Tens Of Thousands Reassembles To End Modern-Day Slavery Around The World.

Tens of thousands of people gathered all over the world for A21’s 6th annual fundraising and awareness event, Walk For Freedom on Saturday.

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This was done in response to human trafficking, reaching millions with the important message:” that slavery still exists. By fundraising and rallying thousands of people around the cause, the hope is that awareness would spread and lead to the rescue and restoration of human beings who are being exploited”, said Christine Caine, Co-founder of A21. 

This walk took place in over 450 cities across 50 countries including in Cameroon, Hong Kong, Iceland, South Korea , Virgin Islands, Zambia and Zimbabwe all with the aim to raise awareness for the millions enslaved across the globe. 

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Participants walked in single-file lines all over the world including in local towns, through busy intersections and city centres, on dirt tracks in crowded villages, along bridges, tunnels, and water banks. Hundreds of local walks were marching for a global end to modern-day slavery. 

According to A21, millions enslaved. $150 billion industry. 1% ever rescued. 

“There is so much power in gathering together, in showing up in force, and saying, ‘There are more of us against slavery than for it”, said Christine Caine.

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Walk For Freedom is operated by a global anti-human trafficking organization, A21 with a purpose to reach millions of people each year with an important message: slavery still exists, and it’s happening on our watch.

The organisation believes that there is so much power in gathering together, in showing up in force, coming together, on one day around the world awareness will spread and lead to the identification and restoration of people who are being exploited in vast numbers.

By: Fortunate Machaba