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Spending My Weekend Babysitting Lara



This is amazing and it always is. She’s seven months old and believes me is just like looking after a baby. In the morning when we wake up (7 am) we make sure we take her out so she pees outside. It’s amazing that she doesn’t pee or poo in the house unless she’s doing it deliberately, haha I know that’s silly but that’s what she does.

IMG_7575From there we go for a walk except for this morning, Gosh! it was so cold that I didn’t wish to stay out of bed. But guess what? Lara wanted to play outside as cold as it was. Don’t think when you let her play and get her tired she will easily get tired and sleep, no that’s not her she will play all day, we will try to take her out for a walk just to get her tired…well it doesn’t work until she decides to sleep herself.

That’s when I get my breath back. Looking at her during her sleep it the most beautiful thing ever! She’s adorable…



She reminds me of when she was a baby, her first day at home. She was struggling.

We all thought that she must have been missing her mum and brothers. We all felt bad about it but she eventually got over it. After that, it was always fun. You won’t believe how much I miss her all the time when I’m in Mamelodi. Funny enough my parents think Lara get’s all the attention than everyone else “we know our place”, they always say.

Freaky part of babysitting 

When we have to go to bed, we have to put the alarm on and if we don’t get the instructions right the alarm will go off. Monitor net (security) guys get at the house as quickly as possible and Lara doesn’t like seeing those guys in the garden with their touch on. I’m not sure if it freaks her out or she just becomes over protective. She won’t go to bed immediately. We freak out too when the alarm is off. Because they will come after we reset if they will set the alarm off and we would think is somebody else and not them.

The interesting part 


The interesting part is that she has her own bed in my parent’s bedroom but she never uses it haha! she always sleeps right at our feet and she enjoys it. She does the same thing with my parents. I always miss these moments. When she’s about to eat and when we play fetch, the excitement and energy…I love seeing that. I can watch that all day.

The sad part

When I have to leave home to come back to Mamelodi. Leaving my family and Lara it is always sad. For some reason, I feel like I’m not coming back even although I am. Every time I come back even after a week or so it feels like a year and I always tell them how long it feels and it turns out to be a joke. I always look forward to the next time when I come back home. It is true that “there’s no place like home”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Just Faith Concert At UP Campus; Mamelodi

Just Faith had a concert on Sunday at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus.IMG_0998

Different organisations were invited to the exhibition to share their services with the community.

During the event, the campus Manager, Edwin Smith was called on stage to present his speech about the faculty of Theology to the audiences.

“The event ushered in a new pathway to the University of Pretoria for local residents interested in studying at our University, It also strengthens the University’s offering for the community and our local partners dealing with a number of pressing challenges in our community”, said Mr Smith. He added that he was very excited themselves broadening their involvement in the community through their campus.

IMG_0994Music bands were there to perform on stage as well as poets.

According to their website, the organisation “Feast of the Clowns” was established in 2000 and started as a small street festival and has now grown to the large annual festival in the city.

Their campaign this week will be focusing on substance use and harm reduction, homelessness, mental health and gender justice. Their main focus will be on substance abuse with a sub-focus on homelessness and mental health.


IMG_1002All of their workshops will be hosted in Pretoria including Mamelodi.

The exhibition has also given the organisations a platform to make contacts as well as to know about each other’s services that they offer the community.




Their event in Mamelodi took place for two days in a row (Sunday 13 Aug and Monday 14 Aug). Sunday being used for the exhibition and Monday for the address of the matters including, gender justice and substance use.



Other events will take place in different venues this week until the 19th of August.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Evah Celebrated Women’s Day Supporting Women’s Soccer In Mamelodi

IMG_0959Evah Mokwape, the former vice captain for South African National team Banyana-Banyana and an organiser for the event, celebrated Women’s Day yesterday at the University Of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The event was involving netball and soccer for both female and male. “The event went well, I did what I did because I wanted to see the girls enjoying sports, as a supervisor captain, I played to the professional level, I wanted to plot that to the community and motivate girls that they can do it well”, said Evah Mokwape. She added that the event was women’s day celebration and she also invited legends to support at the event.



Evah Mokwape motivating the crowd


According to her, the event was beyond her expectation as it was her first and she’s expecting more events to come and also getting more sponsors. The legends were including Go Mabusela, Magents Motale, Trott Moloto and Thomas Kwenaite.

Teams played were, from Netball, Lovers Girls, Church New Apostolic and Mamelodi West. And from soccer (female), Tukkies Mamelodi Ladies, Mamelodi Ladies and Aqualle, (male), Golden Legends and Liverpool.  Mams Ladies played VS Mams Tuks and scored 3-0, Liverpool VS Golden Legends 7-5.7D1_7298 (2)

Best player No 4 Tuks and Mamelodi ladies goal keeper received a trophy for their excellent performance during the match. The games were featured Magents Motale from Bafana-Bafana, Orlando Pirates, Jappie Motale from Supersports, Darkie Morudi from Sundowns, the youngest of our players were 35 years old and older, they played against under 19’s coached by the ex-Sundowns legend, Alpheus “Go” Mabusela.

7D1_7380“They have the energy, we have the experience though it was not good enough today. At least we showed them how the game is played. Not giving up even when is tough. Adjusting our game plan as per the requirements of the game.

“In the end to us is about having fun enjoying what we love and sharing with them. Inspiring and motivating the youth”, said Sam Mphaki Mashifane from Golden Legends.   IMG-20170812-WA0006                                                                                                                                        The sponsors for the event were, Curro Mamelodi School, Thibo Cafe, Spaza Sam, City Of Tshwane MMC, Gauteng Province MEC, Buti Molefyane, Aquelle for water and UP for the venue.



By: Fortunate Machaba

EdTech Summit Africa Workshop In Mamelodi

IMG_0937EdTech Summit Africa had a workshop at the University of Pretoria in Mamelodi East on Saturday. EdTech Summit is an innovative technology conference shared with educators across Africa free of charge. They are focusing on teachers training and program development addressing education equity and social justice issues by working to implement creative and cutting edge technologies in schools and communities. The team also visited Mamelodi to share their skills, support teachers and learners with technology tools. During the workshop, they introduced the tools that teachers can use to improve their classrooms and education that they can not provide without the use of technology, looking at the history of this country that it has been disadvantaged and have not had opportunities to learn and teach things the way private schools do.  IMG_0931This program is to help the teachers to help students to learn better online or by making use of technology. One of the team members, Gugulethu Radebe, believes that the education system in South Africa does not reflect where South Africa is in terms of the economy and staff that they, as teachers are doing globally, does not reflect the education system. They came to offer teachers a tool to create a bridge for the local school students to get the same opportunities as the private schools. They wanted the teachers to acquire the skill and pass it to their students and make education more exciting and engaging. It is believed that if the teachers learn that technique it will help improve the education system in their schools and helps the students to learn better. IMG_0938“Is our part to work with teachers and devices and free strategies that people will share all over the world but what needs to happen from the government and infrastructure like Telkom who can affect education far greater by making connectivity everywhere”, said Karen Kirsh Page, the founder. They started in 2013 and they are having workshops continental and not just in South Africa. Siobhan Thatcher said that education is a life long part of her life, she has been to school, went to University and went to the classroom and for her, education and technology is one and the thing. The teachers described technology as something logical to have in the classroom because it helps the learners to know what is currently happening (current affairs), expose them to things that they will not have exposed to and make them conscious of what is happening around the world. The teachers who have attended the workshop were from different schools across South Africa. Student teachers or interns were also part of the workshop. The conference was for free including transport and food. The workshop was mainly for teachers from under source schools or schools that can’t afford to pay for teachers to attend the conference and it was one of their reasons to be in Mamelodi. The workshop was not about how many people attended but the changes it would be made by those who have attended the workshop. The challenge that they came across in the education journey is that they reach a lot of teachers but is not all of them who understands what the program is about, although they have a vision of how things should look like not everyone sees it the same way. IMG_0943They believe is not teachers being negative towards the vision but they think that teachers might feel uncomfortable. Kevin Baloyi said that teachers should understand that they are dealing with different generations and therefore, they should not rely on the method they use to teach children 20 years ago. They should think for students as much as they think for themselves. At the end of the workshop, lucky teachers were announced and won prizes. This happened after they called their ticket numbers. The workshop started at 10 am and finished at 4 pm. More workshops are expected to be hosted in different areas around South Africa and globally.

By: Fortunate Machaba

“Searching Soul”

I Crawl In Bed And Lay My Head Upon My Pillow, With Thought?s Of The Day Falling Away Behind My Eye?s Your Face Comes To Me With Love, I Can See Your Trust For Me In Your Eye?s Your Window,

I reach Out My Hand To You As You Turn to Leave Me. I Touch Your Hand You Stop I Move To Face You To See Your Soul As I Come To Your Face Only For You To Turn Away Again What Are You Hiding From, Let Me See, You Tell Me That You’re Not Free In Your Heart, You Don’t Know How To Give Your Heart Away Pain Keep?s You Scared…Afraid To Be Open, Fear Has You Frozen, I Place My Hand?s Along Your Face Bring You Down To My Eye?s Look Deep Within Your Windows?s To Your Soul,

I See Your Fear There Holding Tight To You, I Place My Lip?s To Yours And Breathe Your Air Mine Into You, With One Deep Breath Your Walls?s Fall And A New Feeling Is Replaced, Love Is Now Within You I Close My Eye?s And Kiss You Goodbye, You Ask Me To Stay Why You Must You Go Say, I Say I Have Gifted You, My Love Is Now Yours Keep It Safe, Share It, Love It Like Never Before, Share The Gift We All Giving,

I Turn From You And Walk Away With Joy In My Heart, My Love For You Now Is Never Ending, You Will Always Carry Me Within Your Soul, Even ThoughI Have Never Been With You.

By: Tshepo Lekalakala

Gogo Ramushu Turning 100 Years Today

Living 100 years old is rare and deserve to be celebrated.




Mmakabe Ramushu is turning 100 years old today in Mamelodi East. Her granddaughter, Kedibone Ramushu shared this message with us yesterday.


The family was celebrating her birthday today, having lunch with relatives and friends. Kedi Granys grandchild 20170805_135405“The amazing queen

The family is currently having lunch with relatives and friends. “The amazing queen Mmakabe Ramushu turning 100 years today, we say to you happy birthday and God shall bless you with many years to come,” said , Kedibone Ramushu, the granddaughter. Gogo Mmakabe has one daughter (Johanna Madikofi Ramushu), and two granddaughters (Kedibone Ramushu and Reitumetse Ramushu). Gogo upgave a speech on her birthday and shared a history of where she grew up with family, friends and relatives.

By: Fortunate Machaba

My Journalism Journey: Story Behind Pen And Paper

My journalism journey has been fantastic despite the challenges that I bump into sometimes and the sponsorship I’m currently struggling to get…


I’m the first person in my family to graduate and hopefully not the last, the only one to make it to Boston Media House. I have spent my childhood with my grandparents and uncles, life wasn’t easy back then. I’m first to move out of home age 21 and first to own my own company/publication and believe in my dreams. I had an amazing time at college, I’m not going to talk about high school because is a different story. Let me put it this way, back in high school I was the nerdy kid.

I remember the first day at college when my dad and I walked into campus to pay for my fees, seeing the students from rich families, all fashionable, classic back packs and all that and to my mind, I asked, am I going to make it here? by the way, I was convicted it was a bad omen. I later realised that if you really believe in him (God), yourself and work hard and live around positive people you definitely will make it in life.

My journalism journey so far…

People who have not yet been at Boston think everyone from Boston is rich, posh and privileged. I certainly don’t they think so because I’m not. After three years down the line, here I am, have a Diploma in Media, have my own Mamelodi Happenings and want to pursue a Degree in Criminology.

My journey started in 2014 when my dad and I thought I could blog to learn. Now I want to blog to earn. Journalism for me is not about money but passion. I have been blogging for more than three years and haven’t yet started making money out of it. I have helped many people in the community before and still will, I believe my purpose is to help others. Most people think all the journalist are interested in just chasing out stories. That is not true.

For example, someone can lose a house, maybe it burned, I as a journalist will write about it, you would probably think I’m writing because is a story. When someone out there read about it, they get interested in helping that person with food, clothes etc. There are many ways that journalist helps the public and not just chasing stories…

I met a lot of famous people that I always loose count and got opportunities to interview them. I have been in situations where I felt uncomfortable, unsafe and there are some, where I’m still proud of. I remember one of the days I still can’t forget. When I was attending a protest somewhere in Mamelodi. Some strangers approached me and asked me to delete all the photos I took during the protest, of which I did.

I have once interviewed a child molester which was my first time being in such a difficult interview, was a bit nervous but no one could tell (spilling the bean I guess). I had to look at him in the eye and all that in mind I went, I’m possibly interviewing a rapist here, I don’t know. I spoke to one guy I haven’t seen even today who told me that he was robbing banks for a living and I was stupid enough to tell him that I was a journalist. Gosh, I’m such a journalist!

When I was attending a protest somewhere in Mamelodi. Some strangers approached me and asked me to delete all the photos I took during the protest, of which I did. I have once interviewed a child molester which was my first time being in such a difficult interview, was a bit nervous but no one could tell (spilling the bean I guess).

I have met a lot of men and women whom I wanted to do business with and those I’ve approached for sponsorships for Mamelodi Happenings. Some men were never interested and some wanted to take advantage and I didn’t let them. I believe it has to be out of a pure heart to help someone pursue their dreams.

I’m currently starting an advertising magazine for the community, most of my advertisers pulled back and I can’t find anyone to fund my business. It’s a challenge. Unfortunately, I haven’t met the right people yet, maybe some day, although it takes time. Patience…

I  have attended many events which were educational, environmental, political, violence/consists of crime, sport, fashion shows, business and entertainment, of which I’m still proud of. There are a lot more coming and I can’t wait since I’m not intending to stop. I love a career path I choose and I choose it for a reason.

By: Fortunate Machaba