduating. Tear of joy dropped down my face and I have realised how proud mine will be. As I was enjoying the view I saw a car I thought it will be my mum’s and I slowly walked to the gate. When I looked it was my parents.. it was like someone just told me that they got me a box of that’s how grateful I was when I saw them. I walked back into college with them by my side giving me warm hugs and all that. After 5 minutes my younger sister and grandma arrived.


Me and my family

I saw this big smiles on their faces, more hugs and complements. That’s when I started to realise how amazing it is to graduate. More photos obviously with everyone. The best moment came when our names where called and have to walk on the stage and shake hands to the lectures and pose for the picture. Remember it was too many of us in there. I mean like it was fully packed!!! I just told my self one my dad said “Is gonna finish before you know it, enjoy your moment on the stage, don’t rush it” and I did. I walked slowly and enjoying the time I was given to walk on the stage. As scary as it was I still made sure that I enjoyed it with my dad’s word in mind. It was amazing.. seeing everyone as well full of joy and enjoying the ceremony.  It was like a dream. In my mind I thought, we are all going somewhere and this was the first step of our journey.


Me and my friends: Keabetswe and Precious

I still couldn’t believe until when I had to go and collect my Diploma and I went Oh yes! this is really happening. God is great and I thank him everyday for bringing the best in my life. Not to forget a couple I met 3 years ago. When I see them is just a reflection of my mum and dad, I see them as my parents and they are parents. They have been there since the first day at college until the last. I’m very lucky to have them in my life and I’m still grateful.  Also my family and all those who helped me and been with me from a young age I made all of them proud and this was what I always wished for. After graduations we went for the best lunch at the Greek restaurant. It was awesome! That was about it. If you haven’t got where I am right now. I wish you all the best and I know you gonna make it. For all of you out there, I’m sending best wishes. xx

By: Fortunate Machaba


Mamelodi East residents , the informal settlement near Mahube were attacked this morning due to fighting over a cable, leading to many people injured and some losing their homes. The attackers burned down shacks, tires and blocked the road during the protest. One of the community member said the community members from the informal settlement had an argument with those who lives in “bond” houses earlier before the strike about the cable that they allegedly use to steal the electricity from them and resulted to the protest and the attack. The reason being that the attackers complains that they pay rent including water and electricity yet they still have shortage of electricity. The victim said they were attacked this morning (12am) while they were sleeping in their homes. There were people in the community who were going door to door to make them aware of the attack and telling them to run away from their homes. Many people in that area evaded to the mall, some where on the street not knowing where to go and others were reported injured.”I didn’t know what to do to help those who were injured, they are in hospital as we speak, some were injured from running away from rubber bullets where as some were injured from running away from the attack”, said the community member. It is not yet know how many people were injured and where they were taken.IMG_0528 Apparently it is said that informal settlement residents were given 3 hours to move from the area. The statement is not yet confirmed. Members of the community says the police later arrived at the scene and started shooting (rubber bullets). It is believed that the attackers had guns during the protest. Few people in the area had moved out with their belongings this evening to avoid the conflict where as many of them are currently in their homes. It is not yet known when the issue will be resolved. The police spokespersons, Captain Michel Mbewe (Mamelodi East police) together with Captain Johannes Maheso (Mamelodi West) are attending the matter at the moment. The police who are currently in the area are expecting the protest to take place. The police have been operating in the area since this morning, 5am.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Community members together with Tshwane government and initiation school owners around Mamelodi had a meeting on Saturday at Mamelodi East Extension 6, Africa Church. All the stakeholders were called including the councilor, priests, COPTA members, CONTRALESA and the SAPS member Mr Chivukadi from Mamelodi East police station. The meeting was concerning some of the owners of initiation schools who pays druggies R50 for bringing more kids to the schools. It is believed that is more than one school but not specified was recently paying druggies to take kids without their parent’s permission to the schools. It is said that most of the kids were taken from the streets playing with friends. The owners who attended the meeting said they will no longer take kids who are not taken in by their parent’s and from now on parents have to sign while bring their kids to school as well as giving them the doctor’s conformation letter to confirm that the child can go to the initiation school. “Those who were in the meeting, they said they will not take any child without their parent signatures. Even if the child is without a parent and decide to give the principal their parent’s phone numbers the principal will take the initiative and visit their homes for confirmation”, said Dina Sibanyoni, Team Leader ward 40 and one of the parent whose child is currently at the school. It is confirmed that any school that take children without their parents concern they would be charged and could end up sentenced to 12 years in prison. Ward 40 Team leader said most of the parents complains were that when children return home from from these schools, they are becoming disrespectful, get involved into drugs, suffer from health issues and they believe that initiation schools are loosing dignity this days, it is not more about culture but rather business. Some kids don’t even return they die in the schools. More investigations still in process. It is still going to be discussed when and where the next meeting will take place. The Team is currently looking for a bigger venue where everyone in Mamelodi is expected or invited to attend the meeting.

By: Fortunate Machaba

This is the Media Release from The Public Servants Association Of South Africa:

The Public Servants Association of South Africa (PSA) won the battle against Department of Home Affairs regarding the new working hours which expected members to work on Saturdays without getting paid.

Home affairs

Department of Home Affairs’ application for an urgent interdict to stop the PSA from starting the national strike was struck of the roll by Labour Court last Thursday 15 June. An urgent intervention by Ministers of Home Affairs, Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize and Public Service and Administration, Faith Muthambi was called with affected labour parties to try and find a friendly solution and stop strike from today 19 June 2017.

“The PSA represents about 75% of workers in home affairs and the strike would have seen a total shut down of Home Affairs offices across the country”, said PSA General Manager, Ivan Fredericks. At the PSCBC on Thursday night, the ministers withdrew the circular that unilaterally introduced a new shift system for weekend work. In light of that, organised labour also agreed to withdraw their strike notice and suspend any intended strike action.

All parties have agreed to continue to engage in a process of negotiation on working hours in the Departmental Chamber of the GPSSBC. “The PSA will address it’s members of the outcome at major affected areas on Monday, 19 June 2016. The positive outcome of the dispute is a powerful message to employers that the PSA will stop at nothing within the law to protect the rights of it’s members”, said Mr Fredericks.

The workers are going back to work tomorrow and expected to work normal working hours.

By: Fortunate Machaba