Mamelodi East streets are set to be gun free – declared SAPS

Mamelodi East police arrested a 29 year-old man for possession of unlicensed firearm yesterday in Extension 4 near Bajabulile Primary School. The suspect is believed to be terrorising community members.

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“Mamelodi East police were busy with their routine of crime prevention duties and patrols, they received a complaint from a community member that a man is carrying firearm, the police responded quickly and and the suspect was searched and the firearm was recovered”, said Constable Mashiloane.

Mr Mashiloane said the firearm will be sent to ballistic testing to ascertain if it was used for crimes or any violence before.

Mamelodi East Station Commander, Brigadier Terrence Naidoo applauded the members for the good job they have done to prevent criminals from terrorising community members.

At the moment the investigations is underway and the suspect will be profiles for possible linkage to previous crimes.

The suspect will soon appear in Mamelodi Magistrate Court for possession of unlicensed.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Six year-old undergo surgery after raped by neighbour

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A grade1 pupil, who is believed to be six years-old had gone for surgery after she was raped by a 26 year old neighbour in Mamelodi East on Saturday.

The pupil is currently recovering in Mamelodi Hospital.

According to reports, the pupil came home crying and explained to her mother what the neighbour had done to her and came home with a tub of yoghurt, a lollypop and a pack of snack. The mother was shocked after she had checked and found out that he daughter’s panties was full of blood.

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The suspect was arrested and to appear in court today.

“The suspect is arrested and I wish him to be sentenced to life to teach others who are thinking of committing the same offence”, said Constable Mashiloane.

This matter remains a subject to the judges.

City of Tshwane mayor to call for unity GBV

The City of Tshwane mayor, Stephen Mokgalapa is calling to Tshwane residents including stakeholders cutting across a spectrum of communities in universities, corporate, government and civil society organisations to join the night vigil which is initiated to fight against Gender Base Violence (GBV).

On Tuesday, the City Council lit up candles inside the Chambers in support of victims and survivors of gender based violence.
According to Stevens Mokgalapa, lighting of candles was a symbolic action they carried out that day.

Mokgalapa is expected to lead the City’s Night Vigil against Gender Based Violence taking place on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at Tshwane House.
The night vigil is initiated to be the first response to ensure the City responds to the murdering of women and children in a comprehensive manner.

On the statement released, Mayor Mokgalapa said it was important for the Capital City to lead not only by example, but with the intention to encourage other cities and sectors of society to highlight this challenge filling both personal and professional space.

“Today we say to them that they are not alone, their voices have been heard, their pleas have not fallen on deaf ears. Today we say to South Africa that no more will it be business as usual while our women and children suffer at the hands of unscrupulous men,” said Mayor Mokgalapa.

Mayor Mokgalapa emphasised the significant moment in South Africa’s democracy, making special mention of the leadership and commitment demonstrated by the City’s Gender Unit and the Chairperson on the Multi-Party Women’s Caucus, Cllr Rose Maake, who are integral in planning the night vigil.

Tshwane residents are all encouraged to join the vigil and lend their voices to end the issue of GBV in communities.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi East Police in search for killer couple over plasma TV theft

A suspect sister and a brother were shot dead last Tuesday after protecting a suspect who allegedly stole a plasma TV in Mamelodi East, Extension 5.

According to source, a lady called Dorah confronted a neighbour’s son as she suspected that he stole her Plasma TV that is claimed to worth R 10 000 – R 12 000.

When she gave a statement to the police she said that she saw foot prints in her house that were leading her to the neighbours house and suspects that the boy next door is responsible. a case was opened against the suspect.

When Dorah returned from the police station they had an argument that lead to the neighbours alleged boyfriend shooting the brother (Phil Jones) and the sister (Mome Jones) who died on the way to the clinic.

The gun man house and car was burned by members of the community after the incident happened. The police and forensic were called to attend the matter.

The Mamelodi East Communication Officer, constable Mashiloane confirmed that no arrest were made and the unit is currently in search for Dorah and her alleged boyfriend.

Empress South Africa 2019 warrior princess finalist leave words of motivation to young South Africans

“Quitting” does not exist in my world, Declares Empress SA 2019 warrior princess finalist!

Annikie Rabohlale, a 20 years-old Empress South Africa 2019, Warrior Princess, finalist from Mamelodi west, D5 urge young South Africans to stand a take a lead. She grew up in a village in Limpopo called Ga-Matlala Mmathongoana.

Annikie describes herself as an extrovert loving, amiable, persuasive, adores challenge and curious. She is a contending for Empress South Africa 2019 as a Worrior Princess, finalist, studying a BA in journalism degree and do radio presenting part -time with DeepGroove Radio.

Annikie believes that women can lead, they have a lot of power and influence. “As a daughter, sister and future mother, I believe that as women we have the power and influence we need, thus I’d urge us to take a responsibility to nuture and grow our sons to become dignified, to behave and protect women”.

According to the website, Empress South Africa is the first and largest online based beauty contest in the world. Empess SA is a powerful influencer network in SA using the Beauty with Brains & Purpose platform.

Annikie mentioned that although she has always been enthusiastic and driven, Empress South Africa has thoroughly refined her into a women she is today, by granting her an opportunity to empower and be empowered. “It has instilled me with an “Eagle” nature. I stand and deal! I’m no longer fearful, rejection and criticism are my best friends because if you never fail you will never win. Quiting does not exixt in my world”, said Annikie.

Annikie is own inspirator and her mother is her role model. On her statement she said: “seeing her pulling the stunts she’s pulling to secure our basic needs at home and playing a the father role simultaneously has made her believe that a woman is the full circle and within them there is power to create, nurture and transform.

Words of motivation from Annikie “Young girl stand up and deal, the world owes you nothing, look within and give yourself anything your soul is yawning for and make yourself a priority and it does not matter where you are coming from, you are not a product of your circumstances but of your decision”.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Anti-drugs campaign to be hosted in Pheladi-Nakene primary school

“Learners against drugs” campaign is expected to take place on the 11th of September in Pheladi-Nakene Primary School, in Mamelodi west.

There will be activities such as drama, poetry, dances and music that will be carried out during the day to entertain while educating the kids.

Report from South African Police Service (SAPS) is expected to be presented on the day. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

#ConversationWithYou Event Was Successfully Ran 1MAN

The event on Saturday 31 August 2019, #ConversationWithYou was a success at Pretoria near Bosman.

The event was about bridging the gap between parents and teenagers, under the question of Who failed Who? It has become an inevitable truth that teenagers find parents to be boring due the their custom ways of life and on the other side there are parents who do not understand their children.

The whole purpose of the event was to bring about solutions admits this social illness that are faced by broken families. The audience largely expressed that indeed, they never put themselves in parents shoes and parents did admit they are not willing to relearn.

“I would say, it may not gone according to my plans because what transpired was bigger than my expectations. We had 50 people in attendance and most of them where people l knew”, said Howard Zondo, the event hoster and Founder and Author of Young Black and Powerful.

During the event, Kabelo Mabona, the author of Forgiveness is a journey was a speaker of the day, they had poetry performance by Tshiamo Moyo and Sharon Sindane and Selokela Molamodi, William Baloyi were MC of the day, motivational talk from Oshebeng Mochaka and the New Generation of Eagles did a drama performance.

Howard Zondo said the audiences were very positive and interactive during the event, and some did express they had been carrying pain all along but did not have the platform to do so. That to me speaks of the achievement l yearned to achieve from the event.

The only challenge Zondo faced was marketing and reaching people.

At the event there was a time were people got emotional, as people were sharing some of their touchy situations they have gone through in their lives. However, there was also a time to laugh!

“I am very happy with how everything unfolded; l would not have done it myself without my selfless team of YBP; Lucky Gira and Tokelo Hlagala. From the responses, people want more of these events, meaning the third #ConversationWithYou happening in November for Boys Indaba will be a success”, said Zondo.

The only thing l did in the morning was to pray and let God take charge.

Picture: Gwendoline Manana

Howard Zondo also used the event as a platform to talk about his books, sharing with other authors who were part of the event and some purchased Lessons from a Domestic Worker and Young Black and Powerful books.

Zondo said he would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made the day a success even in absentia.

By: Fortunate Machaba