CCBSA Launched 1st Clean-up Campaign in Mamelodi

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) launched its first clean-up
campaign for 2019 on Saturday 11 May 2019, at Nellmapius Primary School, Mamelodi. The clean-up campaign is in partnership with the City of Tshwane and aims to educate school learners about the
importance of recycling not only in their schools but their communities.
Speaking at the event, CCBSA CSI Specialist, Unathi Mbanya spoke about the impact of waste in our communities and encouraged learners to get into the habit of separating waste.
During the period of the event, Dinah Tshifura, Environmental Officer from the City of Tshwane reiterated the impact recycling has on landfills and explained to the learners that municipalities spend millions on waste management.
“By recycling waste, you will be assisting in reducing landfill waste, the more waste we have, the less land we have, which means communities are robbed of space to build infrastructure that could benefit the development of the community,” Said Dinah Tshifura, Environmental Officer from the City of Tshwane.
Earlier last year, the Coca-Cola Company announced an ambitious goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle and can it sells globally by 2030 through its World Without Waste strategy. The strategy will include making packaging 100% recyclable globally by 2020.

According to Coca-Cola, in South Africa, the company is working to support healthy, debris-free environments and oceans through organisations such as PETCO (PET Recycling Company), to increase collection and recycling of packaging in the most risk-prone areas for marine debris. The world without waste campaign includes schools that are involved in the CCBSA Schools Recycling Programme. Nellmapius Primary School also forms part of the programme. With the money schools make from recycling waste, they are able to improve the infrastructure and/or buy equipment to improve the quality of learning.

Through the first clean-up of the year, the school managed to collect 6 tonnes of recyclable waste, including PET, plastic and paper. CCBSA is committed to work with communities and schools through our partnerships, to create a world without waste.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Resident Volunteers To Clean Dumping Site In Mamelodi East

IMG_1539Nombeko Mashele, a resident from Mamelodi East, Phase 3 volunteered to clean the dumping site. She said that her husband used to use the space for his recycling project and after he died some people in the community took advantage and started dumping in the area. “After we buried my husband I decided to start cleaning the area since people were dumping rubbish, it didn’t sit well with me when I saw people keeping on dumping and I decided to do something about it.

Mrs Mashele said she wants to turn the dumping area into a vegetable garden which will help the community with healthy food and will also encourage people in the community to practice a healthy lifestyle. She mentioned that the municipality comes sometimes to clean the dumping site around her area and when they stop coming people look for spaces that they can use for dumping.

IMG_1546“It took me more than two weeks and people kept on throwing rubbish, I’ll clean today and the next day there will be more. I’ve realized that when I’ve cleaned people dump during the night when no one sees them. I’m using material from my home to clean the area, some of the rubbish I can’t use my hands I have to burn them and some I’ll dig a whole for compost purposes”, said Mrs Mashele.

The lady said she tried putting a “NO DUMPING SIGN” board to make the community aware but it didn’t help enough to stop some of them from throwing rubbish. She added that she spoke to the street committee in the community to speak to people about what she want to do with the space.


When she was cleaning, she realised that there are rats already living near where she want to start her project. She said that she might face a greater challenge of dispersing all of them to prevent them from destroying her project.



IMG_1542Mrs Nombeko is looking forward to meet with the Department of Agriculture to approach them and ask for help with plantation and seeds. She also needs equipment such as pipes for water transportation from car wash from the community, fertilizers, poison to kill rats, fence. She said she would like to give back to the community and help elder people and keep them busy and fit as they will be helping with the garden project.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Clean-up My Mamelodi Group Visited Stanza Bopape

IMG_1532Fortune Zondo, the founder of Clean-up My Mamelodi Campaign and Black Lives clothing visited Stanza Bopape secondary school and Stanza Bopape Clinic yesterday to clean the areas around them.

The purpose of the visit was to get the school and the clinic clean so students and patience will be in a cleaner and healthy environment. “We see a lot of schools in Mamelodi near dumping site, it is not safe for them since some kids play in these areas. Same in the clinics it is important to keep it clean since people come to the clinic to seek medication”, said Fortune.

Thabang Ngobeni, the founder of Student Motives, added that the idea to run this campaign is to work on motivating young people, realising that we have many ways to realise their potential in using their hands since we talented in many ways. IMG_1517

One of the caretakers said it had been a great thing that the group did, they helped a lot with cleaning and would like to thank them for their love and support. He said that the group came on Wednesday to ask for permission from the SGB (School Governing Body). “I would like to encourage young people to participate in such campaigns to bring back to the community “, said David Motaung.

Clean-up My Mamelodi started this year March and Stanza Bopape High School was their first to clean. Zondo said he’s targeting all the schools and clinics in Mamelodi. He’s looking forward to cleaning other schools in Mamelodi West, one of them being Mamelodi High. Vincent Mampane, a teacher at school said he would like them to come back a week before the school open and thanked them for cleaning the school. IMG_1507

Miss Teen Mamelodi 2017, Ofentse Mathebe, Kagiso Moshimane (Founder of Miss Teen Mamelodi) well known as KG-Perry-Sanny-Gaga, Youth group from Methodist church (WG) Mamelodi East branch, Stanza Popape care-taker and CPF also participated in the campaign. Tateni and Eddie Nguni sponsored the campaign with plastic bags. Fruits, water and sandwiches were from the founder’s (Fortune Zondo) pocket money.


By: Fortunate Machaba

SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

SPUU Program Wish To Develop Mamelodi East

275 Stakeholder Planning Workshop ParticipantsDifferent stakeholders gathered together at the City of Tshwane on Friday to discuss the safety, promotion and development of Mamelodi East.

Safety Programm through the Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme aims to improve the resilience of communities against violence and to strengthen social cohesion, unhealthy environment, unsafe public spaces, unemployment, lack of opportunities to participate in community life, family disintegration and substance abuse.

SPUU programme focuses on the potential and opportunities to increase safety through preventative strategies by investing in people and improving the quality of public space in Mamelodi East. They are aiming at improving infrastructure, safer schools and youth empowerment.

IMG_1131The program is part of the German-South Africa cooperation in the focal area of Local Government Development. Their target is neglect of children, domestic violence, unemployment and drugs and alcohol abuse.

During the programme audiences were given a platform to raise questions and discuss possible solutions to the problems. Some of the questions will be addressed later. The stakeholders were asked to put down on paper matters raised in the programme that relate to them and write down their contributions to assist with resolving the matters. More information will be update as soon as the next programme occurs and when solutions will be discussed.

By: Fortunate Machaba


WSEC And Sage Foundation created Vegetable Garden For MV Primary; Mamelodi East

WSEC And Sage Foundation created Vegetable Garden For MV Primary; Mamelodi East


Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre and Sage Foundation Visited Mahube Valley Primary School today to create a food gardening for the children. The project was voluntarily and was to replace their 67 minutes for Mandela Day. The garden is done to benefit children who depend on feeding scheme at the school as well as agriculture lessons. IMG_0693France Mamogobo, Walter Sisulu Environmental Center chairperson gave thanks to his team for doing a “wonderful” project for the school. Sage Foundation volunteers were taken to the centre after completing the project to have a tour around the centre. They have never been to Walter Sisulu’s Centre before.”We have a good relationship with them since last year after they helped us with the indigenous plant garden. Today they helped with the food garden and we want to teach the kids agriculture”, said Karel Gulton, the school principal.

IMG_0699He added that the garden will help with bringing more vegetables to the school for feeding scheme use and children will be able to take the vegetables home during school holidays.


The school have a youth club that will take care of the garden. IMG_0700The project was supposed to be done on Mandela Day but it was not successful because both teachers and students were on school holidays.

“We are very happy to have them here”, said the principal.



By: Fortunate Machaba

More Issues leading to illegal dumping


Phase 2 near the train track after clean

Ward 17 waste operating team were cleaning the dumping site around Mamelodi East today. They visited Mamelodi Phase 2 (Sporo village), Block 5 & 6 near Tsamaya road and Phase 3 (Mannyeu). The team come once after 2 weeks to clean the areas. There’s still no solution for illegal dumping. “We clean once after  2 weeks but it’s not helping the areas of dumping to be clean because people use this area to dump their rubbish, we are here today and tomorrow there will be people dumping rubbish in the clean areas, said the coordinator of the team.


One of the team member said is not going to be easy to come up with a fair solution because the municipality fails to come and collect the rubbish some days and that cause people to use open spaces to dump the rubbish.





“At first they used to give people who live in the informal settlement rubbish bags to use but the issue we are facing right now is that people who collect tins and bottles in the dumping areas destroy the plastics when they looking and rubbish will be everywhere”, said the member. One of the truck drivers said the issue of dumping is horrendous  in Mamelodi, he suggested that they should at least come twice a week to better the situation. The issue remains the subject to the municipality.

By: Fortunate Machaba

Recycling Provides Elders With Lifeline


A team of five ladies who are in their early 60’s are recycling for a living at Mamelodi East. They started recycling at the beginning of this year to make extra money to feed their families. They collect glass bottles and sells them to a large glass recycling company. Although they get grant money every month from the government it still doesn’t seem to be enough to keep them going. Rachel Kekana, 67 is living with her 7 grandchildren. She said the money that she gets from recycling helps her to take care of them. “I’m happy that I don’t ask anything from anyone, I get my pocket money for bread every day for my grandchildren and I can get anywhere I want with this money,” said Rachel Kekana.

image-5_edited-1 The old ladies visit every dumping site around Mamelodi to collect the glass bottles and recycle them. “We walk everywhere in Mamelodi, especially in the mornings after events,” said Rachel. The women claim that the municipality takes their all money every month and leaves them with nothing, They “over charge” the rent bills and they don’t understand why they should sometimes pay over for their services and yet they believe they don’t use as much. “The municipality takes all of our money, we don’t even know how much we use but we pay so much, they block water and shut electricity down when we can’t afford to pay and we are not working we only survive from grant money. So recycling helps me to survive,” said Rachel.

image-1Mmina-Tau Seabelo Marishane, the ward councilor said, ‘we live in a metropolitan city where it is required that basic services such as water, electricity, waste management and sanitation should be paid for. They all fall within the scope of what the city provides and the municipality unfortunately do charge for those services and these become a problem to those who can’t afford to pay.’ He mentioned that it is difficult for those who are employed and worst for those who are not employed, more especially pensioners who are taking care of their grandchildren. “We offer indigent programs, where we assist people including pensioners who can’t afford to pay rates and taxes. We give them 400lt of water for free and 100kw electricity for free. These people are not liable to pay for these services. We put them into programs under certain conditions and only if they qualify to be part of the program. There are some people who use them wisely and can survive for a period of a month,” said the ward councilor.

Marishane said for those who are not aware of the program, they should visit the municipality and check if they qualify or fit the program and apply. They also offer Affordability Assessment program, where they assist people who are employed and earn an income. They sit with those people and discuss their income and expenses, then they determine a figure and come into an agreement on how much they can afford to pay their services and debt if they have any.

By: Fortunate Machaba