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Mamelodi Taxi Drivers And Owners Demand Answers From MMC



Mamelodi this morning

The city of Tshwane MMC for Trasport, Sheila Lynn Senkubuge has received a memorandum today at Pretoria’s Tshwane House from taxi drivers and owners of different areas. This happened after local taxi drivers and owners from Mamelodi, Soshanguvhe, Mabopane and Marabastard protested today in Pretoria to Tshwane House.

Mamelodi police monitored the situation to prevent the protest in Mamelodi, taxi’s were operating in the morning. The deputy chairperson of Mamelodi Local Taxi Association (MALTA), Monageng Stuurnan said that they do not support the protest by the taxi drivers and owners of Mamelodi.



Pretoria near Tshwane House

Reports say Soshanguvhe, Mabopane and Marabastad areas were affected by the protest and taxis were not operating in those areas including the railway station causing the train to stop operating as well.


Taxi drivers and owners from those areas came together to hand their memorandums to the Tshwane MMC and asked for the MMC to sign the Memorandum to acknowledge that she has received it.

“I have received the memorandum from the taxi drivers and taking the matter to the province to negotiate, I told them that I will give them feedback within 14 days”, said the MMC.


Tshwane MMC for Transport, Sheila Lynn Senkubuge

She described the matter as long term process because the taxi drivers and owners haven’t paid the money that they owe Tshwane which causes them not to be able to get their licence renewed, permits and allowance to use the roads. This issue, in turn, causes the Metro police to give them tickets for not having the right documents with them while driving passengers.

During the protest, the drivers had boxes written “Tickets must fall”, in their hands. The complaint was also mentioned in the memorandum.

According to the taxi drivers from Mamelodi, not many from the area have joined the protest to Pretoria CBD.

The taxi drivers and owners are currently waiting for 2 weeks to pass in order for them to get their answers from the MMC. The matter remains the subject to Sheila Lynn Senkubuge.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Man, 40 Arrested For Sexual Assault; Mamelodi East

Man, 40 was arrested yesterday at Mahube complex in Mamelodi East after allegedly caught by the girl’s parents for sexually assaulting their 10 years old daughter in public.  According to the family, they were in the mall for buying a school bag for the child, while waiting outside Pep shop after paying, the guy grabbed their daughter’s bottom and walked away. “We were standing out side Pep after paying for the bag, he grabbed my daughters bottom and passed to go to Pick’n pay for his shopping, My husband asked my daughter if she knew him and what he did to her because we didn’t see that he grabbed her bottom we just saw a hand and thought that he just poked her and my daughter said he grabbed her bottom”, said Sarah Sithole, the mother. The father added that he thought it was a teacher from school who just poked her and he followed him to the shop to check if the man was mentally disturbed or not and found out that he was paying for his food at the till. He then approached the Securities and CPF’s for help.  The securities were including, France Pitseng, Judy Chauke and James Khoza with two female CPF’S Francina Mashitisho and Dikeledi Sibaya. “we were called by the father to address the matter of sexual assault, we caught the guy at Pick’npay paying for his food, when we asked him at first he denied he had done it and wanted to escape in our hands. He also didn’t want us to hand cuff him but we managed and took him to the station for Mams FM to know and broadcast about it”, said Judy Chauke , one of the securities. The securities called Mamelodi East police for arrest. The man said he was in shock when he was caught, he never thought it will go as far as he claims to be playing with the unknown child. He asked for forgiveness to the parent before the police took him away. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Mamelodi East police arrested four suspects yesterday morning after the sporadic breakout of public violence in demand of proper roads, clean running water, electricity and other services. The protests were triggered by disgruntled residents of “Skierlik” informal settlement and Lethabong in the far east of Mamelodi. “the incident started on Monday night where communities took to the streets burning tyres, blocking roads and throwing stones at motorists. Streets affected by protests includes Solomon Mahlangu drive, Hector Peterson, old Bronkhorstspruit and gravel entrance to “Skierlik”informal settlement” said the police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe. He added that in the mean time, public order, Tshwane Metro and Mamelodi East Police were deployed around all affected areas to monitor the situation. Motorists were diverted to use alternative roads. Arrested suspects are aged 25, 28, 52 and 58 years and will appear in Mamelodi court on charges of public violence.

By: Fortunate Machaba



Mams Protest Leads To Numerous Pupils Missing Their First Day At School


Mamelodi East residents had a protest this morning for service delivery. They were protesting to get electricity and water in their area. The memorandum including their needs will be soon delivered to the local ward councillors. The protest took place in three different places in Mamelodi, places including Mamelodi East Mahube Bp, Fourways Extension 6 and Nelmapius on Solomon Mahlangu road. Two of these areas (Nelmapius and Mahube Bp) were protesting for the same reason. It is not yet known why the extension 6 residents had a protest this morning. During the protest, residents burned tires and blocked the roads.IMG_0682 Residents of Mahube Pb started the protest this morning 12:00 midnight and continued until later this afternoon. Earlier this morning taxi drivers both in Mahube Bp and Nelmapius were not allowed to use the roads as they were threatened to burn or stone their taxis if they did not make their turn. These caused a clash between residents and taxi drivers because the taxi drivers were fighting with residents and wanted to use the road. The police were in all three areas of strike attending the matters. IMG-20170724-WA0011 (2)The protest in Mahube Bp affected students, causing many of them to miss their classes on their first day due to taxis, transport non-operation and blocked roads. “We were not as many today at school, most of the students at our school are from the informal settlement and they did not come to school because of the strike, some are using transports and some taxis to school “, said Koketso Moerane, a student from Lehlabile Secondary School. Other schools include Sediba Sa Thuto Primary.

By: Fortunate Machaba



The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 33 years old women in Mamelodi East. The incident took place at Mamelodi East Phase 3 in January 16, 2017. It is alleged that the deceased was from Venda and was in Mamelodi for a short visit. “Police believe that the man on the picture could assist them solve the mystery behind her death”, said the police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe. Anyone with more information to locate the man is asked to contact Mamelodi East Police at (012) 8157051/52 or phone: 0824919673

By: Fortunate Machaba


Phase 1 near Putco

Mamelodi East residents protested today in phase 2 blocking Tsamaya road. The protest was caused by Phase 2, New Town residents. Residents say people who live in New Town have been given the land 2-3 weeks ago and some of them extended the piece that they had been given. The owner of the area called the police and some of the shacks were removed.


Phase 2

The community is still protesting against the shacks being removed from the area. The protest started at Tsamaya road in Phase 1. During the protest residents burned tyres, blocked Tsamaya and New Town road and two brewery waggon were attacked during the protest. The police came during the protest and dispersed  the crowd.  The protest continued until this evening. The police were still shooting at residents who were trying to block the road from the top of the bridge. It is allegedly that six people were arrested during the protest. No injuries were reported during the protest. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Mamelodi East residents, the informal settlement near Mahube were attacked this morning due to fighting over a cable, leading to many people injured and some losing their homes. The attackers burned down shacks, tires and blocked the road during the protest. One of the community members said the community members from the informal settlement had an argument with those who live in “bond” houses earlier before the strike about the cable that they allegedly used to steal the electricity from them and resulted in the protest and the attack. The houses of residents in Mahube Valley Extension 11 were also burned by residents from the shacks and it is not yet known how many houses and shacks were burnt that day. The reason being that the attackers complain that they pay rent including water and electricity yet they still have a shortage of electricity. The victim said they were attacked this morning (12 am) while they were sleeping in their homes. There were people in the community who were going door to door to make them aware of the attack and telling them to run away from their homes. Many people in that area evaded to the mall, somewhere on the street not knowing where to go and others were reported injured.”I didn’t know what to do to help those who were injured, they are in hospital as we speak, some were injured from running away from rubber bullets whereas some were injured from running away from the attack”, said the community member. It is not yet know how many people were injured and where they were taken.IMG_0528 Apparently, it is said that informal settlement residents were given 3 hours to move from the area. The statement is not yet confirmed. Members of the community say the police later arrived at the scene and started shooting (rubber bullets). It is believed that the attackers had guns during the protest. Few people in the area had moved out with their belongings this evening to avoid the conflict whereas many of them are currently in their homes. It is not yet known when the issue will be resolved. The police spokespersons, Captain Michel Mbewe (Mamelodi East police) together with Captain Johannes Maheso (Mamelodi West) are attending the matter at the moment. The police who are currently in the area are expecting the protest to take place. The police have been operating in the area since this morning, 5am.

By: Fortunate Machaba