About The Author


I studied a diploma in Media at  Boston Business College, I’m a writer and enjoy working for other publications to learn and grow my passion. The writing process  started when I was in primary school and started by writing my personal diaries. It became a habit and I was doing it routinely. Small things I used to write in my diary at primary school resulted in the stories I cover today in Mamelodi.

I’m very passionate about writing and well known for my unique, engenuity and effortless reporting to the community. So far, It’s been 5 good years…

I enjoy reporting local news and I want people to know what’s happening in Mamelodi.

I worked with and for local radio stations including Mams Radio and AfroLive Radio. I was awarded a best writer of February 2020 at Opera News ZA, featured as guest on radio, invited in many events of different nature, interviewed many people including business man and women, autors, politicians, artists and a celebrity. My journey so far is amazing and I can’t wait for more!


    1. Thanks very much and I’m terribly sorry for a late reply I was still finding a way of getting to see my comments, now I know. The answer is no, is not only available for Mamelodi residents I just cover stories specifically in Mamelodi but anyone can read them. You can follow me on facebook and twitter on Fortunate Machaba or you can go on fortunatetmachaba.wordpress.com that’s the direct link to my blog. You are more than welcome to share with your friends.



  1. I think you have potential to become one of the greatest writers in South Africa. Your writings insipre me to write even more too. Don’t stop you’re near.



  2. Good morning Fortunate,

    I am an honors architecture student at Tuks and am currently working within Mamelodi. I would love to hear more of your stories.

    Is there any possibility of arranging a meeting with you at your earliest convenience?

    Thank you so much!
    Look forward to hearing from you



  3. Thank you so much! Monday would be perfect.
    Is there anyway we can exchange further contact details? Perhaps email addresses or cell numbers. I would love for you to suggest a meeting at your favorite spot in Mams and we will be sure to see you there.

    Kind Regards



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