SJAY ARTWORK Grew From Local Events Making To Global Brand Making

IMG-20190409-WA0000When Junior Stephen Baloyi, an entrepreneur from Pretoria, Mamelodi launched SJAY ARTWORKS with a slogan titled “BRINGING VISION TO LIFE” in 2016, he wanted to create a niche business which was to make posters for local businesses around Mamelodi. He did not make money in the first place and wanted his work to be seen by his potential customers. He then started running events with a team around Mamelodi.

“We used to host events at one of the pubs in Mamelodi west but I then thought is not really what I want to do, we all had different ideas and visions and goals and people don’t know what you actually looking for. We later formed an event company management called divergence and collaborated with few others around Mamelodi but I later left the group, said Junior Baloyi.

If we were to sell different ideas in Mamelodi we would all be successful entrepreneurs. The problem with being an entrepreneur especially in Mamelodi, is that we do not support each other financially although you learn what to do and what not to do in business in the end. I’ve learned to have my own code of conduct for my company to avoid people taking advantage especially when coming to payments. He mentioned that he has gained a lot of exposure in the industry and even learned how to be a DJ, events marketing, Own HR and branding. That has helped him to find himself of a massive brand and poster making that has been growing far beyond his original vision. He’s rolling with it adapting right alongside his one-man company.

IMG-20190408-WA0025Junior has been in the industry for 3 years. He still pursue doing more to develop others in Mamelodi and to get his business abroad. “My work motivates me, I believe more in putting words into a picture and seeing my work out there inspire me to do more”, said Junior. He had people who mentored him throughout his journey, although he has done most of the work to get himself at a peak and some of those people were very inspirational to him, one of them being Ron Epidemic who is a producer and produced for popular artists. He influenced him positively in the journey and that tough Junior perseverance and humbleness.

“My sense of focus helped me to be where I am today, responsibilities made me want to be in this business and work for someone at the same time, I always thought it wasn’t enough to live off. I invest more time and money in myself and company to generate more income”, said Junior.

Junior says for those who pursue being in the same business, grasp your skill, everyone has their own way of designing things, use your own designing skills, get your skills right and don’t be in it for money! In few months time, he said he will want to see himself having his own space of work and have a team to work with.

by: Fortunate Machaba 

Howard Swift’s New Book Reveal Solutions

Howard Zondo, Mamelodi based young author will be publishing his second book titled “Lessons From A Domestic Worker”.

PHOTO-2019-02-21-15-21-54 (3)The book will be released on the 30th of March 2019. When Mamelodi Happenings approached the author and asked what this book is about, his answer was “The book is birthed with an idea that our struggles are the symbols of hope.

We are connected by hardship because without them there would be no communal goal to seek better lives”. This includes issues of employment, fatherless, recession in the economy and children becoming parents.


Background Information By Howard Zondo

I am raised by bottles she used to pick up in a club. I grew up unprivileged and never had a place called home. I am sharing lessons that I believe children and parents can implement to change their circumstances.

The Tricky Part

The challenges were having to share the pain he gone through and struggles that were deeply connected to him and his fear that it might be too soon to share. This is the part of his life that he lived and he’s hoping that with his story shared many will be liberated.

Favorite Chapter

Lesson one is the most favorable chapter because it incorporate all the struggles and also motivation that pushed him to fight hard and shift from the hardship. He was emotional when sharing the story as he kept this from himself.


Why You Should Buy This Book



Howard Zondo made it clear that we all face crisis in life and at times we wonder what  purpose they serve into our lives.

This lessons are given to you as a blessing and will surely benefit you no matter where you coming from.


I’m excited to let you know that you are also recommended to write your own book but Zondo’s advice is research first before starting the process and have a unique content. “Great books are not defined by the length of pages but rather the fulfillment of ideas and original intent of it”, said Howard Zondo.

By: Fortunate Machaba 





Mams Grannies Use Tateni For Their Projects

Mams Grannies Use Tateni For Their Projects

20170822_092456Mamelodi Grannies are using Tateni Community Centre for their hand work projects and for doing their exercises. The ladies visit the centre twice a month. Most of them say that they don’t want to stay home and do nothing. On Tuesday, as part of their knitting lessons, they were taught to knit a yoyo that can be put on jerseys and hair bands. The ladies once sold their blankets that they knitted to Canada and it said that many people bought it as they loved it. The challenge that the centre is facing is that they have no enough sponsors or funds to keep the ladies at the centre every day. 20170822_103537The grannies haven’t got a sponsor for the projects that they are running. “They only come twice a week because the centre does not have enough food for every day and can only afford to have them twice a month, we give them breakfast and lunch every time they come at the centre and they use the centre for exercising and doing their hand work”, said Johanna Ramasehla, one of the Gogo’s assistant. The centre is also going to get a sponsorship from one of the agriculture companies, who will be assisting them with vegetables for them to grow and sell to get income. 20170822_093236 (1)“Most of the grannies are looking after orphans and vulnerable children that Tateni is currently taking care of”, added Johanna. She mentioned that Pick’n Pay comes to the centre every Tuesday and they share food with the ladies as well as kids at the drop-in centres. Johanna encourages the grannies and children who are not aware of Tateni that they are there to help with family matters or any issue they have and they are more than welcome to come forth and join Tateni.


By: Fortunate Machaba


Touch Line Finally Re-Opens For The Community; Mamelodi


Touch line was re-opened last night 16 June at Mamelodi East Extension 5. The club was closed for two months due to financial problems. “We are entertaining people and bringing friends and colleagues together to have fun. We are doing this to save people from going too far to enjoy themselves but rather come to a place convenient to them”, said one of the owners, Lehlogonolo Molahlegi.


The event started at 6 and finished later that night. The club is running by three young men including Immanuel Mahasha  and Mongezi Thabethe. They said that people in the community were complaining about the club being closed down since they had no anywhere else close to go and enjoy. They all three thought of re-opening the club. The club is currently running and they plan to grow it together as partners. “I expect touch Line to grow, the club has been running for two years and what I want to see is growth, said one of the owners.

By: Fortunate Machaba

MMA Open Opportunities For Young People In Mamelodi

Agency photo

Motlagomang Malesa known as DJ Bum Jive, co-founder of Mamelodi Models Agency made his start with 25 models and still has bigger plans for the Agency. Mamelodi Model Agency started running in June 2016.

model 1



Most of his models are based in Mamelodi but some are from Soshanguve, Soweto and Johannesburg. “I want to help prevent young people from going on streets, drugs, blessers and keep them busy while they are earning”, said Motlagomang.



model 3The best innovative Mams young man takes his models for business lecturers where they gain skills that will benefit his other businesses apart from the agency. “I don’t want them to just be models but business men and women to gain skills, be innovating and make a living out of it”, said Dj Bum Jive.

model 2


Malesa said he want his company to get as far as it can “in space” he said, he wants to see his company helping others to get opportunities as well as being in partnership with 100 companies in the next few years. I call this dreaming tremendously!






By: Fortunate Machaba



Mamelodi born, founder and a director of Samba Sport ZA (PTY) LTD, Thabo Kgotsa, finally won a gold medal with his Samba football club. The under 13’s coached by young Menzi Phiwe Mabena won 4-3 against Sporting Academy in the final of the tournament at Rietondal Primary School on Saturday.  Coach Phiwe’s team, was in a round robin group with the other Samba team, Riotendale’s own team, Sporting A and B site from Johannesburg. The tournament was organized by Sporting South Africa and took place in Pretoria.

photo-4The Samba team won all their four games and were qualified for the finals as leaders in the league. “I’m happy with the organization that we started on time and I had to coach on the day since we took more teams than we intended. We gave some of the new boys who have been trained for a week an opportunity  to come and experience the tournament scenario. I took it as a great day for the kids, especially considering our recent participation in tournaments, one of our teams made it to the finals and I’m actually happy about it”, said Thabo.

“The tournament was great initiative, we prepared the boys very well, we had 4 days of training before the tournaments. The past 3 games we did very well and I’m happy with the character of the boys they showed their great team spirit and I’m proud of the boys and this is just a picture of what we going to do next year, I very happy as a coach and would like to thank everyone who gave their support” said the coach Phiwe

Samba football Club entered teams in the tournament’s under 9’s and under 13’s. Samba football club will represent the Samba Soccer Academy in the football Association in Pretoria from 2017. The club will be affiliated for the under 9’s, 11’s, 13’s and 15’s age groups to provide consistent opportunities for players to play in competition.

The centurion academy was launched this year in March with less than 5 players for their first training session coached by Boitumelo Mokgotle. The team has grown to over 60 kids across the age group from under 7’s to under 15’s. The academy has received silver medals before, for two age groups at the Nashua tournaments which was held in Rustenburg on the 27th of August.

photo-12Parents were there to support their children during the tournament. “The team deserves to win this because I’ve seen them from day one when they started with only 5 players and they have developed well. I hope that in future they become the best, I’m very happy, it is the first gold for the team, we want to see Samba expanding to contribute nationally with the other sectors of football teams, we want to see our boys there to show good contribution” said Phazha Jimmy Ngandwe, a parent of one of the academy players.

Samba Sport ZA (PTY) Ltd, is a youth development company for children between the ages of 5 and 15. The organization is focusing on sports such as soccer, netball, futsal, basketball and volleyball to encourage a large participation in sports. They are also involved with schools around Centurion, sending coaches to different schools as part of their outreach program at no cost to both schools and pupils. The program has shown an increase in the number of participants in sports and it also gives an opportunity to student coaches to learn the practical skills that are required for them to complete their studies.


The intention is to increase the program in 2017 from Tshwane South to schools in the East and North of the Capital City.



For more information about the program contact: 061893057


By: Fortunate Machaba



Meet A Young Artistic Fashion Designer In Mamelodi

IMG-20160901-WA0010 (1)

Kedibone Annah Nnawe (28), a young and independent woman who started her own businesses after matric in Mamelodi East, Extension 4 near Gardens.

“I started after my matric, I knew I wanted to be independent and didn’t want to have a normal job. So being an entrepreneur became natural to me”, said Kedibone.


Kedibone grew up in Mamelodi. She attended her Primary School at Bajabulile and High School at Gatang Secondary. She decided to become an entrepreneur after she matriculated and said it had always been her dream.IMG-20160901-WA0007

Her artistic nature and the pressure to perform inspired her throughout the process. She said it wasn’t easy to start her own business, not having enough funds or equipment to start with was one of the challenges she faced.

IMG-20160901-WA0008 (1)


According to Kedibone, as an entrepreneur you need to follow your passion rather than money. The more driven you are the more money you get. She always puts her customer’s needs first and makes sure they’re satisfied with her work.



“When you follow your passion money follows you”, said Annah.

IMG-20160901-WA0009 (1)

By Fortunate Machaba