Top four fashion trends for 2020

The top four 2020 fashion trend is bringing you a very hot collection from shorts to polka dots summery design.

Here’s are the top four styles to look out for in 2020:

Shorts Shorts

Picture sourced

Are you are shorts lover? If so this collection will suit your desires, show off different designs of your favourite types of shots the next summer. Wear your shots in different summery styles and embrace your divine legs!

The spring-boot

Picture sourced

The trending boots for spring brings warmth and colourful look to your outfit for the day. This is a chic way of showing off your outfit, the midi-length boot is easier to style with dresses if you will be looking for a higher angle they will look better with trousers.

The fashion Safari

Picture sourced

The military-style still looks incredible in women’s bodies. Whether be short or long outfit doesn’t change the look. This collection is easy to channel with any style you can imagine.

The Power of polka dots

Picture sourced

Pack away the old prints in your wardrobe because there is a new print rockin’ it! Polka dots go with any outfit, whether with your workwear or for a night out, polka dots are taking pride as one of the hot collections for 2020.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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