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I'm a young journalist, a blogger from Mamelodi happenings. Journalism is my calling and I'm very passionate about talking to people, taking photos, writing and covering stories. Mamelodi Happenings is about stories that are happening in Mamelodi. It could be crime, violence, politics, entertainment, fashion, advertorial, education, environmental, health, opinion and motivation articles. Also to let the public know about what is happening around them or in Mamelodi.

Residents Blocked Tsamaya Road For Electricity; Union Buildings Is The Next Target

In the early hours pf today, Monday 21 September 2020 residents of Mamelodi East blocked Tsamaya Road due to the issue of power in their area.

This happens after level 1 of lock down commenced today and people getting back to work. Some residents replied on the Facebook posts about protesters blocking the roads. Others suggests soldiers to intervene to prevent the protest.

Some residents have concerns that protests in Mamelodi are endless. According to their comments, it is believed that residents do not protest near their homes but taking it in the streets. Others on their comments raised a fact that the protesters should protest near the municipality offices instead.

There were strikes before in Mamelodi regarding the issue of electricity. Most people think they are residents who relocate to places with no access to service delivery and expects the government to solve the issue immediately after they have moved in those areas.

Some residents complained on the comment section that some of the protesters don’t even pay for the services causing the protests. Another suggests that the protest should be taken to Union Buildings to complain that they are being sabotaged in the community.

The protest started last night and it is not yet known when it will stop.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Thandanani Drop Inn Centre Cleaning Campaign Runs Successfully In Mams

Thandanani Drop Inn Centre ran a successful cleaning campaign on Saturday, 12 September 2020 in Mamelodi East. This happens after the Tshwane municipal worker’s strike took place and leaving the community with rubbish thrown on the road.

Picture provided

“As Thandanani Drop Inn Centre a youth driven organization based in Mamelodi we saw it fit for us to collaborate with Mamelodi Community Policing Forum (CPF) and initiate a clean up campaign that will clean Tsamya Road the Main and Provincial Road in the Middle of Mamelodi, the face of Mamelodi”, said the co Founder and Director of Thandanani, Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

According to the founder of Thandanani, the community strive and recently the waste collectors contract with the municipal expired on the 31st of August 2020 this are the three factors that contributed to the community to dump of the main road but for us this course the environmental health hazard, we took an initiative to invite others stakeholders and the community at large to come as the unity and clean Mamelodi. Love and care for environment.

Picture provided

Thabo send his regards and thanked all the stakeholders who took part in the initiative, including Coca-cola Beverages South Africa, City of Tshwane Region 6 Waste management team, Mamelodi Online Community, Water Sisulu, Centre CPF and SANCO for your immense contributions in the making the day a reality and greatness.

Picture provided

He added to his statement that he was happy about the turnout and the support by the community as it was overwhelming.

“The environment looking beautiful and smelling good for the health of our community and we pray that we can all sustain the beauty that we see”, said Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

The founder urges young people in the community to take part in the initiative of looking after the environment to protect their health.

“To the youth of my community, let us love Mamelodi, let us care about environment also as youth love to live on a clean and healthy environment”, said Thabo Kgotsi.

Picture provided

This campaign is set to be an ongoing program as the members are trying their best to keep the environment clean even after the workers resume their duties they are prepared to work hand in hand with them.

By: Fortunate Machaba

K9 Police Finds Abandoned Child In Moretele View

Mamelodi West police K9 reacted to a complaint of abandoned child that was found at the park in Moretele View, Mamelodi West on Saturday morning.

Picture sourced

According to the police, on their arrival, they found a baby boy wrapped in a jacket and abandoned.

They took the child to the Mamelodi Hospital where he was admitted and given medical attention. The child is alive and still been given medical attention.

“A person who has committed this crime will be charged with child abandonment”, said the police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo.

The Police are investigating a case of Child abandonment which the FCS will give attention and are looking at finding the suspects.

The police are pleading with anyone with the information regarding this incident to kindly contact the police on: 012-8129024 or 10111 or 0860010111

By: Fortunate Machaba

Koko wa DIMPHO Foundation Throws Party For 6-year-old

Koko wa DIMPHO Foundation threw a party for a 6-year-old Refilwe Matlala in Mamelodi East Extension 11.

picture provided

“The party was sponsored by Simelane and Son’s funeral Parlor, as well as a few community members, two ladies from Mamelodi East police station Mrs K Mphahlele and Mrs M Sibanda, Mams Radio and myself”, said Koko wa Dimpho.

Koko wa Dimpho said that Refilwe’s health is worrying as she was diagnosed to have a kidney failure and heart issues, the party was to show her that she is important and she deserves to be happy as a child. Refilwe asked for Koko wa Dimpho Foundation to throw her a party as well.

Adding on her statement that during the party, they also organised party packs and clothes for Refilwe.

“The party was okay and we really have enjoyed it”, said Refilwe’s mother, Christina Matlala.

Picture provided

According to Refilwe’s mother, the Foundation has helped them a lot and she said that she is really happy and appreciates it.

The kids were almost 27 according to her estimation and later that day she donated food for the elderly from that area.

Bamoshate, from the royal family of the late Mr Lekhuleni, Mr phahlane, Mr khumalo, Mrs makola and Mrs joy were there to support the party and donated clothes to Refilwe.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Sandy MRD Releases New Sizzling Single; Bum Bum Ft Galaybanton

Sandile Maredi, AKA Sandy MRD originally from Mamelodi has released a new single called Bum Bum featuring Galaybanton. The female artists is known for her fierce talent in music and dancing.

Picture provided

“My new single is called featuring a Nigerian artist called Galaybanton, the experience was very very exciting cause as Amapiano vocalist I also want t venture in Afro-beats collaboration with Burna Boy and Wizkid, so is basically a start of me venturing in Afro genres”, said Sandy Maredi.

Sandy MRD started her music journey in 2017 as Team Mosha and now she’s SOLO, her first song was called Buti with Team Mosha a dope song that made her first experience very comfortable.

“Just be authentic as a person, from the first song you can hear that I’m original and try not to copy anyone else”, said Sandy MRD.

Picture provided

According to Sandy, you should look out for her blistering EP that is about to drop this month, lattes first week of September where she’s featuring Vine Music and Richard K, known for their talents in producing, also ft Optimist who’s an upcoming Amapinao vocalist very talented as well.

‘I want to own a fair record label one day, also want to encourage a lot of young women to believe in themselves and be independent to avoid men abuse, encourage young women that is possible, what you are passionate about and put your mind to is important, they have to pray about it, there will be challenges is up to you how you react, some you have to learn from them, some ignore and some put your foot down”, said Sandy MRD.

Sandy MRD is remarked as the first female to give the stages of “AMAPIANO” some heat through her blazing performance, and she’s famously known for winning the Best female performance at Mamelodi in 2018.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Footballer Jappie Motale Turns-up At Evah Mokwape Foundation’s Celebration For Women’s Day

Evah Mokwape Foundation has celebrated Woman’s Day at Mamelodi West central grounds yesterday, 9 August 2020. The professional footballer, Jappie Motale was part of it.

Footballer Jappie Motale

This year as it is pandemic, she decided not to host football tournament like the other years instead, she donated masks, sanitizers and T-shirts to all the local teams that would have participated in the 2020 football tournament.

Dep President of Mamelodi Local Football Association, Mrs Rachel Taukobong – Founder of Foundation Miss Evah Mokwape

“This was the way of celebrating Women’s Day and to also convey a message and motivate the ladies not to be demoralized during this pandemic”, said the founder of the Foundation, Evah Mokwape.

Evah Mokwape and Ntsoka from Vista University Alumni Foundation

The teams were including Golden girls Netball Team, Shining Stars Netball Team, Nelmapius Tigers Netball Team, Emarites Netball Team, Mams Ladies Football Club, Mpendulo Football Club, Entokozweni Football Club and Cullinan Football Club.

“The donation has helped my team, my players are very happy with the donation. I think it really meant a lot to them because they have been home and unable to participate in sporting activities”, said Kabelo Boshielo from Mpendulo Football Club.

President of Mamelodi Local Football Association; Mr Mashifane

“It was a blessed and happy day for me and everyone present, I got more support than I’ve expected”, said Evah Mokwape.

The sponsors were, Silverhorns Consulting pty Ltd, SKM, Dinaka Attorney, Serame Printers and Morare Thobejane Attorney. Vista University Alumni Foundation was also there to give their support.

To practice social distancing as per the President rules and regulation, only the team mangers were invited to collect the donations.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Hospital Confirms Few Covid-19 Cases

Dr Naing Soe has reported Mamelodi Hospital to have only 18 patients who were affected by Covid-19 in the past 5 months.

Picture sourced: EWN

According reports, in 1000 employees that the hospital has, about 100 had tested positive.

“Almost every day we do tests and most of them come back negative, luckily no staff member has died, and most of them don’t have severe symptoms or are asymptomatic”, said Dr Soe.

Mamelodi Hospital patients has previously raised bad complains about the hospital’s service and treatment. Most Hospital across the country also reported to have a poor hygiene practice.

However, Dr Soe reported to have repaired the hospital from in and outside including walls.

Picture sourced: Daily Maverick

“The walls are painted, tar roads resurfaced, boom gates are new, and CCTV cameras have been installed from parking to entrance. Every staff member has an air con and genuine leather chair. The CT scan has already been purchased and we will soon install it,” said Soe.

The doctor reported to have received support from MEC, Dr Bandile Masuku and other seniors, who has encouraged him to continue with all his projects even after the pandemic.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Evah Mokwape Foundation Celebrates Mandela Day With Thandanani Drop Inn Centre Children

Evah Mokwape, co-founder of Evah Mokwape Foundation has visited Thandanani Drop Inn Center on Mandela Day, 18 July 2020 in Mamelodi East. The event took place in the early hours of Saturday.

Picture provided

The foundation with a help from CEO of SilverHorns Consulting Pty Ltd, Thabo Monyai has donated musk, hand sanitizers and hand soap to the center.

“We started at 10am and we donated PPE’S ( musks, hand sanitizer and hand soap)”, said Evah Mokwape.

Evah expressed her feeling of joy and excitement of being around kids and see them around a safe area.

Picture provided

According to Evah, the reason she chose to go to the Drop Inn Centre on Mandela Day is because she loves kids and believes kids are the leaders of tomorrow.

“It was my first time however, I have been with the founder of the centre at my soccer events”, said Evah Mokwape.

The co-founder of Thandanani, Thabo Kgosi expressed gratitude towards effort put by the foundation as well as donation to the centre.

Picture provided

“We as Thandanani we are happy to receive this essentials donation after Evah Mokwepe Foundation hear our cry as the Centre we serve as an essential service were we serve daily with feeding Scheme for less fortunate children, homeless people and drug addicts and some times we close our doors and send our clients most children home without giving out the Food for the day due to shortage of PPE’s”, Said Thabo Kgosi.

Adding on his statement that they are happy to receive the PPE’s from the foundation to bridge the gap and be able to serve their beneficiaries.

More projects are planned in place moving forward with the centre.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mams Mall Donates Winter Blankets To Mamelodi Old Age Home

The Mamelodi Old Age Home in Ikageng, Mamelodi East was a hive of activity on Friday 17 July 2020. This happens after Mams Mall Center Manager Bafana Radebe and his entourage donated various useful items to the elderly citizens living at the center.

Picture provided

A total of 135 blankets, 20 packets of washing powder, cakes and biscuits were given to the senior citizens.

“This gesture is inspired by the spirit of Nelson Mandela Day, which entails helping and thinking about those who are vulnerable among us, especially the elderly. It is also in line with our corporate social responsibility policy,” said Mams Mall Center Manager Bafana Radebe.

“Another reason for handing out blankets is to help the elderly to keep warm during the cold winter season which comes at a time Covid-19 has reached alarming proportions in the country”, said Bafana.

Furthermore, Mams Mall management will also be giving blankets to elderly and disabled people who will be coming to SASSA in Mamelodi East to seek help concerning their grants,” he added on his statement.

The centre management also gave out face masks branded in the name of Mams Mall to the elderlies. Radebe says all these efforts are a way of interacting with the community and lending a hand in the fight against Covid 19.

From letf to right: Bafana Radebe, Olgar Radingwana & Nthabiseng Moremela

Radebe announced that this was not the first time the mall’s management was helping members of the community in their time of need. He said in December last year, Mams Mall management helped destitute flood victims of places like Eersterust, Riverside and Nellmapius with clothing items, blankets and food parcels.

Radebe made it known that their tenants (the businesses renting space at the mall), were also involved in various campaigns to relieve social distress in the community. 

“The gifts were off great need for our center and we want to say thank you to everyone who made this happen and on behalf of the center we want to say hope this is not the first and last time Mams Mall gives help to the community of Mamelodi” said, Old age home Centre Manager, Dorothy Dikhali.

Dorothy thanked Mams Mall for the donations and said that the blankets will keep the elderly warm during these winter season.

By: Nhlanhla Peete

Edited by: Fortunate Machaba

MATA Announces Taxi Fare Increase

Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association has announced the increase of taxi fares from 31 July 2020.

Picture sourced: March 19 2019 Mamelodi taxi drivers stop working taxi and off loud passenger Pic Veli Nhlapo/Sowetan

According to source, fare increase will be as follow:

From Mamelodi to Pretoria CBD/Town Willows and Kolonade will be R 20, scholars R 18 and local Mandela R 12, from Mamelodi to Tembisa will be R 25 rand.

“The president has granted taxi drivers to load 100% for local trip which means they re back in business so its very unfair to increase the taxi fare, the “law” taxis should go up every 3 years and also we are in a financial crisis and it not right to pull us down”, said Neo Rakoma.

Picture provided

Another resident said “I honestly don’t understand why would they want to increase because now the taxis are at full capacity of the commuters. Are they aware that people don’t have money? People are losing their jobs? Why is it that when the fuel price decrease, they don’t decrease their prices? I’ll just take a bus”, said Augustine Moagi.

As taxi fare increases some of the residents see a bus an alternative transport as it is cheaper.

MATA said that they apologise for such inconvenience.

By: Fortunate Machaba