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Interview With Child Molester

This interview was conducted after a 40 years old man sexually harassed a 10 years old girl. Note that it was conducted in Sepedi and translated into English. The incident took place in Mahube mall, Mamelodi East. I was at the bank and saw about four security guards including SPF dragging a man into Mams FM studio. I followed them, asked what happened, I got the story and interviewed the man…

Some answers he gave didn’t make sense at will be surprised. 

Have you sexually assaulted anyone before?

No, I’ve never done it before is my first time to do it here

When you say “first time to do it here” does that mean you have done it somewhere else before?

No is my time…

Do you have any reason why you did what you did to the girl?

It was just an accident, I didn’t mean to do it.

You didn’t mean to touch her, you were passing by then what happened?

I was going to pay for my account in rail way.

The parents of the daughter and her uncle were outside Pep at the time, so how did you manage to pass near them?

I paid my account and wanted to go to Pick’n Pay to buy food, that’s when it happened. Is not something … I got shocked when people took this seriously because I was playing with the girl and passing by, got to the shop and buying food. They were with her when it happened and I really want to apologise it won’t happen again. I will just come to the mall, pay the bills and you see what I mean.

I have been told that you denied the fact that you touched the girl’s bottom is that true?

No I was just greeting and I get it that they didn’t like how I did it, so that’s how it is, at the moment there is nothing I can do, as we standing, you understand…

So you couldn’t talk to the parents or apologise to them?

I’m one person who likes playing you see…

Why didn’t you tell them before the police were called or get’s this far?

No let me tell you what happened, after that, the guy (father) came and followed me to the shop, I was shocked when people approached me and I was supposed to pay my food and leave the shop and told me what I did, what was terrible and scared me is that the uncle beat me up and fought me and it happened when there were there. I apologise.

Do the parents know how guilty or sorry you are?

No the parents were there and I have asked for forgiveness and that it will never happen again, I made a mistake I’m a human being, I’m so sorry… I came here for what I came for and anyone can play we kids, people differ.

Do you have any children or a wife?

No I don’t have children nor a wife I only have a girlfriend, I ‘m not yet married.

Tell me how you would feel if the other men did the same thing to your child, would you be ok with it?

Yes, Becuase I and the wife will be present and is not a bad thing. I won’t feel terrible. I was just passing by greeting the girl, maybe I offended them you understand.

You just passed by and greeted her? Do you know the girl?

Yes I just greeted her, no Idon’t know her I was just being friendly and they accused me of touching her bottom. I’m really sorry it won’t happen again. Please forgive me it won’t happen again.

by: Fortunate Machaba


Man, 40 Arrested For Sexual Assault; Mamelodi East

Man, 40 was arrested yesterday at Mahube complex in Mamelodi East after allegedly caught by the girl’s parents for sexually assaulting their 10 years old daughter in public.  According to the family, they were in the mall for buying a school bag for the child, while waiting outside Pep shop after paying, the guy grabbed their daughter’s bottom and walked away. “We were standing out side Pep after paying for the bag, he grabbed my daughters bottom and passed to go to Pick’n pay for his shopping, My husband asked my daughter if she knew him and what he did to her because we didn’t see that he grabbed her bottom we just saw a hand and thought that he just poked her and my daughter said he grabbed her bottom”, said Sarah Sithole, the mother. The father added that he thought it was a teacher from school who just poked her and he followed him to the shop to check if the man was mentally disturbed or not and found out that he was paying for his food at the till. He then approached the Securities and CPF’s for help.  The securities were including, France Pitseng, Judy Chauke and James Khoza with two female CPF’S Francina Mashitisho and Dikeledi Sibaya. “we were called by the father to address the matter of sexual assault, we caught the guy at Pick’npay paying for his food, when we asked him at first he denied he had done it and wanted to escape in our hands. He also didn’t want us to hand cuff him but we managed and took him to the station for Mams FM to know and broadcast about it”, said Judy Chauke , one of the securities. The securities called Mamelodi East police for arrest. The man said he was in shock when he was caught, he never thought it will go as far as he claims to be playing with the unknown child. He asked for forgiveness to the parent before the police took him away. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Man Demands Bail After Murdering His Wife; Mamelodi West

Phineas Mampane appeared in court on Friday 21, 2017 after his case was postponed in May 2017. He murdered his CPF wife two months ago, allegedly took her from school on duty and stabbed her multiple times in front of their two children in their back room where they used to live. The police attended the matter and arrested him. Police spokesperson Captain Johannes Mahlahlane Maheso said that the case is no longer on their hands but of the court to decide. They will get information after the magistrate takes action against him. Phineas Mampane has been remanded in custody since May and recently appeared in Mamelodi West Magistrate Court. The senior prosecutor said that his case is again postponed to 18 of August for the bail application. Apparently, Phineas Mampane is going to demand bail and it is not yet known if it will be successful or not. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba



The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 33 years old women in Mamelodi East. The incident took place at Mamelodi East Phase 3 in January 16, 2017. It is alleged that the deceased was from Venda and was in Mamelodi for a short visit. “Police believe that the man on the picture could assist them solve the mystery behind her death”, said the police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe. Anyone with more information to locate the man is asked to contact Mamelodi East Police at (012) 8157051/52 or phone: 0824919673

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi west, A5 police visited Vlakfontein Secondary School to address the student leaders concerning the memorandum that the students handed in to the police on Monday May 29. This happened after Phineas Mampane murdered his wife 2 weeks ago leading to students peaceful march against women and children abuse. The memorandum was concerning students complains that needed the police’s attention. Issues involving murder and security around the schools was part of their complains stated on the memorandum. “Police address school delegation yesterday and it was clarifies to them that the murder suspect is not released but still in custody”, said the Mamelodi police spokesperson captain Johannes Mahlahlane Maheso. Students expect Pheneas Mampane to remain in custody although they say they are still not satisfied with the judgement until the suspect is sentenced. The police said they are going to work hand in hand with the students to improve the security issues around the schools.

By: Fortunate Machaba

20170602_105953 (1)

Mamelodi Concerned Mothers marched this morning in Mamelodi West, A5 area in protest against the killing of women. Vlakfontein students joined the march from outside A5 police station to Maseko garage where they were addressed by the coordinator. The march took place after Phineas Mampane, who killed his girlfriend Lindiwe last week appeared in court this Monday. Phineas Mampane didn’t get bail and his case was postponed until July 21st. The ANC members, ANCYL, ANCW, EFF and COSAS were part of the march. “We were marching in court to combat crime rate of killing women is high, police must participate and listen to our complains, we are not saying they should arrest but they should combat crime”, said the Mamelodi concerned mother coordinator, Pretty Pimblett. The concerned mother of Mamelodi demonstrated the march with Phokoane Funeral Service hearse. After the march the students together with the concerned mothers gathered for updates for their next march that is going to be held on July 21. “We are expecting changes after the march, I want to see this man down or being killed because he killed someone”, said the student. Pheneas life seems to be in danger because the community doesn’t wish to see him free. Community members said if they see him they will hang him. ” This man should hanged because he’s ruining our reputation as men, now we are seen as murders in the eyes of the community”. According to the Law provided by an attorney who wish to remain unnamed, the state will have to enlighten the court if the investigations are complete. If not, it will have to be postponed for further investigations. If the investigators have completed then they will postpone for a disclosure to allow the accused to prepare a defense.

By: Fortunate Machaba

mamelodi Police

A 27 year’s old suspect has been arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle in Mamelodi East yesterday. Police spokesperson, Captain Michael Mbewe said that a Datsun Laurel believed to have been stolen in Limpopo earlier this month and brought to Mamelodi East. The police launched immediate patrols in Mamelodi East Extension 11 after receiving an alert “tip-off” from the community members. After the arrest, Mamelodi East acting station commander, Colonel Charles Matji extended his gratitude to the community of Mamelodi East for assisting the police. The suspect is detained in Mamelodi East, facing charges of possession of stolen vehicle and will appear soon in Mamelodi court.

By: Fortunate Machaba