Angry Residents Demand The Mayor Removes Shacks



Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga

The angry residents in Mahube Valley extension 1 demanded the Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga today to remove shacks in extension 17, Mamelodi East. This comes after the protest that took place on June 22, 2017. Residents in Mahube had a clash due to the illegal connection of electricity by the residents in the informal settlement.


The Mayor addressed the community about feedback for the issues they have raised. During his address, he mentioned that shacks can not be removed in that area according to the court of law. Residents complain that the mayor has promised to remove the shacks but yet he hasn’t fulfilled his promise. “We had many demands before and we came down to one demand which is eviction”, said the community leader Jack Lekgau. He added that the mayor promised them that he was going to remove people who live in the informal settlement to Pinaspoort and other parts of Mamelodi.


According to occupants, they later heard that the mayor made a commitment to the people who live in the informal settlement that he will not remove them and promised them to get mobile toilets which they have recently received. “The court said that I can not remove these people, the only way that I can is by building them houses which I can not afford”, said the mayor. He further said that by law, people in the informal settlement have to receive services and they are going to get help because most of them are not registered to get houses.



Resident asking questions during the address

Mahube Valley residents believe that the court interdict has nothing to do with what they have asked for. “We have asked you to relocate the people, move them to the place you said you will move them to and the problem will be solved”, said one of the residents. Some said in public that they want to take the mayor to court and let the court decide the action against him.



The memorandum was read during the address, the mayor was asked to sign the memorandum and occupants were given the opportunity to raise their complaints. One of their complaints was the bill which they believe has risen due to the illegal connection of electricity by residents in the informal settlement.



Msimangs signing the memo



The mayor said anyone who has a complaint about their bills they should come to the office and their matter will be attended individually. Occupants claimed to take law in their hands if Tshwane fails to take action.



By: Fortunate Machaba


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