Sister’s Seminar Foundation & Family Of Christ Hosted Annual Youth Empowerment Event

Sister’s Seminar Foundation and Family of Christ together hosted an event on Saturday with a purpose to empower young women. The team believes that it is their responsibility to take charge and give back to the community, not only in Mamelodi but in South Africa as a whole. About 250 community members including youth turned up for the event.

“We saw that our youth needs a good motivation in their lives, so that is why we deiced to do a seminar”, said the Founder of Sisters Seminar, Thapelo Makopo.

The seminar was established in 2018 in August, first seminar annual huge amount of people turned up, about 150 and they decided to continue with the seminar. “Our aim for this year, 2019 was to focus on both genders, and the youth, to empower them with a theme Youth Empowerment Seminar Gender Base Violence, Business Session and Motivation since well we have victims of gender base and connections in business, we know people who are doing business in their lives, we know motivational speakers , that is why we decided to come with other angle that will pull many people to the event”, said the Thapelo Makopo.

He added that the Seminars that are hosted in August are to empower youth to show them that is it possible, doesn’t matter where they are coming from but what matters the most is where you’re going with your life.

Speakers from various places came to support as well as to participate at the seminar. Speakers such as Thulani Mphahlele, Sfiso, Happy Simelane, Nontlantla V, Thato Nyathi, Pear Miss Africa 2019, Glen Lee-Jones, Mangi, Aobakwe, Mangi, Letlotlo, Prof Bishop Dipuo, Howard Zondo, Mr Mbelengwa, Oratilwe Mashigo, as well as poets including: Sharon Sindane, Katheliah, Mpendulo, Tumisho Rabalao, Banetse, Promise, Sister Hlogs, Mpendulo Skhosana and Buhle. Some of the speakers touched on the issue of gender base, some were there to motivate the youth and some to entertain them. Vukani Mawethu Choir participated in the event as well as Clique Crew, Ekzotic music group took initiative to perform on stage. Other participants such us Charity Masha, Future Miss SA Ambassador, Thando Chabalala, Miss Mamelodi 2019 and Khutso Matlala, Miss Teen SA Finalist & Miss Damelin were there to support the Sisters Seminar event.

“You were born with a purpose that the wold cannot do without” said Glen Leece-Jones, one of the motivational speakers of the day.

“When I got on stage, with my Empress sash, everyone wondered what does she have in store for us, and I had everything positive and my level of confidence spoke volumes. They were amused and they gave me an impression that we depend on you Annikie, you are a future leader, not only on the impression but the comments I got after that. I was asked to speak on the spur of the moment and still without worrying about preparations I owed it!”, said Annikie Rabohlale, Empress SA Finalist.

She added and said that she felt proud of the Seminar because the township like Mamelodi didn’t really have such as empowerment sessions like seminars, the only thing that Mamelodi is known for is turning up at Clubs or Tarvens and such things so seeing different women from different dimension of lives, backgrounds from different cultures and beliefs coming together to empower one another, to encourage success, and where we are headed as a country we know that haven’t accumulated everything that we are yearning for, that I saw on Saturday is promising one can affirm that indeed the future looks bright because we are in an era where women believe in themselves, where they believe is not enough until they stand up to themselves so I personally felt proud and empowered by sisters standing together and planning on how to take each other through to the bright future.

Pastor in his statement said that the event was educational and encourages to go fetch that dream, “As Sisters Seminar Foundation and Family of Christ host this kind of seminar every year, we think of hosting very often so we can empower young people and we are thinking that it should be a national road show where people can be educated about self-worth”, said Pastor Raphokoane.

The founder, Thapelo Makopo and his team of 15 members organised the event with their own money and with help from Street VIP, Mamelodi Sundowns and Mamz Grill bar with T-shirts. He said they are planning to have another seminar next year, 15 August 2020.

By: Fortunate Machaba

B3 In Celebration Of Legend Malombo Lechaba

Who Will Take This Trophy Home Tomorrow?


Batho Batsho Bakopane (B3) Insurance Brokers, in partnership with Mamelodi All Stars Foundation hosting the inaugural Jan “Malombo” Lechaba Easter 16 tournament at Muckleneuk Grounds, Mamelodi West. The tournament started on 19 April 2019 and will finish tomorrow, 22 April 2019.

This was done to honour football legend Jan Malombo Lechaba who retired 2 decades ago, for his contribution in the football industry to ensure the community of Mamelodi have a platform to showcase their football talent. He started this contribution in the beginning of his professional football career in 1973.

Finals will be taking place tomorrow where we will celebrate the ultimate  Trophy champ and the following prices won by the four best teams: 1st- R50 000, 2nd-R 25 000 and 3rd and 4th- R 5000 each.

More updates to follow

By: Fortunate Machaba 

Ikamva Youth Achieves 76% In Matric Results


Photo by: Itumeleng Khoza



The five year old operating after school care group in Mamelodi West has achieved 76% in their matric results. The results were announced this morning. “Normally what we do with matric students, in April we help them with applications for universities and in June we have tutoring for all the subjects including life skills, we help them with exam preparations, give them previous question papers and help them with different subjects”, said the Branch Coordinator, Neo Rakoma.

She added that it has been a challenge for their classes to continue since they were clashing with Saturday/SIP classes from the learners schools and also students had to attend both their school classes and ikanva programs. “We didn’t want to compete with the schools because they have their own Mandate but when they attend SIP then it takes a bit of our program’s time, so we then do sessions during the week or winter holidays and exam period because that’s when we get most of their time, so we do more catch up of work”, Neo Rakoma.

The school expected more although they have received 76% that made them proud for the student’s hard work. They plan to have the structure changed for the class of 2018, to have more time with the matric students so it won’t clash with their extra classes at school and make a structure that suit them.

20180105_115954“My year was very hard, I’ve lost few people that I loved but I got over it and the only thing in mind was to study and passing my matric. It was the only way I could pass. It’s different from what I’ve expected but God knows why and I’m planning to upgrade. I’m proud of my self because not a lot of people I know made it”, said one of the students, Dimpho Mokwena. She added that there’s no way they can all make it at once, the fact that others didn’t make it doesn’t mean they are failures and it only means that they made a mistake that they can fix.

The school recruit students from Grade 11 and continues with them to Grade 12. Last year, 2016, they had about 55 Grade 11 meaning that they already expecting more matric students in the class of 2018 and they are hoping for 98% pass rate next year. “We encouraging more students to come and attend at Ikamva Youth Centre, I believe that most of the learners does not get enough lessons and that causes average pass rates that we can’t be happy about” said Neo Rakoma .

Students were offered free counselling, mostly those who didn’t make it and those who need guidance as well. Mpokeng Modise, a trainee Psychologist from UNISA volunteered to assist the students and she’s said that she’s available for everyone and everywhere in Mamelodi. The school facilities is sponsored by Coca-Cola South Africa.

By: Fortunate Machaba

David Makhura Says Illegal Occupation Is Out Of Order

David Makhura Says Illegal Occupation Is Out Of Order



IMG_1169Gauteng Premier, David Makhura said illegal occupation in Mamelodi is out of control. The premier, as well as other leaders, visited Mamelodi West last Friday at A5 community Hall.

David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, Solly Msimanga, Tshwane Mayor, Paul Mashatile, MEC for Gauteng Department of Education, Paul Mashatile, Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa , MEC for Health, Gwen Ramokgopa, MEC for Social Development, Nandi Khoza, MEC for Transport, Ismail Vadi, MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile and Community Safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi.

They were all in the house to present their reports to residents of Mamelodi. Solutions were presented to issues raised by people in the previous meeting. During the meeting, the Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga announced some residents had received their title deeds. It is not known when they applied for the RDP houses.


Residents who had more issues were asked to fill in forms and were promised to get feedback. An opportunity for people to raise their concerns or questions based on the leaders’ reports were given.

Most of the people were not happy about the conditions at Moretele Park, they were complaining that the shelter needed renovation since it is Spring going to Summer and rain is expected. They gave a positive response to the stadium that is going to be rebuilt (Pitje) in Mamelodi West. More renovation is expected to happen in Mamelodi both East and West. The event started at 4pm and residents didn’t leave until 9pm.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Black Whole Lounge Hosted Winter Fashion Show

Black Whole Lounge Hosted Winter Fashion Show

Black Whole hosted a winter fashion show last night in Mamelodi West, A5. Local, talented fashion designers showcase their fashion trends and artist from in and outside Mamelodi were there to perform their best music for the audience. Mamelodi Fashion designers including Moleboheng Sease, Victor Galeboye, Thato Kwinana, Thandeka Nkosi, Alcanest, Longile Buthelezi, Dk Ignitious, Sonia and Konko Representative. People to show how to dress for your body, fashion with function. Artists including Paris June from Soshanghuve who has opened the stage, Pretty Simple, AK from Nigeria and Panga has performed their few songs. The original Shumba, a  comedian was also at the event to entertain the crowd and played a role as MC. He turned the stage into flames cracking most of his best jokes and kept the crowd entertained throughout the event. During the event, there were stand-up comedies that you never imagine of by Shumba. The team, Levita Entertainment (Thato, Victor, Leno and Thandeka) organised the show. The show started at 8 pm until 12 am. “It was great even though we could’ve done better”, said Thato Kwinana, one of the organisers. The next fashion show is in summer.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Howard Zondo Finally Launched His Book; Mamelodi West

Howard Zondo Finally Launched His Book; Mamelodi West

IMG_0770Howard Zondo, the author of Young Black and Powerful launched his first book (Young Black and Powerful) today at Mamelodi West community hall in A5.

Students from his school, J Kekana, teachers, guests from the community and others from Rustenburg and Middleburg came to attend the event and gave their full support to him. All his first 30 books published were sold today. The department of sports and recreation and Tshwane were also part of the people who purchased his book. His family, The Zondo’s including his mother Evelyn Ndlovu and brother Justice Zondo, uncle and his two sisters were at the event to support him. Other people who had an impact in his life were also there.

His family, The Zondo’s including his mother Evelyn Ndlovu and brother Justice Zondo, uncle and his two sisters were at the event to support him. Other people who had an impact in his life were also there to support and celebrate his achievements.

During the event, guests presented their speech


People who had an impact in his life were also at the event giving their speeches and motivating the public. People such as his mentor, Thulani, Sam Mphahlele. He believes that every person in the world has a purpose of contributing to humanity. During his speech, he spoke about how people can find their contributions.

Young inspirations, motivational speakers, brand ambassadors, business owners, leaders and authors such as Gomolemo Mara Bogopane, co founder of Perls Africa, leader, motivational speaker from Rustenburg shared his speech to the youth that what defines the youth is not their age or colour of their skin but the role they play in the society. IMG_0723

“First Lady” Miss inspiration teen 2017 2nd Princess, Co-founder of Fresh and brand ambassador, Letlotlo Matabane was also there to inspire young people and to tell about her brand. She is regarded as the first lady to have her own brand in Pretoria.

Social entrepreneur, Phumulani Mngomezulu from Middleburg specialising in corporate branding, owns his own business. He also described Howard as a young powerful young man and spoke about the business that matters to the community. one of his quotes “Invest time in helping other people, put yourself in someone else’s story and help”.



JK students and deputy principal

J Kekana deputy principal described Howard as a young person and powerful pupil. “It has been tough throughout the journey so, in the end, we are not saying is it’s over, we say raise up the flag, know that you have been raised at JK. All this happened because there has been a teacher in your life, keep up the good work, represent the school”, said Betty Lebelo the school’s deputy principal.




young entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, brand ambassadors, business owners and leaders.



Editor of Young Black and Powerful, motivational speaker and an entrepreneur, Mmatepeng Temane, said that the book is her life, describing herself as passionate about young people. “We all have the power to change things that we don’t like, I’d like to thank the family for supporting and understanding their son’s journey and Howard to believe in himself”, said Mmatepeng Temane.

At the end of the event 



Howard Zondo and his family


His youngest brother, Justice Zondo came to pass gratitude to the organisers. He described his brother as a strong character and always a challenge. “As a family, we are honoured, Mamelodi is blessed with young people with talents, I’d like to thank everyone for their support, we fully support people in the community and I urge that they shouldn’t choose the wrong people”, said Justice Zondo. Howard spoke about his book and also thanked everyone who has supported him through out and who came today, he also handed out gifts to show them how grateful he was.

Howard is expecting to write more books and more launch is to come.

By: Fortunate Machaba