The significance of celebrating Heritage Day

This day 24 September was proclaimed a national holiday during Nelson Mandela term of his presidency to ensure the nation is built, not only in government but also between families and friends.

Each year people across the nation get together, do family or friends braai, eat together, drink to celebrate what makes us all uniquely South Africans (Culture).

Culture link us to our ancestors

Culture is important to us because it defines our evolutionary identity most importantly. It helps us to understand our ancestral values and gives us the very meaning of life, link us with our ancestors, which is valuable and should not be lost and shapes our lives in becoming who we are today. The traditional bond just stays forever!

King Mswati

The is a culture I’d like to use as an example, the Zulu culture. History shows us that they respected this day, to them is a day which commemorates the legendary King Shaka Zulu who played a crucial role in uniting different Zulu clans into one cohesive Zulu nation in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Each year, thousands of people would gather at King Shaka’s grave to pay tribute to his and to honour his memory.

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It is a day we get to wear our traditional attire, lucky if we see different dances, braai with friends and families and enjoy our traditional meals. So be part of the national heritage by joining and understand why culture is important to us and why we should celebrate it.

It is important that we appreciate this day and celebrate it well. We all have cultures, let’s all embrace it!

By: Fortunate Machaba

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