Busisiwe Mkhwebane Leave Words for 2020 To Lehlabile Learners

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane visited Lehlabile Secondary School On Wednesday in Mamelodi East, Gardens.

This happened after the school had an open day for learners and invited various speakers from different institutions including Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and Members of the ANC to motivate and inspire the kids for the year 2020.

“The purpose of the day was to motivate leaners to shoot for the stars as they were reopening schools and to also introduce new opportunities and careers they can choose if they do well at school”, said Daizy Diamond Tlailane, Founder of Queendom. Organisation.

Daisy added that she feels that the event had a great impact on the learners and have learned a lot from Mrs Mkhwebane, as she has mentioned that you can achieve anything regardless of the challenges you face or background they are coming from.

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“It is a great impact and sense of motivation and inspiration. Usually people of her caliber don’t attend such events they instead send their representatives and don’t stay for the whole event . Our public protector came before even the event start and stayed until the and and also an honor to be in the same room with such greatness because we also get to be inspired”, said Daizy Diamond Tlailane.

Other speakers were including Miss Mamelodi Sundowns, 2020 Princesses from Gauteng and other provinces, Miss Bachelorette Finalist 2020 who were also invited to inspire learners.

The school is not yet reached for a comment.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Residents Welcomes New black-owned Private Clinic

Residents in Mamelodi have welcomed a newly launched private Clinic called Wellness Today at Mamelodi East, Gardens.

The clinic is owned by three nurse who have passion with their profession and want to play a role in the community.

“Its a good thing for our community and shows that our community is developing because things like this were only available for white people only back in the days and now we are they coming to our community so it is a good initiative and for black women to own this clinic it shows that the stigma of racial and gender equality is changing”, said one of the community member, Teboho Marothodi.

Another young community member said “The clinic is a great idea because there will be no more long queues and it will create more jobs opportunities for people in Mamelodi and maybe their service will be the best” said Nthabiseng Mbonani.

According to source, One of the founders, Paulinah Mafatshe, said she and co-founders Mabu Sekhaolelo and Veronica Mogashoa decided to open the private clinic because they were about to retire but still have a passion to help the sickly.

Adding that they loved helping the community and they realised there was a need for such clinic in Mamelodi and they were encouraged by the doctors they worked with who realised they loved their jobs. Their service prices ranges from R30 to R150.

By: Fortunate Machaba

"ALKEBULAN"! Look Out For Don Dada's New Album To Be Released Soon

Speaking of Don Dada a humanitarian, RuFF CuTT Studio owner and recording multi-platinum selling Reggae / Hip-Hop artist.

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka Don Dada will be officially releasing his highly anticipated album, ALKEBULAN on January 17.  DON DADA is determined to raise and promote his ALKEBULAN album as an important part of black history that must become known as “OurStory”.  

The album’s release coincides with the African continent leaders’ unity conversations, will be available on all digital services worldwide distributed by Tuff Gong International.


Alkebulan is The Original name for Africa: ” The Land Of The Blacks”.

According to Don, Alkebulan is the oldest and the only name of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidian’s, Khart-Haddans (Carthaginians), and Ethiopians. Africa, the current name adopted by almost everyone today, was given to this continent by a European invader by the name of Louis Africanus. Like all methods of manipulation, the Romans sought to completely disconnect the indigenous Africans from their culture, deities, and knowledge.

“Think about your Alkebu-lan consciousness, your culture, your names, your homeland, your past, your civilizations, your heritage, your ancestors, and your Mind. Today we have a false identity of self, self-hatred, hatred for your brother, and a deep hatred for Alkebu-lan our origin” A quote from Ghana Chief, Nana Nasi.

Don Dada is bringing you a ALKEBULAN as a phenomenal physical interpretation of the power of Afrkans coming together at home and abroad, to deliver a common purpose.

This track is born to transform the narrative of the negative events that affect our beloved Afrika, addressing social issues while bringing messages of self-pride, love, hope, peace, reconciliation and celebration yet still capturing the essence and vibrancy of Africa, the eight track album “ALKEBULAN“ was birthed.

Dada has already won the hearts of many people with his multi-platinum hit “Viva Mandela,” and newer releases “Heal Mama AfriKa” and “WAR” an apocalyptic song showing that not much of the social ethos has changed across the globe.  

ALKEBULAN is expected to show the whole world that peace and love changes everything. There is still more hits to come to keep the sparkle going!

By: Fortunate Machaba

Only this facts will prove you are a journalist

Hunger for writing, curiosity and telling meaningful, honest and factual stories make one a good enough journalist? Then in that case my answer in No.

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Journalism is more than just telling a story or pursue truth in an absolute sense.

These facts will help you prove if you have characters of being a journalist.

Report truthfully

In my 5 years little experience as a young journalist, I’ve learned to report the truth. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about journalist making up stories or reporting stories without any good enough reason to. To build trust with your sources and the public you always need to report truthfully.

Loyalty matters

Loyalty doesn’t only apply on your personal relationships, as a journalist you nee to be loyal to the citizen, country or world who ever you are reporting to. They must have an interest in stories you are writing to them. Remember is not only about what you want to read/know but what they are interested to read or know.

You need to be disciplined

As a journalist you need to be discipline not only for professional reason but also for being able to get the right facts and verification of information. We can all agree that as journalists we are all different and we have our own different ways of getting information without being objective. It is unethical to only get one side of the story, only rely on one source or perhaps a witness.

Don’t take bribes

I’ve heard and not only heard but read a lot about journalists paying sources to get a story or get paid to write stories in favor. Remember you can’t be objective or take sides or even write in favor for someone. Report truthfully, factual and fairly. Another thing make sure you do research or interview as many people as you can. You will be surprised how many stories you can write, learn and grow from everyday.

Spell check before publish

We sometimes underestimate things but sometimes little things matters. Things like your grammar or spell checks are important to check before you get the story out. Some people are lucky to have editors to rely on but if you really your own author and editor like me then it is very crucial to check. If you can’t pick up mistakes while reading silently try reading out loud and see if it still sounds right. No one one is really perfect and we all make mistakes but it is worth checking.

When I was studying journalism 3 years ago we were taught to follow the 5 W’s and a H the Who, What, Where, When and How to start your piece and on my writing journey I have learned to follow the four C’s, Clear, Concise, Compelling and Credible.

As a writer prepare to have a room to learn, because you will surely learn everyday. Although there is more to this facts, these are my top five priorities. 😁😁😁

By: Fortunate Machaba

Disappointed about matric results? Here is what to do

It has been a long and frantic year for matric students, worked hard to achieve good marks at the end of the year 2019. Some of them sacrificed their hobbies, had sleepless nights and only focused on their studies.

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Although hard work pays, some students still worked hard but didn’t achieve as good results as they have expected.

If you worked hard and didn’t do well in your exams that’s not a train smash!

Fortunately, there are options you can go for to better things. Thins options are good for you to brighten your future.

  1. Take a bridging course : This is as good as re-doing your subjects but not exactly the same thing. Here you will be taking short courses to improve your marks and even achieve a degree/diploma qualification which in turn will help you to get to the varsity.
  2. Ask for a remark: If you know that you worked hard for your exams and feel that is not a fair mark you have got then ask for a remark, although your marks might not be changed so much but who knows they will be good enough to get you to varsity?
  3. Redo some subjects: Redoing your subjects doesn’t necessary mean you thick it means you want and deserve better! This will give you an opportunity to focus on few subjects and get good results, less work, less pressure and better results!
  4. Register for supplementary exams: Although there are requirement to obtain before qualifying for supplementary, this is still a good choice to go for in order to improve your marks to get to a senior level. You have until 31 January to apply. This is what you need qualify for a supplementary exam , click here>

By: Fortunate Machaba

Vlakfontein Tops Mamelodi Schools With Matric Results

Vlakfontein Secondary School is known to be the top achieving school with 2019 matric results in Mamelodi.

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The school achieved 98,1 % pass rate followed by well known best achieving and every year top achieving school Ribane- laka with 96.9% beating all other 12 high schools in Mamelodi. Amongst this High Schools in Mamelodi, Ikamva Youth Orgaisation which works hand in hand with school around Mamelodi to build on on intensify what they have taught learners in the classroom and help student with extra lessonsThe school achieved 85% pass rate.

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“I knew my students struggled during the year so the results are a quiet surprise”, said Neo Rakoma, the Ikamva Youth branch coordinator.

According to source, the schools in Mamelodi were not producing good results but have improved in 2019.

Reports shows many students who have achieved good results including distinctions and bachelor pass.

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Other schools that produced good results were Vukani Mawethu Secondary School with 95.8% pass rate, Tsako Thabo Secondary School 90,3%, J Kekana Secondary School (84,1%), Jafta Mahlangu Secondary School (93,42%), Lehlabile Secondary School (90,6%), Mamelodi Secondary School (94,4%), Somafco (93,3%), Modiri Secondary School (73%), Phateng Secondary School (90%), Rephafogile Secondary School (93%), Stanza Bopape Secondary School (96,1%) and Bona Lesedi Secondary School produced (84,4%).

By: Fortunate Machaba

How To Stay Positive and Inspired In 2020

A new year is all about new beginnings, new things. If you are lucky, is new job, car or home and life to top it up. Keep the memories fresh and leave the past to pass with 2019.

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This year gives you a chance to set new goals, new adventure and keeping the positive and high spirit alive.

They usually say if you want a relationship work keep the sparkle alive! Do the same with your life, if you want things to work out in your life keep that positive spirit alive.

Some of you might have experience a lot bad things the previous year. The best thing to do is to keep your chin up, smile and stay inspired. Old has past and open a new chapter with fresh content.

10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts: Positive Thinking Made Easy

Look forward to good things in 2020, if you are positive about things in your life you will attract positivity.

By: Fortunate Machaba