Man Demands Bail After Murdering His Wife; Mamelodi West

Phineas Mampane appeared in court on Friday 21, 2017 after his case was postponed in May 2017. He murdered his CPF wife two months ago, allegedly took her from school on duty and stabbed her multiple times in front of their two children in their back room where they used to live. The police attended the matter and arrested him. Police spokesperson Captain Johannes Mahlahlane Maheso said that the case is no longer on their hands but of the court to decide. They will get information after the magistrate takes action against him. Phineas Mampane has been remanded in custody since May and recently appeared in Mamelodi West Magistrate Court. The senior prosecutor said that his case is again postponed to 18 of August for the bail application. Apparently, Phineas Mampane is going to demand bail and it is not yet known if it will be successful or not. More updates to follow.

By: Fortunate Machaba


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