About 3 Families Left Homeless Due To Burning Of Electric Cable In Mamelodi East


About 3 families (9 family members) lost their homes yesterday due to the electric cable that caught fire and burned four shacks to ashes in Mamelodi East Extension 18. It is not yet known what caused the fire. Anyone who is able to assist these families is asked to come forth and help with donation. IMG-20170717-WA0007The families have rented at the back yard in one of the houses in Extension 18 and they have no relatives to help them with food or clothing. “The fire has affected us more than the tenants, therefore we are trying to help them to get people to donate food and clothing since they have no families or relative close by, we are the only people they know”, said the owner’s daughter

Mahlatse Tlhako. IMG-20170717-WA0008Anyone who has anything to help with food or clothing is more than welcome to  help the tenants since they lost everything including their homes. The tenants are living with their children as well.

If you can be able to assist them please phone this number: 074 400 1132 (Mahlatse).


By: Fortunate Machaba


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