Are women responsible for their own orgasm?

Most women demand men to make them have an orgasm. Well there’s nothing wrong if you demand to climax as a women, I think is the right thing to do but at the same time you are also responsible for your own orgasm it doesn’t matter if its real or you faking it.

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There are women who always lie about sex, trust me if you haven’t lied then it wasn’t really sex, some even fake it because they are tired, anxious to please or not sure how to climax.

Most women are open and talk about their multiple orgasms, are you worried that you don’t get to climax as you desire?

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Orgasms are good and they all transpire only when the conditions feel right.

According to experts, sex glow is a real thing, when women orgasm, it increased blood flow to the skin causes blood vessels to open up, giving the face a flushed look. Get that multiple orgasms and glow.

By: Fortunate Machaba

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