Evah Mokwape’so Foundation-Women’so Day Celebration Supported By Thomas Kwenaite & Eddie Motale

IMG-20180815-WA0003Evah Mokwape’a Foundation hosted ladies soccers, netball games and aerobics on the 9th of August 2018 at University of Pretoria. The teams were under 13 Mpendulo, three from Meetse a bophelo, one Senior Happy Hearts, one Mams ladies and four under 17 Tuks. Mams ladies won on pernalty 4.2. IMG-20180813-WA0020 Sponsors of the event were Park Shop from Mamelodi, Tbo café, Mamelodi Cintinental, Jab Jabu, Aquelle, Thabang Malaza, Leonard Malapane, Life Avenue, City of Tshwane, Buti Lefyane, Fran Hilton Smith, Esphazasam, Big Save and University of Pretoria.  Speakers were invited to motivate and inspire kids on regarding sports.  IMG-20180813-WA0035.jpgSpeakers including Gloria Hlalele, Sibongile Khumalo, Fikile Sithole, Natalie Matlou and Gae Lepalo who’s also heading women football for Gauteng Province played a role in motivating the kids. “I want to make sure that women engage themselves into sports, stay healthy and away from trouble”, said former captain of Mamelodi Sundowns, ladies vice captain of Banyana, Evah Mokwape. According to her, women must stand up and do things for themselves, she believes that good things won’t always come to you but you have to go out there and get them. IMG-20180813-WA0025“The event was astonishing, I feel so good and important for the fact that it was cold however, my girls came in numbers to participate and celebrate with me. I want this to grow to more than six teams, I started with two teams and they participate in last year’s game. My goal is to see these ladies representing South Africa by playing or administrating”, said Evah Mokwape. Sports legends and supporters including Thomas Kwenaite, Super Sports presenter and Eddie Motale were there to support the event.                                                                                                          By: Fortunate Machaba


SABC Interviews Mamelodi Students; UP


SABC journalist, Obuseng Maluti interviewed student from Lehlabile secondary school about the Tjo!StoryFest program that took place at University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus on Saturday. Students showed more interest in the program and took part in community talks especially with SA Depression & Anxiety Group. The group brought one of their “service users” to share his story with the audience. The group discussed with the audience about drug abuse. The ex-drug user, 29 with a diploma had been using drugs for more than 10 years and he said that he want to change his life and start focusing on the future, making the right choices and doing good to the community. He added that students have to go to school with a purpose, knowing what they want to do with their lives and not just to attend school. “I’ve  learned a lot from the program, it helped me to grow. I didn’t know what we young people are going through in the community. I’m encouraged about what he’s doing, it is a good thing and he has to improve. For the fact that he has a diploma he should focus on the future”, said Katlego Boikanyo, a grade 11 student. Students were also able to share their thoughts about the topics that came up during the program. The topics were mostly about personal stories that are happening in the community. “Substance abuse is a hard thing to quit, but at the end of the day is the decision that we make, we just have to stay positive and not let peer pressure to take over us because it destroys us”, said the student, Koketso Moerane. He added that he’s going to take the message back to the community and make sure others does’t go through the same issue. He believes that the program helps them to help others. Most of the audiences believe that people who uses drugs started at an early age where they didn’t have enough education and guidance. It is believed that if children get education about drugs and get reasons why it’s not the right choice to use drugs it will help the issue to stop in future rather than to preach “SAY NO TO DRUGS” to children without explaining to them why.

By: Fortunate Machaba

One Dies And One Severely Injured After Attempted Robbery In Mamelodi East


Mamelodi shooting resulted in one death and one critically injured during a robbery.

robbery photo 2

One man died and the other is injured due to the shootout in Mamelodi. The incident took place this afternoon at Mamelodi East Extension 4 on Serumula Street. It is alleged that the men had attacked RAM courier vehicle resulting in the shooting. Paramedics attended a 39 Years old victim who has been shot, he was severely injured and was placed on a ventilator by the advanced life support paramedic at the scene.

Netcare 911 Spokesperson Nick Dollman said Netcare 911 paramedics were close by and were first to arrive on the scene within a short period of time.

robbery photoThe Netcare 911 air ambulance was called to the scene and landed in an open field at University Of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. “The victim was airlifted to an awaiting specialised trauma centre in Johannesburg for further urgent care”, said Nick Dollman. Other ambulance, security services and SAPS attended the scene. “The paramedics told us about the shoot out and that one was critically injured and the other one died and they asked to use the space for the helicopter to land”, said one of the securities at the university. “The matter remains the subject of a police investigation.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi Students Attend ALA Workshop

Mamelodi students and others attended the ALA (African Leadership Academy) workshop at University Of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus on Saturday and Sunday.


Students during the workshop

The program started at 9am until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday was from 9am to 4pm with lunch provided for the students. The students who participated in the workshop were from Gatang Secondary School and Solomon Mahlangu Secondary School. Other students were from FH , Himalaya and Laudium Secondary School. After the program students got the certificates for their participation. The curriculum of the workshop was based on BUILD (believe, understand, invent, listen and deliver). Meaning that the students were trained first to believe in their ideas and that they have power to change circumstances around them, understand the community and their needs, invent solutions to solve a problem, test their ideas by listening to people they serve and deliver new solutions to solve the problem.

Students photo

Students and the workshop team

The purpose of the program was to develop and teach the youth entrepreneurship as a way to prevent unemployment issues and engaging them to lead solutions to community problems. Students were given the opportunity to discuss problems they encounter in their communities. Issues such as human trafficking, illegal dumping, teenage pregnancy, mob-justice, substance abuse, poverty, lack of education and crime were raised during their discussion. After they raised the issues, they were asked the causes and possible solutions. According to African Leadership Academy, the team believes very strongly in peer learning and the power of youth leadership in Africa.


The interesting part 

The interesting part of the workshop was that students were given materials such as strings, marshmallows, sellotape and spaghetti to use and build a highest structure and a group that wins the game was getting a bag of marshmallows. Funny enough some students were using a table as part of the materials which was not allowed. That caused most of them to loose the game.


Students building a structure

Their structures couldn’t stand on their own. In the end three groups whom their structures were able to stand on their own remained in the game but only one group had to get a prize. The group that won had a highest structures giving them the opportunity to win. Most of those who did not win said they were not upset about it, it was fun and they have enjoyed it. They believed they could win the game and never had conflicts within their groups. Student had a lot of confidence and interest while they were building the structures. lucky are those who won the game!



Students who won the game and their structure


“Since I went there already owning a business, as an entrepreneur it has enhanced me and the perspective towards leadership and being an entrepreneur. I’d like to thank everyone who made it possible, the skills I have gained will definitely have a good impact on my business and I would advise everyone to attend it” said Prudence Hlatswayo, a matric student from Gatang Secondary School.

One of the team member stated that their policy does not allow them to give comments.

By: Fortunate Machaba

UP Students Bring Urban Vision For Mamelodi

UP-1A group of University of Pretoria honours students from Hatfield was involved in community projects around Mamelodi and came up with a vision for Mamelodi. They presented their vision and new ideas on Tuesday at University Of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. Three groups of students extracted information about Mamelodi as a township. They found out that large majority of Mamelodi has internet access which gives the community the opportunity to connect, there are various spaces that are not being used especially illegal dumping spaces. They believe that illegal dumping prevents the opportunity for Mamelodi to grow or turn into a better and safer place.


“Crime and informal dumping in Mamelodi East are largely connected to this open spaces especially wetlands and existing waste networks prevents the opportunity to turn the space into a safe educational places”, said Sarah Tuke one one of the students. Mamelodi route group highlighted Extension 4 park in Mamelodi East and the street for students wanted to be activated so is the safer place for the kids. It has been pointed out that Mamelodi is growing fast especially in the East and South. According to students research most people in Mamelodi travel out of Mamelodi for work. “We met a lot of parents at the creche and we found out that people travel very far for recreation pleasure as well as work from Mamelodi itself hence migration takes place everyday within Mamelodi, said Alexia Kolatsis. Mamelodi East is regarded as a strong place for culture and has resources such as rivers and traditional African resources as well as what the river can bring to the community.


“Mamelodi has a very high access of internet but low access to computers, high density in Mamelodi, very few business facility and poor tertiary education”, said Maxine Levy. Students were basically bringing new ideas for Mamelodi community, identifying what already exists and sort of come up with solutions that will change Mamelodi into a better place in future. They believe that Mamelodi can produce a potential of motivating and educating the youth. “We are quiet excited about what we want to do in the community, we are working with the local government municipality, we take the ideas everywhere we go because it’s important” said the Campus Director and head of residence, Edwin Smith.

By: Fortunate Machaba

EFF Insist On Using ANC Members At Rally


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), hosted an event in Mamelodi East, at the University of Pretoria, on Saturday morning to commemorate the life of ANC member, Solomon Mahlangu.

The event took place from 10:30 till late in the afternoon that day. Members of this party invited Mamelodi residents to attend the event, pamphlets were handed to everyone as an invitation, every one was invited to attend the event for free. It is confirmed that the EFF Leader Julius Malema was present to deliver his speech.

Earlier in the week, the Mahlangu family took the EFF to court to prevent them using his name, but the court sided with the EFF and said they could.

When an EFF member was asked if he thought it was right to go against the families wish, the EFF member declined to comment. However, EFF political activist, Obakeng Ramabodu said that, “We are here to commemorate the life and history of the late Solomon Mahlangu and to make people aware that he does not belong to a certain party but represents everyone”.

The event was successfully held by the EFF that day.

By: Fortunate Machaba