About 648 Members Joined Mams Radio Shuttering Annual Sports Day

Community broadcast station, Mams Radio held its first annual Sports Day Event to residents of Mamelodi. The event took place at Mams Mall in Mamelodi East.

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“The aim of the sports day was to promote general fitness and healthy lifestyle in the community of Mamelodi”, said

The day started with a fun walk in the early hours of the morning about 6am.

According to the team, about 648 people participated in the walk. The first 100 to arrive were given Mams radio T-shirts and a calendar.

The walk commenced at at entrance 3 of Mams Mall to the street of Mahube Valley and the surrounding areas and finished at Mams Mall where it started. All participants were given medals.

Stakeholders were invited to the walk so to interact with community members. After the walk network session took place between stakeholders of different businesses and the community members.

Other activities such as netball, football, games, aerobics joined by teams of different parties including a team from Cullinan, Moretele FM and Mams Radio. Culliana Warra’s won a trophy on a football tournament that took place after the walk.

Mams Radio Operation Manager, Sipho de Gift Motau on hos comment said he was overwhelmed to see participants already queuing up for the fun walk as early as 4am.

“This scenario made me realise that the sports day event is real and that it was really happening. Even disabled people took part in the fun walk”, said Sipho de Gift.

Adding on his statement that the turn-out by participants was impressing and made him realise that the community is in need of such health and fitness activities.

Sipho thanked all the supporters of the event including the Gauteng Sports and Recreation Department, K.S Dinaka Attorney, Aeon Skin Solution, Synexus and Local Taxi Association.

Another event is expected to kick start in September.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Annikie Rabohlale visited Limpopo Schools to Super-charge Confidence of Village Pupils

Annikie Rabohlale, a young women who was recently crowned Supreme Majesty Empress South Africa 2020 has visited 2 schools in Limpopo, at her home village. The purpose of her visit was to donate sanitary towels to the village pupils.

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“I have donated sanitary towels with a great aim to destroy the mental barrier wall of hindrance that enslave rural villagers into thinking and believing that success is foreign and their purpose is to forever witness it on Television and congratulate others”, said Annikie Rabohlale.

Annikie tackled this projects with an inspiration from her campaign #undefiable which means “the limits you are ever going to experience in life are those that you set yourself”.

With a help from his brother, Alphy Rabohlale, Annikie was able to manage the project successfully.

“I felt a strong need to come back home in Limpopo with my beautiful crown to inspire and encourage students that no matter how lavish success looks, you need not to be lavish to attain it”, said Annikie.

Adding that only ambitious, enthusiastic and hardworking is needed to attain success.

“We are twice as capable, all we need to do is to tap into our uniqueness and greatness, embrace it, acknowledge who we are, our strength and weaknesses. Let go of what we can not change or in control of and focus on what we can control, is never our background, life experiernce and circumstances that defines us but our mindset”, said Annikie.

Annikie said that the learners were very happy and excited to see her as one of them and to be represented in such a pride.

During her visit, she was pleased to hear the kids thanking her for visiting them and reminding them that they matter and also fueling their confidence to keep them going.

Mr Somo, a teacher from Motlishi Secondary School welcomed them and and he was also happy and proud to see Annikie motivating the kids.

Another teacher, Mr Masebe from Mmamolope Secondary School was filled with happiness and amazed by how young Annikie Rabohlale is but yet managed to achieve so much in her life.

Annikie said she’s hoping to go back to Limpopo as the schools had asked her to pay them another visit.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Here’s how to leave a toxic relationship while still in love

You are so in love but your relationship has just became so toxic! This simply mean leave… Of course it doesn’t sound as easy at it is written.

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It is obviously difficult to leave someone you love but that doesn’t mean fights flashbacks night after sleepless nights must continue. At some point you cant understand why your partner won’t change or feel that they ignore how you feel about certain issues in your relationship.

You have put so much effort, done all you could to save your relationship but nothing has worked. That means is time to end it. Stop getting petrified that you might end up being lonely because you will end up loosing your-self than your partner. In this case you need to choose what’s best for you.

This is how difficult it can be:

I was in almost a year relationship with my partner, it was okay to start with, easy to understand what he’s going through and I thought it will change.

We got engaged and planned life together, obviously thinking the situation will change and it never did even a year later.

For the fact that I was engaged with him, letting go was absolutely terrifying me! I’d never thought I will be alone but yet I waa worried about if I will get a partner like him despite all the issues we had in our relationship.

It didn’t matter how I cared, supported him and loved him, It didn’t matter how much he said he couldn’t live without me or how nothing he was without me, which in that case was true but I knew that I had to remove him in my life.

My family was supporting the fact that I’m leaving because I was not happy. Whether or not they supported it, I would still choose to leave. He was not worth it. What I needed it was to find strength to get out of it and move on.

If you are also stuck in a toxic relationship know that you can find strength to let yourself out, learn to let go and move on with your life. There’s nothing best to live happily, be with someone to create best momories with each other than negative flash backs in your mind.

Stop waiting for change

Change will never come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek – Barack Obama

Waiting for someone to change is a biggest mistake one could make. I would say also a waste of time, effort and love. They might promise to change and never do. Change must come from them and not them being forced to change. It doesn’t matter how best you think they can be.

Know your worth

If you know what’s your worth, you will know whether or not they deserve to be with you. Everyone deserve better. If they know they deserve you why they fail to change and make you happy?

It took me a while to realise this…

Look at what you could do better without them than with them. Analyse facts for you to leave than to stay. Sometimes we make mistakes and try hard to find reasons to stay than to leave. It will break you apart…

Before the break-up, it happened that my ex-boyfriend finds himself to be with the wrong person and I’m always the one he could speak to about his concerns. I always came through for him when he needed me. So we spoke about it and planned to both leave toxic relationships and get back with each other. He is one of the reasons I believe you could be happy, there’s someone out there waiting for you!

Accept it won’t be easy

It won’t take a night to decide whether or not you want to leave a relationship. That doesn’t mean you should stay wait to heal or let go. Learn to let go at that point and time before you accept that toxic is fine. The pain might be unbearable but let it go. It is better to let it be part of your life than letting it be your entire life. Get over it, it will hurt and it might take long to heal but eventually it will be over.

Cry it out if you can

Some people use crying as a cure and believe me it works for many of them, even for me. There will be one point where crying will just have to stop, you won’t see a need toccry and see it as a stupid thing you have ever done in your entire life but at least you cried it out.

You will smile again and everything will be over. After all it will be a fresh start for you!

Be in control of your happiness

If you can’t be in control of your life no one else will. Taking back your control it starts with you. I believe that everyone is responsible for their happiness. I know you can get through this and be happy again!

Believe in yourself and know that you deserve better!

By: Fortunate Machaba

What you should know about February month

We are all excited for this month of “LOVE” (Valentines Day) and probably have plans with our partners, but is February only a month of love?

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There is a lot that has been going on this month, a lot that we were not aware of and there is still more to happen this month.

We all have different definitions to what love is. Love is sometimes defined according to our expectations, experience, association, wish or how it is revealed to us and knowledge. There’s even a popular saying “Love is Blind”… Some love is about money.

Most people believe that love is a strong feeling of affection while others means different when the term love is said or mentioned. We can all agree that we don’t have one definition of love.

Doctor Adam Sheck, a Phsychologist, couple counsilor, sex therapist and relationship coach one said on one of his posts on social media “Life is fragile, even for those who are wealthy, successful, talented, beautiful and extraodinary. Be loving now. Be kind now. Connect with those you love now”.

According to Dr. Antonio Borrello, love is doing for another without need for recognition.

February is not only a month of love but also Health Awareness Month!

When talking about health is not only about diet or excising but also eating clean and looking after your body #SelfLove. It is very important you look after your mental, emotional and physical well-being self!

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Also this month according to Health Calendar 2020 expect, Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, Reproductive Health Month, Environmental Health Awareness Month.
National Epilepsy Week (10-16 February)
Pregnancy Awareness Week (10-16 February)
10-16 STI / Condom Week (10-16 February)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination first round (11-20 March)
Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day (21 February)

By: Fortunate Machaba

How To Stay Positive and Inspired In 2020

A new year is all about new beginnings, new things. If you are lucky, is new job, car or home and life to top it up. Keep the memories fresh and leave the past to pass with 2019.

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This year gives you a chance to set new goals, new adventure and keeping the positive and high spirit alive.

They usually say if you want a relationship work keep the sparkle alive! Do the same with your life, if you want things to work out in your life keep that positive spirit alive.

Some of you might have experience a lot bad things the previous year. The best thing to do is to keep your chin up, smile and stay inspired. Old has past and open a new chapter with fresh content.

10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts: Positive Thinking Made Easy

Look forward to good things in 2020, if you are positive about things in your life you will attract positivity.

By: Fortunate Machaba

How to make your travel easy

GPS and google maps are a good choice to go for especially travelling to unusual places or places you have never visited before.

I’ll tell you my experience with google maps and GPS. So I was going to Midrand for a business event and they gave me a location of the place and I put it on the map and it led me there. It was just as easy….

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It was easy to navigate to that area, it told me where I should turn and all that, it made my travelling more manageable.

The only problem started when my phone died when I just left Midrand. What the heck?…. and I had no clue where I was going. I ended up on a motor way where I didn’t want to be any close to, now had to use boards and road signs for direction. As a first time driver it was hell. I just prayed I get home still in one piece.

Luckily I followed boards and signs leading me to Pretoria, although I ended in Sunnyside which is like an hour away to my place it wasn’t as bad.

I left Midrand at 3:40pm and I didn’t get home until 8pm. It was an adventure of some sort. Luckily I’m very confident with my driving, it wasn’t too bad for going in and out of the motor way and places that i wasn’t familiar with.

The best thing to do is to put a spare cable in your car in case your phone dies and make sure you have enough data for travel. That will save you from a hustle I have experienced last night.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Motsepe Foundations Shares Xmas with the community

The Motsepe Foundation organisation visited Mamelodi yesterday to share their Christmas with the community and giving toys to kids from the age 0 to 15 years.

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This was done with a purpose to celebrate Christmas holidays and share their joy of holiday spirit with underprivileged families in the community.

According to source, in previous years she usually took her daughter and son to Moretele Park in Mamelodi West this time of the year to collect the toys with them, she said she enjoys seeing her kids joy in their faces after receiving the toys. Adding that she appreciate their visit in the East side as it becomes costly for transport fares to be at Moretele Park with the kids.

This event took place at Mamelodi East Extension 5 community sports grounds.

“The Foundation’s National Christmas Toy Distribution initiative is a social outreach programme launched in 2011, to share the spirit of Christmas with children between the ages of 0 to 15 from mostly disadvantaged communities. The programme is predicated on the spirit of giving and sharing, born out of the recognition that millions of underprivileged children cannot share the cheer and joy that traditionally comes during the Christmas season, due to poverty”, said Motsepe Foundation.

Although this time of the year can be one of the most stressful times for most families, the Mostepe Foundation says this time of the year “festive season” is a time of joy and a time to share in the spirit of Christmas, yet so many families are hindered by poverty and despondency.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Miss Signature Top 10 Finalist Visited SOS Children Home Village

Miss Mamelodi Sundowns, Faith Nonyane visited home for children (S.O.S) in Mamelodi West on Saturday to donate hygiene and cosmetic packs.

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During her visit at children’d home she gave the kids lessons about hygiene.

“The reason I chose children’s home is because I love kids and I believe that children are the future of this country and we need to take care of them at a maximum effort. They need to be empowered for them to become better leaders tomorrow”, said Faith Nonyane.

Faith Nonyane is currently on Top 10 for Face of Misss Signature cosmentic and as part of the programme she part-take in she was required to organise a CSI project and chose to complete her project at children’s home.

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Other than just to do a programme, Faith’s goal is to teach children at S.O.S about hygiene and personal care.

“It is very difficult to grow up without parents and some of the staff are not part of their school work. They don’t get to be taught that when you wake up you have to make your bed and bath and even when you are not going anywhere. So it takes us a community to be responsible for such issue” said Faith.

Adding that hense we say “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Her visit brought joy to the kids, they were cheerful to have received cosmetics from Miss Faith sponsored by signature cosmetics.

“It was very fulfilling and overwhelming seeing those children smiling and it made me realise that indeed its thoughts that count, it doesn’t take much to give” said Miss Nonyane.

The face of Misss Signature Cosmetics finals are taking place on Saturday 12pm, at Maponya Mall and anyone is welcome to attend and give support to the event.

By: Fortunate Machaba

This is why you should have sex in the morning

Small and great moments you spend with your partner counts in a relationship.

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Sex can be different every time you try it with your partner but it never goes wrong in the mornings, it is always the best.

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Some call those moments the morning haze when you are at your most vulnerable and still at ease to start a day and waking up next to your lover giving you some warmth full of love.

From having sex in the morning your day is completely perfect with a good mood to tackle the day.

According to Dr Debby Herbenick, an American research scientist and author of Because It Feels Good, individuals who partake in morning sex can be healthier and happier people.

Here are three benefits to morning sex:

  • Usually, sex lasts longer in the morning, especially for males.
  • You are more relaxed and willing to explore all your body parts without overthinking.
  • It will create a feel-good mood that can last you the whole day.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Shocking facts about why men stay single

Most women find it difficult to understand how men stay single, some even say it is too good to be true. While a study reveals shocking comments from single men.

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Men’s comments on Psychology today on why they prefer being single most of the time are shocking.

Evidence from Reddit says among the most persistent reasons that men stipulate for being single included poor flirting skills, low self-confidence, poor looks, shyness, low effort, and bad experience from previous relationships.

Some comments were based on what they don’t like seeing women wearing, especially moms. I’m sure anyone can wear anything they want regardless of being a mom or not: “Our tinder is a bad show filled with single moms wearing a camo hoodie.”

By: Fortunate Machaba