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Yesterday was an amazing day at Boston City Campus in Acadia. Do you know why? I was graduating!!!


my self

I have been waiting for that day and it was the best day of my life. I’m still shocked though I knew it was going to come with no doubt. My first walk at college when I saw everyone who was there before me dressed up and looked amazing with their regalia on, I then thought OMG this is really happening. I walked in the room where they were all getting dressed and I saw this queue, students were looking for their names on the list…I went hang on a minute what is the first impression I’m gonna give if I’m not on the list? and I went Ah…that is impossible. I eventually found my name on the list like I expected it to be. I got my regalia, put it on and went for my first photo.

Kb 20170623_171114

My friend Keabetswe and her parents

I got outside where everyone was with their families taking photo’s. I looked around me and I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I saw happiness, proud parents faces seeing their daughters and sons graduating. Tear of joy dropped down my face and I have realised how proud mine will be. As I was enjoying the view I saw a car I thought it will be my mum’s and I slowly walked to the gate. When I looked it was my parents.. it was like someone just told me that they got me a box of that’s how grateful I was when I saw them. I walked back into college with them by my side giving me warm hugs and all that. After 5 minutes my younger sister and grandma arrived.


Me and my family

I saw this big smiles on their faces, more hugs and complements. That’s when I started to realise how amazing it is to graduate. More photos obviously with everyone. The best moment came when our names where called and have to walk on the stage and shake hands to the lectures and pose for the picture. Remember it was too many of us in there. I mean like it was fully packed!!! I just told my self one my dad said “Is gonna finish before you know it, enjoy your moment on the stage, don’t rush it” and I did. I walked slowly and enjoying the time I was given to walk on the stage. As scary as it was I still made sure that I enjoyed it with my dad’s word in mind. It was amazing.. seeing everyone as well full of joy and enjoying the ceremony.  It was like a dream. In my mind I thought, we are all going somewhere and this was the first step of our journey.


Me and my friends: Keabetswe and Precious

I still couldn’t believe until when I had to go and collect my Diploma and I went Oh yes! this is really happening. God is great and I thank him everyday for bringing the best in my life. Not to forget a couple I met 3 years ago. When I see them is just a reflection of my mum and dad, I see them as my parents and they are parents. They have been there since the first day at college until the last. I’m very lucky to have them in my life and I’m still grateful.  Also my family and all those who helped me and been with me from a young age I made all of them proud and this was what I always wished for. After graduations we went for the best lunch at the Greek restaurant. It was awesome! That was about it. If you haven’t got where I am right now. I wish you all the best and I know you gonna make it. For all of you out there, I’m sending best wishes. xx

By: Fortunate Machaba



Chief Phala was newly appointed as a traditional leader this morning at Mamelodi West C2. Chief’s  from different areas and king Swazi were there to support the new chief.  Rev Kotu and his wife were also invited to match out the new chief. The event was not only about the king and chiefs appointing the new leader but to commemorate those who lost their lives during the student uprising in 1976. The purpose of the event was also to bring the youth together and educate them about the right way of following tradition. They also had candle memorial for those who have died of HIV & AIDS. “The purpose of the event is Mr Phala, the host made us come together as chiefs and being introduced as a traditional leader and also to commemorate those who have died on this day June 16”, said the spokesperson of King KK Sekhukhune, Nelson Phakwago. The spokesperson said he is very disappointing on how the youth of today celebrate this day. He said that young people need to change the way they celebrate this day. “Maybe we should blame parents for not teaching their children history and the purpose of June 16”, said King Sekhukhune’s spokesperson. Chief Phala gave a speech during the event, educating people about his culture. “We are celebrating culture, bringing the youth together and lead them to the right of way”, said Chief Phala. He also thanked Mrs Phetla for a firm welcome.

At the beginning of the event 



At the beginning of the event a Tswana dance group, Magogashedi (a group of young people) from Mamelodi west D1 welcomed the chiefs when they arrived.

Chiefs including Maritz Cape Kooi (Kooi san chief), Van Rooyen Griqua (Royal council), chief Mahlangu Ndzundza Mabhoko, National house of traditional leaders Londolozi and Nelson Phakwago (King Sekhukhune spokesperson).


Followed by Mamelodi Saint John Apostolic church from Mamelodi East, section 14 band formally matched out chief Phala. They participated throughout the event by playing the religious hyms in between the programs. IMG_0516

Later that day they had about 18 men called SK Sekhukhune performing their Sepedi dance.

ater that day they had about 18 men called SK Sekhukhune performing their Sepedi dance.

During the event


A team of two ladies from Multisectoral Response to HIV & AIDS in Tshwane their theme of the day being Candle Light Memorial, were given a platform to motivate the youth and adults including the king and chiefs about HIV & AIDS.

IMG_0522During their speech everyone including the kind and chiefs was asked to hold a candle and have a moment of silence to commemorate those who died of Aids and those who are still living with HIV & AIDS. After the moment of silence everyone was asked to snuff the candles and not blow it so to give them an idea of what people living with Aids feel. “You feel pain for only two seconds when you snuff the candle, can you imagine how much pain people who live with Aids gets everyday? but yet we are still calling them names, gossip about them not knowing how they’ve got it and how much pain they are going through”, said Dina Sibanyoni .

Almost end of the event

Everyone who have attended the event were given food and they were thanked for being part of the event after a long day from when the event started until it finishes.

By: Fortunate Machaba

pride factorThousands of teenagers and young adults were inspired to Strive for Success by Role Models at Nasrec Youth Month Expo last weekend in Johannesburg. After the event they were all energised, inspired and determined to strive for successful and fulfilling lives after being motivated and guided by personal insights from several of South Africa’s highest profile youth role-models.

The first of two free Inspired Youth events at the 2017 Gauteng Provincial Government Youth Careers, Jobs and Entrepreneurship Expo opened with a high voltage performance by pop sensation Alexandra May before Dene Botha, MD of Pride Factor and the organiser of the event, laid the platform for the day’s activities.

Wheel-chair bound motivational speaker Sandile Mkhize is living proof that people can overcome any obstacle and he spoke of being ‘differently enabled’. High profile digital agency head Mike Sharman carried the audience along in a wave of energy with his tales of his multi award winning campaigns with Nando’s and Rocomamas. Young photographer and YouTuber, Sibu Mpanza, explained their work in the digital realm and the opportunities for earning income from using social media platforms.

Comedian and TV presenter Nina Hastie from the popular Trending SA show used her traumatic early life as an example that no matter what your current circumstances are, you can turn your life around and become the person you want to be.

DRC born sisters, Sophie and Louise Kanza, spoke of the ‘culture of good deeds’ they are looking to create across Africa through the Sophie A Kanza Foundation and their involvement in the Trace Foundation for Youth Success. They went on to introduce mega star Sjava, who held the audience spellbound as he encouraged them to stay in school, never give up and to keep striving for greatness. Followed by a rapper, songwriter, poet and media studies graduate Gigi Lemayne who had the audience in raptures as she performed three of her popular numbers before telling them that they too could be stars if they applied themselves and persevered.

Between the motivational talks and performances, Botha invited members of the audience to participate in interactive tasks that displayed their talents and earned valuable prizes that included a tablet and two gigabytes of data per month for a year from Dare to Share, the official beneficiary for the Inspired Youth workshops at Nasrec on 10 and 17 June. He also introduced the Pride Factor membership programme that will be launched on Friday 16 June, Youth Day.

The programme is designed to inspire and guide members to become entrepreneurs and future leaders of their generation. The Pride Factor membership platform is the culmination of three years of feedback from tens of thousands of teenagers and young adults who have attended the Inspired Youth workshops countrywide.

The 26-week course provides members with weekly motivational video clips, thought provoking tasks, guidance on entrepreneurial resources, a branded bank card that enables them to start their own business and earn income from the very first day, and opportunities to win awesome prizes from airtime and clothing to bursaries for higher education.

Everyone who attended the Inspired Youth workshop on 10 June was well hydrated by Vita Coco coconut water and lucky participants won an Acer computer and Epson printer from Tarsus, behavioral assessments from PDA (valued at R20,000 each), apparel from Brand Collective and many more give-away.

During the event, exhibitors enabled attendees to consult with experts on life skills and guidance from the Growth Institute and about banking services from ABSA. The next free Inspired Youth workshop is on Saturday 17 June featuring SA and African Boxing Union (ABU) Champion Tulz Mbenge, acclaimed motivational speaker Romy Heldsinger, current Mrs South Africa finalist, philanthropist and businesswoman Candice Robbertse and global entertainment super-star Danny K.

The 2017 Gauteng Provincial Government Youth Careers, Jobs and Entrepreneurship Expo runs from 9-18 June and features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing information from different industries and academic institutions, fashion shows, entertainment, MEC dialogues and a march to commemorate Youth Day on 16 June.

The media partner for the Inspired Youth workshops is Trace TV and the official beneficiary for the events is Cape Town based Dare to Share who will be presenting their Game for Humanity programme. The events are produced by Pride Factor and Liquorish Inc. and proudly supported by the Gauteng Provincial Government, the Growth Institute, PDA, JB Marks Education Trust Fund, ABSA Bank, Tarsus and Vita Coco.

To see their Facebook gallery with dozens of images visit:

You can also view their website on:; Facebook: and Twitter: @InspiredYouthSA

By: Paul Botha

Published by: Fortunate Machaba


Children in the sports ground after performing

More than 300 kids attended child protection day awareness in Mamelodi East Extention 5, community hall on Friday, June 9. The kids were from 16 creches around Mamelodi and some were from Eersterust and Silverton. Mamelodi East police were involved in the program together with the fire department, ambulance and police mounted unit.




The purpose of the program was to teach the children and parents about their rights that will protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse to ensure their safety.



“We wanted to educate children about their rights that parents should respect children’s month and that they should’t only practice it that month but everyday”, said the Spokesperson police, captain Michael Mbewe.



The program started in the morning with children performing on stage and singing their songs and later they had activities such as horse riding with the mounted unit.





Children queuing for horse riding

“We have enjoyed being here today it was really amazing seeing our kids excited, seeing them performing on stage and riding horses”, said one of the teachers from Rethabile Day Care.




The teachers thought the program had educated and entertained the kids and hopefully will benefit them in the future.


By: Fortunate Machaba

Did you know about the US Embassy Mae Jemison library? This article will help you!

Mae Jemison library is the library located in Mamelodi East inside the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. This library was named after Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to travel in space. It helps mostly science students and others with homework, assignments and extra maths classes. The library have a free access of Wifi for students to do their school work, books that they can read and borrow from the library, free copies of anything students need copy of and Wednesday programs. Scienza visit the library on Wednesdays. They normally host science programs where they do experiments with the kids and some fun activities that will benefit the kids educationally. “It is a great place for the students to come and get help with their education. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly”, said one of the library staff members, Philip Craig. I also agree to his point. I also used to visit the library when I was in high school from grade 10 until grade 12 it was from 2011 to 2013 and it helped me pass my maths and sciences. There was also one time where we had an amazing day at the library, the US ambassador, Patrick Gaspard came to the library to motivate us. I was so thrilled to see him and listen to his speech. So I would recommend anyone to go despite their subjects. Moat of the kids around Mamelodi whether from local schools or not who have passed their matric with distinctions are from this library. I know one who had got 6 distinctions and currently studying in Stellenbosch, University in Cape Town. Some of the students come back to the library after their matric and volunteer to help the kids with their school work. If you are not doing science it doesn’t mean you are not welcomed to the library. I encourage you to go pick a book you like and read. I’m sure there will be many you like. Improve your English, vocabulary and writing skills. That’s how I’ve learnt and trust me it worked for me. I see no reason why it won’t work for you too and besides this library is also a great place for young kids to associate with others, make friends and socialize!

By: Fortunate Machaba

I’m a true creepiest South African Mythbuster, who’s with me or against?

I’ve been raised by my grandmother all my childhood and trust me it is not always fun to hear things we were told when we were younger and not allowed to ask why. I admit the fact that the presence of elders especially when they are telling stories they convey a sense of reality to such an extent that they make a myth even more believable. Ask me why?. I’m going to share some of the creepiest myth my grandmother used to make me believe…Please don’t fall for it too haha!! If you ever thought about mysterious African stories then it’s  worth reading this article.

  1. Collecting water late at night. In my culture (Sepedi) we are not allowed to collect water from the outside tap into the house, they say we are inviting ourselves bad lucks, you loose your dignity and can invite things like “Tokoloshe” or witchcraft into the family. It is the same as when your neighbor come and ask for salt, say they were cooking and later realised that they have no salt and decide to come and ask from your house, that was not allowed at all. We were suppose to pretend or lie about it saying maybe we have also ran out or make up a story. Leaving the mob and broomstick outside they had a similar consequence.
  2. Jumping a broomstick. They usually say if you jump a broomstick especially if you are female you will never get married. Trust me I’ve seen a lot of my cousins and some of my relatives getting married today and they used to jump broomsticks. Not that I encourage you to jump them girls…
  3. Life after death. My grandmother told me a story about about a young boy who his family thought he died (Poka) that was his name. I know it sound weird I thought the same..The was a bakery they knew about and it didn’t make a lot of money so they decided to kill a young boy and use his body parts to attract many customers (Ngoma). We were also told that when we die someone (witch) can wake you up and make you work for them. If they don’t have money they will send you to a house where they have money and you will have to steal from them. It work the same way with anything the witch wants. Last but least, we were told that when we die we wake up in another town where you will start over your life again…
  4. Going outside after midnight. We were not allowed to go outside after midnight. We were told that if we go, we were going to see things that walks only at night and if it happens that you see them you go blind and if you scream you will be voiceless. They believed that things at night can take your voice so you won’t be able to tell what you saw…
  5. Township pets. We were told it was a taboo for a black person to have a cat or monkey as their pets and if they did they used them for witchcraft. Funny enough even when they see a friendly bird, dove or any animal that associate with human it’s witchcraft. They will usually say someone has sent it to do weird things to you…

By: Fortunate Machaba

Agency photo

Motlagomang Malesa known as DJ Bum Jive, co-founder of Mamelodi Models Agency made his start with 25 models and still has bigger plans for the Agency. Mamelodi Model Agency started running in June 2016.

model 1



Most of his models are based in Mamelodi but some are from Soshanguve, Soweto and Johannesburg. “I want to help prevent young people from going on streets, drugs, blessers and keep them busy while they are earning”, said Motlagomang.



model 3The best innovative Mams young man takes his models for business lecturers where they gain skills that will benefit his other businesses apart from the agency. “I don’t want them to just be models but business men and women to gain skills, be innovating and make a living out of it”, said Dj Bum Jive.

model 2


Malesa said he want his company to get as far as it can “in space” he said, he wants to see his company helping others to get opportunities as well as being in partnership with 100 companies in the next few years. I call this dreaming tremendously!






By: Fortunate Machaba