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Phase 1 near Putco

Mamelodi East residents protested today in phase 2 blocking Tsamaya road. The protest was caused by Phase 2, New Town residents. Residents say people who live in New Town have been given the land 2-3 weeks ago and some of them extended the piece that they had been given. The owner of the area called the police and some of the shacks were removed.


Phase 2

The community is still protesting against the shacks being removed from the area. The protest started at Tsamaya road in Phase 1. During the protest residents burned tyres, blocked Tsamaya and New Town road and 2 brewery waggon were attacked during the protest. The police came during the protest and dispersed  the crowd.  The protest continued until this evening. The police were still shooting at residents who were trying to block the road from the top of the bridge. It is allegedly that 6 people were arrested during the protest. No injuries were reported during the protest. The matter remains the subject to the police.

By: Fortunate Machaba


Mamelodi East residents , the informal settlement near Mahube were attacked this morning due to fighting over a cable, leading to many people injured and some losing their homes. The attackers burned down shacks, tires and blocked the road during the protest. One of the community member said the community members from the informal settlement had an argument with those who lives in “bond” houses earlier before the strike about the cable that they allegedly use to steal the electricity from them and resulted to the protest and the attack. The reason being that the attackers complains that they pay rent including water and electricity yet they still have shortage of electricity. The victim said they were attacked this morning (12am) while they were sleeping in their homes. There were people in the community who were going door to door to make them aware of the attack and telling them to run away from their homes. Many people in that area evaded to the mall, some where on the street not knowing where to go and others were reported injured.”I didn’t know what to do to help those who were injured, they are in hospital as we speak, some were injured from running away from rubber bullets where as some were injured from running away from the attack”, said the community member. It is not yet know how many people were injured and where they were taken.IMG_0528 Apparently it is said that informal settlement residents were given 3 hours to move from the area. The statement is not yet confirmed. Members of the community says the police later arrived at the scene and started shooting (rubber bullets). It is believed that the attackers had guns during the protest. Few people in the area had moved out with their belongings this evening to avoid the conflict where as many of them are currently in their homes. It is not yet known when the issue will be resolved. The police spokespersons, Captain Michel Mbewe (Mamelodi East police) together with Captain Johannes Maheso (Mamelodi West) are attending the matter at the moment. The police who are currently in the area are expecting the protest to take place. The police have been operating in the area since this morning, 5am.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Mamelodi west, A5 police visited Vlakfontein Secondary School to address the student leaders concerning the memorandum that the students handed in to the police on Monday May 29. This happened after Phineas Mampane murdered his wife 2 weeks ago leading to students peaceful march against women and children abuse. The memorandum was concerning students complains that needed the police’s attention. Issues involving murder and security around the schools was part of their complains stated on the memorandum. “Police address school delegation yesterday and it was clarifies to them that the murder suspect is not released but still in custody”, said the Mamelodi police spokesperson captain Johannes Mahlahlane Maheso. Students expect Pheneas Mampane to remain in custody although they say they are still not satisfied with the judgement until the suspect is sentenced. The police said they are going to work hand in hand with the students to improve the security issues around the schools.

By: Fortunate Machaba

20170602_105953 (1)

Mamelodi Concerned Mothers marched this morning in Mamelodi West, A5 area in protest against the killing of women. Vlakfontein students joined the march from outside A5 police station to Maseko garage where they were addressed by the coordinator. The march took place after Phineas Mampane, who killed his girlfriend Lindiwe last week appeared in court this Monday. Phineas Mampane didn’t get bail and his case was postponed until July 21st. The ANC members, ANCYL, ANCW, EFF and COSAS were part of the march. “We were marching in court to combat crime rate of killing women is high, police must participate and listen to our complains, we are not saying they should arrest but they should combat crime”, said the Mamelodi concerned mother coordinator, Pretty Pimblett. The concerned mother of Mamelodi demonstrated the march with Phokoane Funeral Service hearse. After the march the students together with the concerned mothers gathered for updates for their next march that is going to be held on July 21. “We are expecting changes after the march, I want to see this man down or being killed because he killed someone”, said the student. Pheneas life seems to be in danger because the community doesn’t wish to see him free. Community members said if they see him they will hang him. ” This man should hanged because he’s ruining our reputation as men, now we are seen as murders in the eyes of the community”. According to the Law provided by an attorney who wish to remain unnamed, the state will have to enlighten the court if the investigations are complete. If not, it will have to be postponed for further investigations. If the investigators have completed then they will postpone for a disclosure to allow the accused to prepare a defense.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Students March Against Women And Child Abuse

student march

Vlakfontein students during march

Students from Vlakfontein Secondary School had a march yesterday morning against women and child abuse. The march took place after a man killed a women in front of their 2 children on Monday. The woman was working at Vlakfontein secondary school as one of the CPF’s. Eye witness said that the man came to take the women at school and took her to their room where she was killed. It is believed that the women was stabbed to death since the police found a knife covered with blood. The man is currently in custody and going to appear in court this Friday. The women opened  a case of sexual assault against the man before. “We are not satisfied about the decision that the police took and also not happy about what has happened to this women”, said Chairman of Vlakfontein leadership Tshepo Lekalakala.

students march

Students post written Stop women and child abuse; Away with killing of our parents away!

“we feel like the police are failing to protect us hence we had a peaceful march against women and child abuse”, said Amogelang Bogoshi, deputy chairman of Vlakfontein leadership. Vlakfontein charman and deputy chairman delivered a memorandum of their concerns and issues they face as students and leaders to the police commander at Mamelodi West, A5 police station yesterday morning. The police commander said they will take care of the issues rose by students and go back to school to address the leaders. “We have received the memorandum and we are still waiting for the date from the principal so we address the leadership students who was leading the delegation”, said Brigadier Tshayana, station commander. The commander said captain Mahwibila together with sector manager Lt Col Tshishonga will go to school to address the student leaders.

By: Fortunate Machaba

One Dies And One Severely Injured After Attempted Robbery In Mamelodi East


Mamelodi shooting resulted in one death and one critically injured during a robbery.

robbery photo 2

One man died and the other is injured due to the shootout in Mamelodi. The incident took place this afternoon at Mamelodi East Extension 4 on Serumula Street. It is alleged that the men had attacked RAM courier vehicle resulting in the shooting. Paramedics attended a 39 Years old victim who has been shot, he was severely injured and was placed on a ventilator by the advanced life support paramedic at the scene.

Netcare 911 Spokesperson Nick Dollman said Netcare 911 paramedics were close by and were first to arrive on the scene within a short period of time.

robbery photoThe Netcare 911 air ambulance was called to the scene and landed in an open field at University Of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus. “The victim was airlifted to an awaiting specialised trauma centre in Johannesburg for further urgent care”, said Nick Dollman. Other ambulance, security services and SAPS attended the scene. “The paramedics told us about the shoot out and that one was critically injured and the other one died and they asked to use the space for the helicopter to land”, said one of the securities at the university. “The matter remains the subject of a police investigation.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Early “Xenophobic” Strike in Mamelodi East




Mamelodi East Residents had a strike last night near Mahube BP garage. They burned tyres and blocked the four-way junction with rocks and burned tyres. Taxis and cars were not allowed to pass through. Taxi drivers who were trying to force their way through were threatened that their taxis would be smashed so they were forced to use alternative roads.  It was not clear what caused the strike. Some witnesses said the strike was for service development in Phomolong and others said it was an early strike for xenophobic attacks that will commence this Friday.




img-20170220-wa0001The police attended the scene and dispersed the crowd peacefully. Rocks were removed from the road for the taxis and cars to pass through.

“We are going to unblock the road and disperse the crowd for now and we will later come back to patrol around the area to make sure nothing is happening, said one police officer”. Pakistani tuck shops were shut early last night due to the strike. According to the community members’ foreigners are no longer wanted in the community.




By: Fortunate Machaba