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Phase 1 near Putco

Mamelodi East residents protested today in phase 2 blocking Tsamaya road. The protest was caused by Phase 2, New Town residents. Residents say people who live in New Town have been given the land 2-3 weeks ago and some of them extended the piece that they had been given. The owner of the area called the police and some of the shacks were removed.


Phase 2

The community is still protesting against the shacks being removed from the area. The protest started at Tsamaya road in Phase 1. During the protest residents burned tyres, blocked Tsamaya and New Town road and 2 brewery waggon were attacked during the protest. The police came during the protest and dispersed  the crowd.  The protest continued until this evening. The police were still shooting at residents who were trying to block the road from the top of the bridge. It is allegedly that 6 people were arrested during the protest. No injuries were reported during the protest. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Sabelo Mnina-tau Marishane, the ward councilor is involved in a project of installing a row of electric pylons to improve the electricity system in Mamelodi. The pylons are situated in Mamelodi East Phomolong, University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus and extension 22 Nelmapius. New RDP’s and rental houses in Nelmapus extension 22 are also going to benefit from the new pylons since they are also going to have electricity in their new homes. The project is still on going and it is not yet know when is going to be complete. “We are working on a substation development to improve the electricity system in Mamelodi”, said the ward councilor. He also said that he’s looking forward to complete the project considering the fact that now is winter and it is vital to have electricity and the want to solve the issue of power cut in the community.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Community members together with Tshwane government and initiation school owners around Mamelodi had a meeting on Saturday at Mamelodi East Extension 6, Africa Church. All the stakeholders were called including the councilor, priests, COPTA members, CONTRALESA and the SAPS member Mr Chivukadi from Mamelodi East police station. The meeting was concerning some of the owners of initiation schools who pays druggies R50 for bringing more kids to the schools. It is believed that is more than one school but not specified was recently paying druggies to take kids without their parent’s permission to the schools. It is said that most of the kids were taken from the streets playing with friends. The owners who attended the meeting said they will no longer take kids who are not taken in by their parent’s and from now on parents have to sign while bring their kids to school as well as giving them the doctor’s conformation letter to confirm that the child can go to the initiation school. “Those who were in the meeting, they said they will not take any child without their parent signatures. Even if the child is without a parent and decide to give the principal their parent’s phone numbers the principal will take the initiative and visit their homes for confirmation”, said Dina Sibanyoni, Team Leader ward 40 and one of the parent whose child is currently at the school. It is confirmed that any school that take children without their parents concern they would be charged and could end up sentenced to 12 years in prison. Ward 40 Team leader said most of the parents complains were that when children return home from from these schools, they are becoming disrespectful, get involved into drugs, suffer from health issues and they believe that initiation schools are loosing dignity this days, it is not more about culture but rather business. Some kids don’t even return they die in the schools. More investigations still in process. It is still going to be discussed when and where the next meeting will take place. The Team is currently looking for a bigger venue where everyone in Mamelodi is expected or invited to attend the meeting.

By: Fortunate Machaba

This is the Media Release from The Public Servants Association Of South Africa:

The Public Servants Association of South Africa (PSA) won the battle against Department of Home Affairs regarding the new working hours which expected members to work on Saturdays without getting paid.

Home affairs

Department of Home Affairs’ application for an urgent interdict to stop the PSA from starting the national strike was struck of the roll by Labour Court last Thursday 15 June. An urgent intervention by Ministers of Home Affairs, Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize and Public Service and Administration, Faith Muthambi was called with affected labour parties to try and find a friendly solution and stop strike from today 19 June 2017.

“The PSA represents about 75% of workers in home affairs and the strike would have seen a total shut down of Home Affairs offices across the country”, said PSA General Manager, Ivan Fredericks. At the PSCBC on Thursday night, the ministers withdrew the circular that unilaterally introduced a new shift system for weekend work. In light of that, organised labour also agreed to withdraw their strike notice and suspend any intended strike action.

All parties have agreed to continue to engage in a process of negotiation on working hours in the Departmental Chamber of the GPSSBC. “The PSA will address it’s members of the outcome at major affected areas on Monday, 19 June 2016. The positive outcome of the dispute is a powerful message to employers that the PSA will stop at nothing within the law to protect the rights of it’s members”, said Mr Fredericks.

The workers are going back to work tomorrow and expected to work normal working hours.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Home affairs workers are on strike. Apparently the strike is Nationwide and not only Mamelodi East, Mahube Valley office is closed. The workers including the department of Home Affairs in Mamelodi East started their strike today. Rumors says the workers works over time including weekends without getting paid. EWN reported that the trade union representing home affairs front office workers have called for a Nationwide strike due to the department’s withdrawal of a circular aimed at forcing its staff to work overtime including Saturday without paying them overtime. It is not yet know when the issue will be resolved.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Materials he get from his people

Nkosana Leso his in his early 30’s and works as a recyclist in Mamelodi East near the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. He started his business in January this year. He got funding that assisted him to purchase a storage container that he uses to store his plastic bottles, tins and glasses. Nkosana  permanently employs one guy and works with over 70 people on a daily basis. Those people collect the materials in different areas in Mamelodi and deliver them to Nkosana three times a day and they also get paid for the work. After the materials are delivered to him he get’s a truck that takes them to Hercules reclaim in Pretoria North. “My vision has encouraged me to have my own business, this is not where I wanted it to be and I want to take it further”, said Nkosana Leso.


His storage container and the scale he uses to weigh the materials

Nkosana has a vision of having a company that processes materials. He currently owns two small taxis that also brings him money everyday while he’s still running his own business. His business is successfully registered and he’s paying tax every year. “In the next few months I want to open another business in a different location”, said Nkosana. He was in custody for more than a decade and he met a guy in prison who happened to be his spiritual brother, mentored him throughout and encouraged him to go to school and become successful. He is also someone he talks to when he has issues. He studied financial management at University of South Africa (UNISA) during his time in prison. “I recommend anyone to have this kind of business nature but my advice is, they must be hard working, dedicated, not after money, have passion first then money will follow. Nkosana said there are a lot of people in the community that have best ideas of business but the problem they have is funding and enough support. He believes that if the local government becomes closer to the resident’s needs their businesses will also become successful.

By: Fortunate Machaba 


Phase 2 near the train track after clean

Ward 17 waste operating team were cleaning the dumping site around Mamelodi East today. They visited Mamelodi Phase 2 (Sporo village), Block 5 & 6 near Tsamaya road and Phase 3 (Mannyeu). The team come once after 2 weeks to clean the areas. There’s still no solution for illegal dumping. “We clean once after  2 weeks but it’s not helping the areas of dumping to be clean because people use this area to dump their rubbish, we are here today and tomorrow there will be people dumping rubbish in the clean areas, said the coordinator of the team.


One of the team member said is not going to be easy to come up with a fair solution because the municipality fails to come and collect the rubbish some days and that cause people to use open spaces to dump the rubbish.





“At first they used to give people who live in the informal settlement rubbish bags to use but the issue we are facing right now is that people who collect tins and bottles in the dumping areas destroy the plastics when they looking and rubbish will be everywhere”, said the member. One of the truck drivers said the issue of dumping is horrendous  in Mamelodi, he suggested that they should at least come twice a week to better the situation. The issue remains the subject to the municipality.

By: Fortunate Machaba